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  1. @RavBoy I think I know the explanation to what you're experiencing. There are two type of Evernote addons to Outlook: The first one is the one installed with the Windows Evernote client. When you using this one, the addon clips the email directly to your Windows Evernote client and opens the two annoying windows. The second type is an addon added to the email account it self; this shows itself as the green button. This one clips the email to your Evernote account directly through the internet. It doesn't use the Windows Evernote client at all. So you won't see the clipped email on your windows client unless you sync. So your outlook.com email account has that email addon
  2. When I click on the "Save to Evernote" button in MS Outlook, the addon opens a window showing the email and the options to change where it would be stored and what tags to assign to it. After I click save, Evernote opens a new window with the new created note. This is double work; at least one of these two windows is totally useless. I suggest you modify this addon to open one window only with the option of not opening any window at all for smoother process. Thanks
  3. The new web app looks nice However, I noticed two things that are major setbacks: 1. Tags are displayed alphabetically!! why did you remove the tags hierarchy? This is a major problem for users who organize their notes according to tags hierarchy 2. Shortcuts are missing most of my saved shortcuts. Only one is displayed.
  4. The absence of tag hierarchy (or nested tags) is the single reason why I don't use Evernote on my iPad. My whole note organization is based on tags hierarchy and hence rendering the ios client very limited for me. I seriously can't understand why the ios client in particular never got tag hierarchy.
  5. This annoying problem with the Panel widths changing is still in version 6.16!! Come on Evernote, this cannot be a very hard issue to fix back
  6. Windows client 6.14 brought a nasty annoying bug. Up until this version the windows client panels (The left panel with the notebooks list, the notes list panel, and the note editor panel) width stay proportionate whether I'm using my laptop screen or a separate screen. But with 6.14, that is no more the case. The panels width are messed up badly when I use a separate big screen and later use the laptop with it's built in screen. I'm really surprised Evernote broke this!! That's to add to the bad crashing issue every time we shutoff 6.14 windows client. Really a bad start with your new logo campaign!
  7. Come on... don't leave us in suspense here... what is the "new option" ?
  8. Another voice to the horrible horrible new PDF viewer in Evernote. I tried to like it... I really did, but it is just horrible compared to the older much more functional PDF viewer. Evernote... I don't know why you chose to change the PDF viewer, but this was a big mistake. Please return the older version which your customers all love.
  9. I cannot think of how would the create tags on the fly be useful anyway; I mean I arrange tags in a hierarchy nested. So if I have the habit to just create new tags when I'm writing notes, my tags organization will go out the window very fast. To me they should either make it an option to create tags on the fly, or remove that ability all together.
  10. Several times, when I'm typing a tag name in the Add tag field above a note, I hit enter after typing the first two letters of an existing tag name believing the autocomplete identified the tag I wanted but only to find out that Evernote created a new tag with only the two letters I typed! The autocomplete functions works great but some times I press enter too fast or something like that. This causes me to stop what I'm doing and go look for the new tag I created a manually delete it. So I'm asking for an option on whether or not tags should be created on the fly when typing or to give the user a dialog asking would I want to create a new tag!
  11. Thank you Evernote for finally fixing the note editor to have touch scrolling ability. Now the note editor can scroll by touch, the notes snippets list can scroll by touch, but not the left bar (Where the notebooks list, tags list, etc) !! While you were adding the touch scroll ability to the notes editor, couldn't you have also done it for the left bar?
  12. Evernote's windows client needs some serious work to be a fully touch screen / pen enabled product like OneNote. I'm one that is very intrigued about how OneNote is making full use of the touch and pen capabilities of my Surface. The only thing keeping me with Evernote now is the tagging system. I don't think Microsoft is not going to soon pick up on that and make the OneNote tagging system on par with Evernote's. If this happen, Evernote should expect mass migrations of WIndows users.
  13. There was an option that used to work in preventing a new window from popping. That option stopped working in newer versions for some reason
  14. I did the ticking/unticking and the uninstall/reinstall ... still the same issue.
  15. This used to work, but now for some reason it doesn't work anymore. When I clip an email in Outlook, it would open a new window with the clipped email. Super annoying! Anyone found a fix for this?
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