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  1. i7 Desktop with 16 GB of Ram SSD 100mb fast internet I'm pretty sure it's not my setup.
  2. I'm trying to use v10, I'm really trying... but man it is so painfully SLOW! Ctrl+N to create a new note, you have to wait a bit until the new note load Move Notes, you have to wait while the notes move Create a note from a template I made, you have to wait while the template loads Nothing is snappy. I get that it is a web app, but look at Spotify and other software which were built on the same electron, they are way more snappier. Evernote, we don't want HOME or tasks, we want the software to work faster and without bugs. Work on that first
  3. This is new to me. I always thought this is an official bugs reporting place and Evernote staff would be reading it. Thanks for letting me know
  4. The point of Dark Mode is to be easy on the eyes; I for one find it very tiring to my eyes to stare at apps with white backgrounds. Arguably, the best thing about v10 is that it finally brought Dark mode to Evernote. However, when you launch Evernote with Dark mode enabled, it first opens with a completely solid white window, causing an immediate shot of brightness to your eyes for a few seconds until it finally switches to dark background. Very irritating behavior and makes me literally turn my face away every time I launch Evernote. Can't the app be made to open up with a dark background if Dark mode was enabled?
  5. I think you are missing something but only if your email is an office 365 email. They made an Evernote add-on for outlook that works with Evernote v10; you will need to install it from the web version of outlook.
  6. In previous versions to 10.15, when you press shift+Alt+M shortcut to move notes, you can write immediately the first letters of the notebook you want to move the note to and then click on the down arrow key to select that notebook, click enter, and the note is moved. However in 10.15, after you click the down arrow and the notebook is selected, you MUST click on Move with the mouse!! you can no longer do it only on keyboard!
  7. Android OS alerts me that Evernote v10 frequently crashes and is causing battery issues.
  8. Often on the windows client, I encounter a bug where if I press on the "Add a reminder" button, nothing happens. I couldn't detect an exact pattern of when this happens exactly or how to reproduce it consistently. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when it doesn't work, I leave the note then come back to it and it would work; other times doing this procedure wouldn't help. Nasty bug
  9. Bizarre behavior of something that used to work perfectly. But then again, almost everything in v10 used to work better in legacy. We only hope that as we keep pointing these things out, the devs will fix them or bring them back.
  10. In Evernote legacy, if I have a saved search for say all notes containing two specific tags, when I click that saved search and then I add a new note (CTRL+N), the new note will automatically come with the two tags added and it will be immediately part of the search results. In V10, this is gone. CTRL+N will create a new note without the tags and the saved search results will be gone too. That is a super helpful feature in legacy that I wish Evernote will bring back.
  11. I don't see this fixed yet. I'm on the latest iOS update and the notebooks are taking forever to download. And we're talking about small notebooks with like 130 notes on one notebook and 60 notes on the other that I set to download. I did the uninstall and reinstall, but still same extremely slow download
  12. That I understand that Evernote made a new clipper that should, in theory at least, works better than the legacy version. But why chose to make it limited to Exchange accounts? I have in my outlook program both my work email (exchange) and personal email (gmail) which I used to use the legacy clipper on both. Now the new clipper can only be used with the work email!
  13. Evernote, Can you please just give us dark theme in v6.25 (legacy) and promise you won't stop it syncing for the next 2 years? And in return, we the unhappy customers, will promise to stop ranting about v10 so you can develop it in peace and to sweeten the pot, we will re-activate our premium subscriptions.
  14. I'm afraid that this is exactly what they are trying to aim towards. Evernote CEO repeatedly said or implied that they're dropping features which only a small percentage of users are using. That small percentage is obviously the power users.
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