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  1. Issue solved by forcefully uninstalling Evernote installed from Microsoft Windows store and installing version 10.76.2 downloaded from Evernote website. I assume issue was caused by crippled way Microsoft updates apps via its store. Looks like cache wasn't corrupted, problem was only with Windows store app version of Evernote. Sorry for rage posting. All works fine now:
  2. I care less about features, but after uninstalling previous version with Revo uninstaller and installing this version solved my Evernote performance issues with keyboard imput not entering data 50% of cases to focused note. Previously Evernote would wait several seconds before outputting any keyboard chars into note or not outputting at all.
  3. Latest Evernote 10.75.2 eats my CPU doing nothing. Forcing restart doesn't help. Typing in the app results in 50% chance of not entering any text. Inserting a file causes app freeze. 32GB RAM, 12gen i7. Am I happy? Not, because in current state app is NOT USABLE.
  4. Obsidian seem very powerful and highly customizable (especially when compared to current EN) but for me lacks productivity, and user interface usability, especially on mobile. For example it tends to hide button to create new ad-hoc note (zettelkasten) very deep behind several interface interactions. It has optional plugins to enable or disable specific features on all platforms, has multiple separate workspaces, but at the end linking between notes is done on file name level, not unique note ID (like in Evernote or Joplin). Yet I still continue to use in parallel paid Evernote, paid Obsidian (pay for sync as app is free) and paid Joplin cloud replication (because I have two years of notes I created when I wanted to leave EN 2020-2022). Compared to other options Obsidian is both very complicated and most flexible but with serious limitations resulting from approach to edit/create files.
  5. Evernote servers response is measured in 10s of seconds, not only the loading time of web app is horrid, the response of desktop app is EXTREMALLY slow recently (like 5-10s wait for simple search) with numerous errors about no access to (my own) folders. Seems like service outage to me.
  6. The same problem occurs in Polish locale of Evernote quick notes created via offical Evernote widget - it desn't save properly non-English chars, see what was entered and what is saved in Evernote. Note: creation of new note inside Evernote works. Only notes created via offical Evernote build-in widget of QuickNote are broken.
  7. Fortunately after few months they ADDED basic keyboard shortcuts configuration to "new" Evernote. It wasn't there for months...
  8. Joplin cannot OCR reliably PDFs (like Evernote legacy did) and due to single DB replicated to mobile isn't best solution for HUGE pile of data, BUT is perfect if you consider formatted text data, with speed superior to Evernote v10, provides unlimited nesting of folders and backups retain unique identifiers (as opposed to Evernote backups - links no longer works after restoring from backup!). I use both Joplin and Evernote Legacy in paralel, but most of my new text entries go to Joplin, while attachment-heavy dumps go to Evernote.
  9. I am happy that Evernote recently solved system-wide bug of hardcoded keyboard conflict with default keybind in my language (and serveral others); but I still do consider Evernote v10 inferior product compared to Evernote Legacy. I am using Joplin (for text notes) alongside with Evernote (for media-rich archiving), unfortunately most options available are inferior to Evernote Legacy.
  10. Unnoticed the same problem with Evernote v10; Evernote (lecacy) html notes are sometimes non-editable blocks of text while edited on Evernote v10.
  11. First of all, there are TWO desktop OneNote Apps, free dumbed down OneNote for Windows 10 that is tied to OneDrive and OneNote 2016 tied to paid Office 365 subscription. Different apps, different feature set. First app is very similar to Evernote v10...
  12. of course I did install the legacy product soon after I encountered a bug that made using EV v10 impossible in several non-US locale, including Polish, Latvian, Turkish and US-International. Imagine after installing Evernote on your PC, you cannot type text in ANY app because every time you enter letter V, your systems hangs. They solve this bug in version 10.8.4. After 4 months of pretending this issue doesn't exist.
  13. being EN user since 2009 I never felt the need to express myself on forum, until I was deceived by "upgrade" in November 2020 and my Evernote v6 become Evernote v10. If only I know what kind of downgrade it is, I would never "upgrade".
  14. true, lazy programming is near future, AI programming in the future - we may soon return to potato-capable apps
  15. In addition to Joplin's build-in MarkDown editor that you can extend with external editors of your choice (I use Typora when external note window is necessary) - I am not aware about similar concept within Evernote. Not to mention Joplin's browser addon (natives for chrome- and FF-based) is IMHO superior to Evernote's, especially if you transition from HTML-based notes to MarkDown-based.
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