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  1. Hi @Daniel Stimpson. I actually just recently heard back from IFTTT a couple weeks ago. They believe they addressed the issue and are asking to confirm if the problem is still occurring. Are you still experiencing any issues?
  2. I wanted to follow-up to point out that I don't believe there is a way to recover a note that was deleted and removed from the trash. This is only for existing notes.
  3. @RichB Yes, the content can be recovered. We snapshot the note at regular intervals, depending on time since last snapshot in combination with percent of the note that has been changed. Here's a screenshot from the Mac version. Each of the snapshots is clickable and brings up a view of the specific version. Clicking the "Import" link will create a new note from that version. It won't overwrite the existing note.
  4. @markjl It's on our list and being actively looked at right now. I can't give a date for implementation, but we're definitely not forgetting it.
  5. @Adeebk That looks like a pretty old version of our Mac client. The latest versions do not have a notebook view like that. They do support the shortcuts, though. You can just drag notes over to the shortcut nav area to add them, or select "Add note to shortcuts" in at least a few different pop-up menus for notes.
  6. Thanks for the feedback @_Rob_. I assume you are using Firefox? Please let us know if you have any specific feedback.
  7. Hi @achaigne. We store history for all users, so if you upgrade, the history of an existing note will become available to you. You would need to upgrade to a Premium plan, though, and not Evernote Business. Evernote Business is a separate product with a distinctly "business-only" user. Upgrading to the Evernote Business would result in the creation of a new user that is separate from your current personal user.
  8. Hi @KelseyDH. Thanks for the feedback. This is an issue that has been addressed in the new editor that we're actively working on. The editor is able to distinguish code blocks as a unique object that should not have autocorrect applied to its contents. The new editor will be incorporated in all of our new clients that we are also actively working on. I'm sorry that I can't give you an immediate solution to this right now, but the issue will be solved as we rollout the new editor and clients.
  9. Still here. 🙂 Just not making any further comments on the subject. Also, been super busy recently. Commenting on the board is something I do on the side when I have a few minutes, not as part of my day job.
  10. I completely agree. I experience a similar lag for my Evernote business account. I'm hoping this gets addressed very soon. I think it's something that will completely change (and get better) as part of the architectural changes we're making. Sorry to hear the experience did not get better afterwards. I'll check with the team if they have any ideas on if there's something else going on.
  11. @gazumped Did the new beta UI ever actually load for you in Brave? The first time load of a large account can take some time since it's trying to load all of the metadata for your content to the local storage of the browser. I think the team is working on improving this to be faster and more asynchronous. The hard thing is loading a usable UI before you have all the metadata you need to populate the UI, like all your notebook names, tags, etc. As long as you don't completely wipe your local browser cache, subsequent loads should be significantly faster since it will only load differences. This would be similar behavior to loading a local client (like Mac or Windows) with no local database.
  12. @Hasan Basriy, thanks for the report. I will put this into a ticket for the team to review. I did find information on how to change the screenshot that is taken prior to hibernation of the app. I will pass that on.
  13. I'm hopeful you will see an official Linux app sooner than later. 😉
  14. @sarao, we keep note history for all users, regardless of subscription level. If you upgrade, you will be able to view the full note history of any note in your account.
  15. The changes will be for both Android and iOS. I'm not familiar with exact launch dates and it's quite possible we'll stagger the initial release of the new clients for Android vs. iOS, but ultimately, changes will be consistent for both operating systems.
  16. To reiterate what I said before, Firefox and Linux support are both on our product roadmap. I can't make any promises on dates for them, but we are currently actively testing support for these browsers/platforms as part of our current rearchitecture effort. We want to make sure they are production ready. We wouldn't want to finally launch Firefox support with the new client and have it be really buggy. Also, we need to coordinate the launches with other efforts, such as merging of major code changes into our main line. Lots of moving pieces right now.
  17. Unfortunately, based on our current architecture and database design, it's NOT an easy change. It comes down to entity relationships (parent-child). Adding multiple levels of notebook nesting in the current architecture is just not doable. We've made certain consolations like Stacks or Spaces (for business customers), but these are basically giving you one additional level via a new entity type (vs. entities being able to relate to entities of the same type). We're currently actively rearchitecting a lot of the system. Changes in the system should allow for more flexibility in the future around entity relationships. I can't speak to any specific initiatives to allow for multiple levels of notebooks, but it should theoretically become easier in the future once we've completed our current work.
  18. @shekala, you might want to watch out video on search improvements:
  19. @MortimerCat, the Shared With Me view is intended to show all notes and notebooks that were ever shared with you, regardless of the current status of the share. It's meant to be a history of your shares. This is similar behavior to Work Chat, which is where users previously had to go to access shares to them. It's possible that we could implement a feature in the future to toggle showing shares that are no longer inaccessible. But for now, this is not an option, unfortunately.
  20. Good news on the tech blog. There was a lot of interest and we have some people working on posts. I don't have a specific timeframe, but we should be able to revive it and post new content soon. I'll make sure we post to the discussion forum when we publish the new articles.
  21. @HenrikMR, try these steps and see if this is what you want: Open the email conversation Open the Evernote for Gmail app Click the "..." menu item at the top and select "Settings" For "Conversation view", select "Show messages in thread" Click "Apply Changes" Click the Arrow icon to go back to the main interface You should now see "Conversation" and the ability to select what messages to clip Once you've applied the settings change, it will remember it for future clips.
  22. We've got an employee internally who really likes the Rocketbook Everlast. It's a reusable notebook that you can use to automatically send to specific services when you take a picture of it. Kind of similar to the Moleskine. https://getrocketbook.com/products/everlast-rocketbook
  23. I'll ask around if anybody is interesting in reviving the blog and contributing.
  24. I think Ian's trying to strike a balance between providing details of our work and not going above the heads of our non-technical users. I was personally impressed with their ability in this specific video to explain in layman's terms the issues we're trying to address. Overall, we're taking a system that has scaling issues and making it more robust. We're moving from a monolithic/sharded architecture to a microservice design to allow for scaling individual pieces of the system and getting rid of all single points of failure. For syncing, there's definitely work being done there to make it much more reliable and real-time.
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