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  1. Thanks for the message PinkElephant. So is the Legacy version working the same way as v10? I switched to the Legacy version several days ago and the observations about the .exb file size not changing that I reported apply to that version. I read on this forum of .exb files exceeding 100s of MB, but mine never seems to increase? Michael
  2. I am looking at the folder that EN is using and the files dates are being updated when I use the program. I am still puzzled about the .exb files though. In my instalation the .exb.snippets and exb.context files do change in size as I add content to EN, but the large .exb file never changes in size. What does it actually contain? Thanks Michael
  3. I took the advice received here, thank you all. The Legacy version is running now and I have better understanding of the system. Also it's nice to have the old speed back again! I did notice though that the .exb files are now showing update dates as todays, but the file size hasn't changed, even though lots of new data has been added. Does this mean that the Legacy version isn't using these file either? Michael
  4. After a disaster with OneNote I started over with Evernote. Now after updating to the latest version (Evernote Web) on my Win 10 machine the program seems to be performing well and I've been adding lots of content but I am feeling very uneasy about the security of my data. Unfortunately reading advice on the forum has only served to create more uncertainty. The menus offer no option to "Sync", so when a note has the message "All changes Saved" where is it saved, and has it been synced to your Cloud server? Despite what Forum messages suggest, the "Note Info" has no reference to "Synced" or "Not Synced ". When I look in the default EverNote/Database folder the .exb file hasn't been updated since the date I installed the new version and the file size doesn't change despite adding content and images to my Notebooks. Finally, is it possible to make a copy of all Notebooks in one large .enex file or must that be done one Notebook at a time? Thanks Michael
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