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  1. @EdH (and others on the thread): I looked into this and it turns out to be a small error on our side for the 2FA logic that was introduced while fixing other issues. Simply, we were evaluating a statement incorrectly that determines whether we send the code to the phone if authenticator is enabled. The logic was flipped, so it would always send the code in the case where a user has an auth app setup. We've got a fix already. It should hopefully go out in the next day or so, when we do our weekly scheduled maintenance.
  2. The current Evernote architecture is built such that we are unable to offer nesting of notebooks within notebooks. We have a strict hierarchy of a note lives in a notebook. A notebook can live in a space (for business customers). And in most clients (except the latest web client, for now), you can put a set of notebooks inside a stack. But that was it. This is why a lot of people use tags. As @DTLow mentioned, you get unlimited levels of tags. Basically, our system stores a tag and an optional reference to its parent tag. So it's essentially a linked list (for computer science majors). The new architecture we're working on should free us from the hinderances of the existing hierarchy, allowing us to build various new features such as multiple levels of nested notebooks. I don't personally define our roadmap, so can't provide any details on if multiple levels of notebooks would be in the near future. I'm just saying we could theoretically support it.
  3. Thanks @evernotebetauser. I have added your feedback to the ticket tracking the beta issues.
  4. Hi @aaronnuetzman. I checked and our Android team is aware of the issues with the Q beta and are actively investigating.
  5. @MikeG689 Glad to hear it's working for you in Chrome. Firefox support should be coming sooner than later, from my understanding. Don't have a date, though.
  6. @sado, if you can, please provide me with the Subject of the email and a bit more of the text to help make sure we find the right email, as we have many. Thanks!
  7. Hi @sado. Thanks for the information! I will forward this to our translation team.
  8. Hi @jam4jah. It sounds like you might have had your account compromised. Please see the following message from our head of Security. Try following the steps regarding changing your password and see if you continue to have additional unrecognized devices on your account.
  9. @MikeG689 Thanks for the follow-up! I definitely want to help you figure out what is going on with the Web client. Our new web client isn't supported in Firefox yet, so you should get a message regarding using a supported browser. If you didn't see this, is it possible you switched back to the old one? We provide an option to do that. The link above would redirect back to the old client if you had done this since we set an attribute on the account if you do. To confirm we're on the same page, try the following steps: Go to https://www.evernote.com/client/web Once you've logged in and the page has loaded, confirm if the URL still says "/client/web", or if it says "Home.action". The latter is our old client. If you are on the old client, you can click on your profile image in the bottom-left corner and select "Switch to the new Evernote Web". This should take you back to the new client and set the attribute to prefer the new client. I know the old vs. new client thing is a bit confusing. We're working hard to get all the features of the old web client into the new client so we can ultimately deprecate the older client. But some key features are still missing, such as Notebook Stacks and WorkChat. But we're actively working to bring those into the new client (very soon). FYI, the new client looks like this: The old client looks like this:
  10. @MikeG689 Regarding the Mac issue, the Templates window with Template Gallery and My Templates makes calls out to our server to fetch templates for these two views. It'll call out to our server at https://templates.svc.www.evernote.com. Is it possible that requests to this might be getting blocked at your work via a firewall or other network configuration? That would explain the spinning circle. As a premium user, you can contact our support team and they should be able to help you out more 1:1 to see what specifically is happening. You can go to https://help.evernote.com and there should be an option to send an email or chat.
  11. @MikeG689 Oops! I copied a link from our test environment and changed the text, but the forum kept the link the same. I fixed the link in my post, but here it is again: https://www.evernote.com/client/web Please let me know if you see the template option when creating a new note. It should look like this:
  12. @MikeG689 The new web client should definitely support the "Template" option. It is NOT supported in the older web client. Please make sure you are on the latest client. You can get to it by hitting this link: https://www.evernote.com/client/web @Dave-in-Decatur, what specific issue are you referencing?
  13. @Kitezh47 I expect to see Spaces coming to the personal product once we've finished with the re-architecture work we are undertaking now (as noted by the CEO). We recognize the value of having a space where you can invite other personal users, vs. the existing feature of just other members of the business. I cannot give any time frame since we effectively put our feature roadmap on hold while we complete the re-architecture. I think we'll be re-evaluating the entire roadmap and reprioritizing features. Putting a space into another space would be an interesting feature. What do you see as a use case? In general, Spaces is a feature which allows you to easily apply permissions to a set of users. This allows any notes/notebooks added to the space to be auto-shared to members at their granted permissions. Nesting of content within a space is managed by notebooks. I'm not sure that nesting a space within a space would make sense. Would it just be better to have multiple levels of notebooks? I know we currently don't allow nested notebooks in spaces (an issue with our current system design and not a business policy by choice), but I think you'd be more likely to see a feature for multiple levels of notebooks rather than nesting spaces.
  14. I can confirm there are known issues with the clients cleaning up business entities when a user is removed from an Evernote Business account. None of the content is accessible, but there will be empty notes/notebooks. The solution for any client is to make sure to log out, shut down, and then remove the locally cached database. Logging back in will then re-sync everything back to your system from the Evernote servers. One caution is to make sure that you are fully sync'ed before you remove your local state. You can double-check this by logging into the web client, since that is purely working off the Evernote server state. I've personally filed tickets for this issue across several of our clients. I believe the Mac version fixed the problem a little while back, but there's still open tickets for other clients. I'm pushing to get these issues resolved soon.
  15. @Tore Nilsson You can manage your devices in your user settings here. You should be able to revoke the (no longer) existing PC.
  16. @tedwlm I just tested this and did not encounter an issue with my cell phone. Is there something special about your phone number, such as being a Google Voice or other non-standard cell service?
  17. @DrFrankBuck In the past, Evernote has had various on-boarding experiences. For example, at one time you were given three options when creating your account. The options asked how you wanted to use Evernote. Depending on what option you chose, the initial notebook(s) created varied. One option created an Inbox notebook. This was removed a while back. I just verified that in the current account creation process, the notebook is called "My Notebook," and contains a few sample notes on how to use Evernote.
  18. @Sayre Ambrosio Thanks for the insight. I mentioned your feedback in a meeting I was in earlier about WorkChat. It fit well with what our usability/research team found when talking to various customers about their WorkChat usage. As we work on new features, it sounds like we will make sure we address individual use cases of WorkChat (like commenting or strict chatting) before any deprecation of it. But, it's an active discussion right now.
  19. In both these cases, would a proper commenting system solve this problem? If you have the ability to comment on notes and "@ mention" a person (which would generate a notification to them) eliminate the need for WorkChat?
  20. @Sayre Ambrosio Out of curiosity, how do you use WorkChat on a daily basis? What purpose is it serving in your business/workflow?
  21. @Sayre Ambrosio FYI, I heard back from the Clipper team. They confirmed that the Google clipper is newer and fully supports Spaces, while Safari is slated for an update. But there's a decent amount of work to do in order to update the Safari plugin. It's on our roadmap, but I can't provide any specific details.
  22. @Sayre Ambrosio We have quite a number of customers that use WorkChat heavily. So I think we're being cautious of any decisions on that front. I'll pass on your feedback about Safari clipper to the Clipper dev team to look into.
  23. I'm trying my best to be honest and give what information I can. I'm not an official spokesperson in any way. Just an employee who genuinely cares about our customers wants and needs. I try my best to vocalize concerns raised in the forums and bubble up issues to people when necessary. However, I always need to make sure I'm not "revealing our hand" in such a way that a competitor might be tipped off to our future plans. Or in any way to jeopardize my job. 🙂 But I can assure you I'm actively pushing for more people to get involved in the conversation with our customers. This forum has gone way too long with virtually no participation from Evernote employees.
  24. Thanks @jefito. I can assure you that we're listening and not just ignoring feature requests from users. The new CEO values our users to the point where he recently added a position to the executive team for the "Voice of the Customer". This position's main goal is to always make sure we're listening to our customers and understanding the impact of decisions on our customers. I'm hopeful you'll see a lot of great things from Evernote in the future. But, we first need to fix a whole lot of cruft and tech debt that has built up over the years.
  25. @Rblover69 As I mentioned, I can't speak to what our product roadmap will look like in the future and what features will be prioritized, but I can say this: We are currently evaluating the WorkChat feature and what we can do to improve or replace it. The feature serves two main purposes: Notifications of sharing and chat. Sharing is being updated now and "Shared With Me" is ultimately the place a user will go to see everything they've been shared. As for chat, we're evaluating what we want to do with it. We're not a chat program like Slack, but we have a decent amount of paying users/businesses who actively use the feature, so we want to understand use cases and what we can do to maintain/replace that functionality should we decide in the future to deprecate WorkChat. This is all still being actively investigated, so no decisions are pending at the moment.
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