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  1. I remember that! I owned a number of versions of it. Still like how it determines estimated drive times better than what Google does now... (since it uses, by default, lower speed limits, it effectively accounts for stop lights - which google maps obviously doesn't - since my ETA always slips when I'm caught at a light!) (I actually started fulltime AT&T in 89, started as a contractor there in 87)
  2. When I worked at EN, that's pretty much what I did. Company stuff was via Chrome. Personal stuff (EN included) was via Firefox. (The Win client was pointing at either my company account or, more usually, test accounts)
  3. LOL. I started programming on Windows in 1992 (for AT&T/theychangedtheirname/NCR). Win3.1.
  4. I know first hand... way back when, I had a tape backup system for my DOS system. When I needed it, I discovered it was write-only.
  5. I'm pretty sure that was the last thing done during shutdown. Obviously making sure the database is properly closed is the highest priority! Guess I'm pretty lucky at this point in my career - my bosses usually listen to me when I say it's worth taking the extra time now! Age (and experience) do still count for something in our world! (mumblemumble young whippersnappers and their framework-of-the-week mumble...)
  6. When importing, evernote loads the entire enex file into memory first (before parsing). Evernote is a 32bit process. So if you have a large enex, you will fail to load it. You can use a single large file as a backup mechanism, but you're not going to be able to get that back into EN...
  7. Except that the clean shutdown process with EN sometimes takes longer than the time Windows allows when it's rebooting. End result - the registry settings don't properly get flushed. (Ever tried debugging a program during shutdown? Yeah, it's a problem... 🤣) Before I left, I was working on a "stealth" project to always write the settings to the registry when they changed. That change was getting big/scary. Design advise: Never allow direct access to member variables in a C++ class.
  8. Yeah, I can't check the code to verify that anymore, but I do remember a fixed list existing... (a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was doing something in that code...)
  9. As @jefito mentioned - use Task Manager. Every time I've seen EN not start when I try to, it's because of a hung process. Killing the existing EN processes allows things to return to normal. (The monitoring process gets very confused when EN crashes - the lock (global mutex) doesn't get cleaned up so when another instance tries to start, it goes "Oh, I'm already running - bye!")
  10. Pretty sure that's why. Say I create a note. Embed a link to a local exe (that you have too - like format.exe) and share that note. Sounds like somehow 'bat' didn't make it into the extension check list... @RMorgan, maybe all types listed in $PATHEXT should be added to that check...
  11. As I remember, if you set the global option for 'view as attachment', that's what all notes get (hence why the above is greyed out). If you uncheck the global option, then you can control notes individually.
  12. That would probably be the confusion - as this forum is for the Windows beta...
  13. Well... Ink notes are... And other apps can create different "types" like the old Food app, imported Business Cards, etc. (The video, audio, and screen shot notes are really just regular notes) But, in general, you're correct...
  14. It uses the shortcut-in-the-startup folder method. Windows 10 no longer makes that visible - it's in the `AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup` folder. edit: Guess I should have read to the bottom before posting!
  15. Are you using the direct download version? Or the Windows Store version? Launch at start up is not in the Store version (at least not as of June - we hadn't figured out how to launch a store app at startup when I left)
  16. Each previous incarnation is replaced by the next. As far as I can remember, if you've been using EN for a number of years, you're seen every "new editor" that was released. As I understood it, the new "new editor" is part of the new program that's in the private beta. (Which some people here have tried - I'm haven't.) Whether it will be retrofitted into the Windows product? 🤷‍♂️All I can do is speculate like the rest of you now! (My speculation is no.)
  17. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Fall 2017)
  18. Nope, pretty much nailed it! (I'm only talking about the Windows platform - I don't know how the other platforms embedded the editor) They weren't abandoned. They went into the product. Sometimes the updates were very noticeable to users because of the differences. Sometimes they weren't (good regression tests in those cases!).
  19. There's an advanced button somewhere early in the sequence (I'm pretty sure - I haven't done a clean install in a long time - and I'm pretty certain that option isn't offered on an upgrade)
  20. Actually, it restarted already When it starts up, it looks for traces that it didn't close properly. If it finds them, it pops up that dialog. Then proceeds to open normally.
  21. To add to that - after creating the 2nd account, create a folder there and share it to your primary account (or share a folder from the primary to the 2nd acct). You can then just drag/drop the notes to move them. The only "gotcha" is it will leave them in the primary computer's database. You could move them out of the folder on the 2nd account to a different folder (either synced or local) and just use that shared notebook as a transfer folder. Advantage: Don't have to export/import. Disadvantage: Sharing. (It can be a little weird sometimes. It works. But it can be weird. I say that as one of the people who use to work on that feature!)
  22. We were (pretty sure I'm allowed to say this...) actually looking to consolidate that in a common C++ core library. That work was put on permanent hold (at least it was when I left) in favor of the new version the CEO has been referring to.
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