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  1. There are similar threads about this. Scenario 1: Evernote quits when the iPad screen is locked. For example, Evernote is open on an iPad, with a note open and being edited. The iPad automatically locks as per whatever is the general iPad setting. When the iPad is subsequently unlocked, Evernote has quit. When it's relaunched it isn't on the last note that was open. This is really frustrating when you've simply stepped away from the iPad for a moment. Scenario 2: Evernote quits when swapping apps. For example, Evernote is open but you switch to Safari or another app. If you're out of Evernote for more than 30-60 seconds, it has quit by the time you switch back to it. Again, frustrating because you lose where you were up to with your editing. It's even worse when you're doing something like annotating a PDF and you lose all of your unsaved annotations simply because you had to change apps for a moment. In both scenarios productivity drops enormously but frustration goes sky-high. This seems to be an ongoing issue that dates back a long, long time. Fixing this needs to be addressed.
  2. I've had this set for a long time and it still doesn't do it correctly. I'm constantly having to right click the document and set it to view as attachment. This has been a bug since 2014.
  3. Sorry, I should have added that. That screenshot is from the Mac client but it also does it in the web client too (Safari).
  4. It would be great to be able to scroll further down the screen than where the note text finishes. I'm often working on long texts and so when the line gets to the bottom of the window I can't scroll past it unless I hit enter over and over to bring the text up to the middle of the screen. See the screenshot for an example.
  5. Hi there. It would be good to be able to change highlight colours. I use the highlighter feature quite extensively and it would be great to be able to highlight part of a sentence in yellow and another part in pink etc. More or less what people do in physical notebooks.
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