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  1. I have two large cache folders that are taking up a lot of space. Can I delete one? 1) User > Library > Application Support > Evernote = 4.79 gb 2) User > Library > Group Containers > weirdfilename.com.evernote.Evernote = 6.94 gb Is one related to the v10 upgrade? If I delete one or both will my notes be re-downloaded? Thanks in advance.
  2. @Chris HustonI've worked out a halfway decent way to use GoodNotes with a separate note taking system (like Apple Notes). I'm using GoodNotes for document organisation and annotation (PDFs in particular) and OneDrive for storage (iCloud is an option). In GoodNotes I can create a shareable / external link to individual PDFs. In a note taking app, let's say OneNote for example, I'm pasting that external link into the top of the note. Now when I click / tap the link it takes me directly to the PDF in GoodNotes and I can annotate as usual and it's synced across my devices. Obviously the OneNote no
  3. @Chris Huston It's fantastic for annotating and hand writing notes with Apple Pencil. In my opinion it blows away all competition in that regard but it doesn't work as a text editor. Storage and organisation is manageable because you can create folders within folder etc and OCR searching is brilliant. Searching for notes themselves isn't so good. So at the moment I have a great app for annotation but not a good solution for typed notes. I really like the Apple Notes solution from @bigtelco but my wife and I have been using a shared iCloud account for years (and therefore shared Notes) so
  4. @bigtelco Thanks so much for sharing this. You've provided an excellent summary of the issues and I feel like you've read my mind. I've been a premium member since 2012 but it's time for me to say goodbye too. I love the solution you've provided. I'm going to keep exploring GoodNotes but your explanation of Apple Notes is very compelling. Thank you thank you thank you.
  5. I'm a full-time academic who works at a university. All of my work depends on being able to annotate documents, especially PDFs. I can't do that now. I'm trialling GoodNotes 5. My Premium subscription is due in a month. Unless this is fixed then sadly I'll have to leave Evernote until annotation works again.
  6. Hi @Jaya Shekarraju. Thanks for responding. What you have described is not the issue that is being discussed in this thread. The problem is that the annotation tools are inadequate. They are a terrible step backwards in functionality which is why the users here (including myself) are saying they cannot annotate PDFs. If v10 could annotate the way previous versions could then it would be more functional and adequate.
  7. I view my notes in a list. When the mouse hovers over a title a tool-tip is displayed that shows the full title of the note. This obstructs the view of the title of the note above it (sometimes two notes above), which makes it hard to skim through them while running your mouse over them to make a selection. See attached screenshot. This is affecting my productivity. It would be good if there was an option to disable the tool-tip.
  8. Fair enough. I'll find a more appropriate forum for that question. How does the GoodNotes and PDF Expert work with Evernote? Do they save as normal EN attachments or are they stored elsewhere? The EN annotation on the app and Mac don't work at all for me. I can't zoom, scroll, move around et.c
  9. What about switching to OneNote? It seems to check all the boxes for me except for its PDF annotation because it imports each page as an image instead of the original file. It stinks... but so does the new EN annotation on both Mac and iOS. Any suggestions about how to use a good PDF annotation app with the iOS version of OneNote?
  10. Before the update I could edit at attachment and after saving it would automatically update on the note. For example, I could open a Word file that was attached to a note and then edit and save it and the attachment would be updated on the note. I could safely quit Word and then come back to the note and attachment later on. When I reopened the attachment it would be exactly as I'd saved it. After updating I've been having lots of trouble with this. Either the attachments don't save and update on the note, or worse, they save but when you reopen them they're an older version. Twice I've l
  11. I've just downloaded the legacy version. No problems installing or with the databases. Everything opened as I expected. I'm sticking with Legacy for as long as possible. The new version was too slow and unresponsive. Annotation was obliterated. Searching inside PDFs was clunky. Sadly, a whole bunch of nope nope nope.
  12. +1 Also, why has the tool for scrolling / moving around the pdf gone? And two finger scrolling...?
  13. Oh my gosh this is killing me. I used the annotate feature ALL DAY for work and now it's been rendered completely unusable and now I have to figure out an entirely new workflow or system. Worst of the revamp is that I can't zoom and I can't scroll. I wish the app hadn't updated 😞
  14. There are similar threads about this. Scenario 1: Evernote quits when the iPad screen is locked. For example, Evernote is open on an iPad, with a note open and being edited. The iPad automatically locks as per whatever is the general iPad setting. When the iPad is subsequently unlocked, Evernote has quit. When it's relaunched it isn't on the last note that was open. This is really frustrating when you've simply stepped away from the iPad for a moment. Scenario 2: Evernote quits when swapping apps. For example, Evernote is open but you switch to Safari or another app. If you're out o
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