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  1. Bitlocker is great but totally useless in the scenarios described here, which is a shared user environment with the decryption key already running in memory, so on a shared system where everyone knows the Windows logon password it is utterly useless to have Bitlocker. What matters is encryption being enabled on the database separate and apart from any Windows security control. Having layers of security controls is literally the cornerstone of good security. Also, despite your claims to the contrary here, TouchID has existed for years for both OneNote & Notes on OS X and Windows Hello for OneNote using fingerprint or IR cams. They cannot be edited in Notepad.
  2. Not to belabor the point (I will though lol) but a passcode lock for the Windows & Mac Evernote app should have been implemented long ago and god knows why it hasn't been. Locking down Windows instead is: 1) Not even possible in many corporate environments where Windows policies are controlled by Group Policy. 2) Not the point, of course, since security is all about layers, typically referred to as Defense in Depth. Good security is always about throwing as many impediments as possible in the way of bad actors. The reason, by the way, that this is such a demanded feature is that people have gotten used to this biometric locks on all sorts of apps, not just note-taking ones. But even notetaking apps have long done this; OneNote has password-unlock available via TouchID on Mac and Windows Hello on PC. iOS Notes has TouchID/FaceID unlock. Etc. etc. Evernote has done this on iOS & Android, and I have seen no evidence that Windows Hello or TouchID are more difficult to implement for x86-64 platforms. I'm not much of a programmer so it's possible I'm underestimating the difficulty, but the publicly available evidence says otherwise.
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