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  1. Thanks! I followed your suggestion. They said boolean search does not work on tags, so I made a general feature request on this forum.
  2. Please allow boolean search on tags. For example, I want the ability to search for "(tag:this AND tag:that) OR tag:other".
  3. Thanks for the help! That won't work for me because I want to make saved searches to retrieve notes by tags, and the queries can't be expressed without boolean operators. I've never seen Evernote show boolean searches with tags, so I wanted to confirm before upgrading. I don't mind paying more because I support the software, but I don't want to pay double the price for nothing either, since I don't find any other professional features useful.
  4. Thanks - I had to confirm because the documentation only shows boolean with search terms. I don't want to pay double if boolean search doesn't work with tags.
  5. Unfortunately, my query is more complicated, like "(tag:this AND tag:that) OR tag:other". Would that work if I upgrade to professional?
  6. Does boolean search work with tags? For example, tag:work OR tag:school. I'm trying to decide if upgrading to professional is worth it. Thanks!
  7. To reproduce the bug: Perform a search by text or tag to obtain a list of notes in the search results. Click on the "TITLE" column header. The list will get sorted alphabetically like it's supposed to. Click on the "TITLE" column header again. The list won't get sorted in the opposite order. The same bug also occurs with date columns (e.g. "UPDATED"). Version info: 10.17.6-win-ddl-public (2775) Editor: v126.2.16348 Service: v1.37.8
  8. Please improve user experience by sorting tags in alphabetical order like in previous versions. The new way of sorting tags by creation date is useless, and it forces me to scan the entire tag list just to see if a certain tag has been added to a note.
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