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  1. Are you using the direct download version? Or the Windows Store version? Launch at start up is not in the Store version (at least not as of June - we hadn't figured out how to launch a store app at startup when I left)
  2. Each previous incarnation is replaced by the next. As far as I can remember, if you've been using EN for a number of years, you're seen every "new editor" that was released. As I understood it, the new "new editor" is part of the new program that's in the private beta. (Which some people here have tried - I'm haven't.) Whether it will be retrofitted into the Windows product? 🤷‍♂️All I can do is speculate like the rest of you now! (My speculation is no.)
  3. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Fall 2017)
  4. Nope, pretty much nailed it! (I'm only talking about the Windows platform - I don't know how the other platforms embedded the editor) They weren't abandoned. They went into the product. Sometimes the updates were very noticeable to users because of the differences. Sometimes they weren't (good regression tests in those cases!).
  5. There's an advanced button somewhere early in the sequence (I'm pretty sure - I haven't done a clean install in a long time - and I'm pretty certain that option isn't offered on an upgrade)
  6. For certain definitions of "joy"! LOL!
  7. Actually, it restarted already When it starts up, it looks for traces that it didn't close properly. If it finds them, it pops up that dialog. Then proceeds to open normally.
  8. To add to that - after creating the 2nd account, create a folder there and share it to your primary account (or share a folder from the primary to the 2nd acct). You can then just drag/drop the notes to move them. The only "gotcha" is it will leave them in the primary computer's database. You could move them out of the folder on the 2nd account to a different folder (either synced or local) and just use that shared notebook as a transfer folder. Advantage: Don't have to export/import. Disadvantage: Sharing. (It can be a little weird sometimes. It works. But it can be weird. I say that as one of the people who use to work on that feature!)
  9. We were (pretty sure I'm allowed to say this...) actually looking to consolidate that in a common C++ core library. That work was put on permanent hold (at least it was when I left) in favor of the new version the CEO has been referring to.
  10. Hehe. We wrote the app that contained the containing app! Google wrote CEF. (ok, we modified that too) The only reason I maintained my sanity is because I stayed as far away from the CEF tweaks as I possibly could. (Just building that thing was a nightmare - let alone actually looking at that code!)
  11. That's the browser framework the editor is built in. CEF1 was used when I started. The first common editor targeted CEF3 but was backported to CEF1. The CEF3 upgrade was pushed by several things - lack of support for CEF1, and effort for the editor team to support it. Upgrades to CEF were completely orthogonal to CE updates.
  12. Serious. Something I've learned about Javascript programmers (in general) - they'd rather completely rewrite something in a new framework than fix the existing stuff. The average lifespan of a project seemed to be around 2 yrs. Then the people would move on, new ones would be hired, rinse/repeat. At least that was the impression our team got from the outside...
  13. As far as I know (I was there for 6 years), there's never been an RSS feed for updates. (I'm not sure youngsters today know what RSS is!)
  14. Actually, I think it's the 3rd one. Maybe 4th, in the last 6 years...
  15. None that I know it. Maybe use the Thumbnail view instead? (and wait - I just switched to it and it takes a while to generate the images)
  16. I remember hearing people <insert applicable word/> that the function names (etc) are actually translated too. Meaning if you open an english excel sheet in french, it's not likely to work.
  17. The comic Pearls Before Swine hit that on the head yesterday (the 23rd).
  18. Well, it's easy now! I copy/paste the character from here! charmap.exe is another way. But my usual is google-search to either find a copy/pastable character, or the alt-code.
  19. You can't put it there. That's a protected directory in Windows - any attempted writes will be redirected (only full-admins can write in ProgramFiles). The default location for EN files is %USERPROFILE%\Evernote (the database itself is in the Database subdirectory) [USERPROFILE is usually C:\Users\<your user name>\]
  20. Those issues are usually caused by the html in the clipped note. To generate the card views (and other views that use the actual note content), those notes are rendered into an html control. What's happening is that the original html is adjusting for the smaller size.
  21. Those aren't pre-loaded. They're only rendered when that control is expanded.
  22. If you make it a shortcut, Ctrl+1-9 will work... Ctrl+1 goes to the first shortcut (etc...)
  23. That's not true. You can move the database to whatever harddrive you want. Note, it must be an installed drive - not a network or removable one (mainly because of how the Sqlite database works with transactions and locks)
  24. The Store is updated on a slower cadence. (and the beta channel is direct download only) Initial releases are usually rolled out in stages - Windows entirely manages who gets it when you do a 5% release. But all direct users can get it without waiting by doing a 'Check for Updates' directly. (otherwise you get the notification in the rolling wave - of course who's in a wave is entirely different between the Store and direct!)
  25. While it's a play on my real name, I picked it very much because of that. I'm a programmer - I kill bugs dead! That he was! Great guy too... (and we actually have the same birthday! We had to do some serious time-zone math to figure out who was actually older - me by a couple hours)
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