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  1. Hi! In "regular" Evernote, I can open an encrypted note and view it by entering my chosen password. From that point, I can read AND EDIT anything I like. In the Beta version, my encrypted notes are NOT editable, I can only read them. The only way I can find to edit them is to "permanently decrypt" them first. Then I have to re-encrypt them when I've finished. This is NOT helpful! Not only that, but when I "permanently decrypt" and re-encrypt, much of the formatting is lost, including blank lines and bold text. And it seems lost permanently; if I try to decrypt, re-format the text and then re-encrypt, the new formatting just disappears again! So, the issues are: 1) I don't want to have to fully decrypt a note to edit it and then have to remember to re-encrypt it. 2) I need to be able to add (and retain) text formatting to my encrypted notes. Both of these are fine in "regular" Evernote, but broken in the Beta version. This is the first time I've taken part in a beta evaluation; I hope I'm providing the sort of information that is required. David
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