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  1. I'm pretty sure when the attach dialog is used, that it is changing the current directory. This effectively leaves "locks" that directory. I also suspect (but can't test - gotta get to work!) that if you were to attach a file from a different directory that the lock would be released.
  2. You were probably running the version from the Window Store. Those get put into a very different path. (I run the direct-downloaded version also - I think most of us here do)
  3. i knew that! Yes, I heard stories of that! As far I know, when that was abandoned, the original C++ code from before was brought back. (That also poisoned the lead dev to anything XAML related) Yes, completely different from v3.5. Originally, it was supposed to be well before when I left. I literally LOLd at them (as my old boss can attest to!). He did (grudgingly) admit that I was right... I'm not running that preview/beta, so no idea where they are on it.
  4. That was the previous store version. When I first joined (2013), there was a single contractor who worked on that. I think he was there about a year (fuzzy memory), then that version went into a holding pattern until the Win32 version was packaged for the store. > Tell me that the old timeline view (from ca. 2008 and before) is still in there!! Sorry, no (at least I don't think so - pretty sure it was out of the code before I began). Usually when a major feature is removed, it's really removed.
  5. @Casius10, did you set your import directory to ` C:\Users\{username}\Evernote\Databases\Attachments` ? That's a _really_ bad idea. The Attachments directory is what EN uses to create (hopefully) temporary files so external programs can open them. (@RMorgan, if that's currently allowed, it should be prevented...)
  6. Even more so now, since (um...) a few of us have moved on... The Windows crew was thin before I left. (:waves: Hi @RMorgan!) (other quotes pulled from other posts in order as I read) > then there is obviously some engineering debt around how this is being done The code base is only about 15 years old... "some" is putting it mildly... > I would be stunned if this was actually a 6mo feature I wouldn't. I used to work in that code. > "Expecto Darkonus" spell (I love you...) > I can understand why Evernote would not want to introduce a feature available only in the Windows Store version Remember, the EN store version is literally the Win32 binary in special packaging. So no "Expecto Darkonus" there either... > If that developer's salary is, say $100K/year, Remember, EN is in Silly Valley. I think college grads get more than that...
  7. When you say add attachments, do you mean like gazumped is implying above (import folders), or using the file selection dialog? In the first case, EN must "lock" the directory or it can't watch it. In the 2nd, I'm going to guess that the file selection dialog changed the current working directory.
  8. Not sure the actual logic (that's on the server), but I think it's random based on the user id. (I know I implemented some A/B tests in the code that did things like account numbers ending in <specific digit>) Generally, you want random - but reproducible!
  9. Just as a note to that... Sometimes EN will rollout with a smaller auto-update initially (for instance, targeting 5%) and then increase when few/no problems arise. The auto-check is subject to that limited rollout. When you manually check, the limited rollout is ignored. (So, yes. Sometimes EN won't tell you a new version exists - but if you manually check (magic!) a new version is there.)
  10. If you open your .exb file (typically in <\Users\<you>\Evernote\Databases) with an SQLite browser, you may be able to determine that. (I'm using SQLiteBrowser: https://github.com/sqlitebrowser/sqlitebrowser/releases , the portable version) If you open the 'note_attr' table you can see search for the uid and see the associated title. (You can also see the notebook it's in) (BTW, I open the file with the Open-Database-Readonly menu item - just to be sure it doesn't do something! Alternatively, make a copy of the exb and open that)
  11. Maybe? I didn't look - I kept my personal and business stuff completely separate while working there, so after I left I just activated my personal acct here in the forums... @Shane D., is it possible to get my profile tagged as an alumni?
  12. Treat it like a web page. How do you set the background color when authoring an html page? (I don't know - I'm a C++ programmer! I stay away from web stuff!) And in case EN does do something funny with that, author a webpage with a background and import that (via web clipper) and see what the enex looks like...
  13. Thanks! Kinda sad I lost all those post counts... Oh well! (I actually had to register my personal acct here as I'd only used my EN one before.) (In case others are wondering what that's all about - I worked at Evernote for 6 years (and posted here as @dconnet). I've since moved on to working with surgical robotics.) My forum visitation frequency will likely be far less than before.
  14. Last I knew, the fonts are hardcoded into the application. Well, it gets the system font for the status bar and uses that. (I think it's the status bar font...)
  15. The store app actually cleans up after itself pretty well. Revo shouldn't be necessary for that. (Store apps use their own copy of the registry, so the global one isn't "contaminated".) The only thing that won't be cleaned up is the database directory (on purpose - that's why it was moved out of localapps a few years ago). Personally, I use the direct download version too.
  16. Thumbnails are generated (and stored) locally. (At least they used to be! I doubt things have change _that_ much since I left!) I don't remember, but I think the thread they're rendered on is lower priority.
  17. Actually, they're not stored there. They're stored in the database (the `.exb` file) In order to run/edit/etc an attachment, it must first be stored in a location where it can be accessed. That's what the Attachments are. Anything in there can be safely deleted when EN is not running.
  18. When Evernote is not running (completely not running, make sure no hidden tasks got stuck by using Task Manager), use regedit and manually change HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/EvernotePath (REG_SZ) to point the path you want. It sounds like somehow that value isn't being flushed to the registry. (If that value is not set, the default is your <user profile>\Evernote\Evernote.)
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