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  1. I tried to like Microsoft OneNote 2013. I even used for almost two years 2013-2014 it was OK, but totally different than Evenote - I liked native Evernote better, because OneNote is IMHO a hybrid of classic pen noting and "electronic" notes, with limitation resulting from app design decisions. After 2016 Microsft prepared crippled, dumbed-down version of OneNote for Windows 10 and delivered it for free with Windows 10 OneDrive. You would be surprised HOW SIMILAR are "new" Evernote v10 and OneNote for Windows 10! You still can use OneNote 2016 - IF you buy Office 365 subscription. OneNote
  2. you can still revert to legacy version and continue to use it, hoping Evernote will un-***** v10
  3. Seems you no longer have tree-like structure of notebooks, you can only have ONE level notebooks GROUPED by empty pseudo-folder that aggregates notes of notebooks that are put inside - another limitation of new version. Before I noticed the difference, I deleted hundred of notes. Crippled Evernote 10 is a bad, beta software.
  4. don't worry, Evenote v10 is MUCH slower than "old" Android verion. Unless you use hierarchical tags or require indexed or OCRed PDFs as searchable attachements (I do!), just try out JOPLIN (free Android/PC with cloud replication) - it may be all you need.
  5. Unfortunately EV chose to go the same direction Google went with forcibly moving seasoned Google Play Music power users into casual YouTube Music for brain-dead users. Updated interface with no features under the hood. They force power users into inferior product aimed at casual user, that's why it isn't working.
  6. Evernote 6 is a polished software (compared to competitive solutions), so unless Evernote management will continue to PUSH users to use the new version by forcibly removing support for syncing LEGACY version, we can continue to work "the old way" with Evernote Legacy (v6.x). BTW Microsoft Store versions of Evernote 10 is lagging, devs didn't bother to update it with hotfixes they released... On the other hand I recently noticed strange behavior of notes, some jumping from folders to trash. I hope it was caused by my slippery fingers, not sync issues... ***** ***!
  7. To make it even more bizarre, Evernote 10 steals right_alt-S from Ś (S cedilla) on my Dell laptop (for screenshot), but doesn't on my old Windows 10 PC. Both PCs run Windows 10 with English locale and Polish (PL-PL) keyboard. On my old Windows 10 NO EVERNOTE 10.x GLOBAL HOTKEYS work. None of them.
  8. It is SUPPOSED to be ALT+CTRL+S, but Evernote responds to RIGHT_ALT + S as well. The same behavior was on "old" Evernote and now on Evernote legacy (the same default keybind is ALT-CTRL-S but it is invoked by using right_alt-S on PL-PL keyboard) but in case of Evernote Legacy I can disable this keyboard shortcut - in case of Evernote 10.2.x there is no option to change or disable shortcuts; the new app Isn't configurable. Because this is global shortcut, not limited to Evernote, it conflicts with typing Polish text on your keyboard by randomly invoking this shortcut while entering le
  9. I do agree, from my point of view v10 is a DOWNGRADE of features with some features that makes it not usable at all. For example shortcut to screenshot (ALT-S) is ALREADY USED ON POLISH KEYBOARD (as S cedilla) - as a polish user I cannot have Evernote running because it starts screenhot while I am typing. Evernote is an alpha solution and should be OPTIONAL evaluation version for premium users. Fortunately I downgraded to Evernote Legacy to use the app. Since 2010 I never had a reason to be unhappy with evernote. Now I am. If they kill legacy evernote while not implementing basi
  10. Evernote forces ALT-S shortcut for screenshot with no option to disable it. Alt-S is S-cedilla char in polish language on every single polish keyboard. Current Evernote 10 is NOT READY FOR POLISH MARKET. How to disable the shortcuts?
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