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  1. When changing the created date of a note, sometimes the date picker is missing later days when month spread over 6 weeks. Steps to reproduce: Select or create a note. Use the "..." menu from the top right and pick "Note Info...". Click into the Created date field. Step the month back to August 2020. Try and pick 30th August 2020. In the attached screenshot you can see that days 30 and 31 are missing from the date picker for August 2020 because the month started on a Saturday and only 5 weeks are shown in the picker, but those days would be shown on the Sunday and Monday of the 6th week. Workaround is to go to September 2020 and click the light grey day 30 shown at the beginning, it'll use the date and return the date picker to August 2020 but can not show the correct day as selected in the picker. This is likely applicable to all v10 clients, I reproduced on Web and macOS versions.
  2. Interestingly, it may be an implementation detail, but the legacy Evernote client on macOS will "Save As" the file with Created date intact if the file was imported on that same machine with the legacy client. If it was imported on another machine, or it's a clean re-install and the notes sync'd down, then the Created date will be the current datetime when using "Save As". On the new client it always sets the Created date to the current datetime regardless of whether the file was imported on the same machine or not. Either way, would be great if it was possible for Evernote to keep track of the Created/Modified date for an imported file, and set things back to that state when using "Save As" so that the file is as imported.
  3. Yeah, I might have to switch back to that for a bit if I'm going to import the backlog I currently have (I stopped using Evernote for a few months but I'm back, enticed by the new features). However, I'm not really using macOS these days, my primary machines are Linux, and so really I hope this feature request makes it into not only the macOS version of Evernote but also the upcoming Linux version. I used to do that too, sort of. I used to put the date at the end of the file name for something like "Electricity Bill - 2021-08-04.pdf".
  4. When a file has been imported into Evernote via Import Folders or any other method, and you later use "Save As" to grab a copy of that file, the saved file's Date Created and Date Modified are set to when you used "Save As". For consistency it would be much better if the Date Created/Modified from the original file were retained when using "Save As". Somewhat related to ...
  5. At the moment the Import Folders feature sets the new note's Date Created to the date/time that the note was created, but it would be very helpful to be able to use the imported file's Date Created instead. Before Evernote v10 I used to use Hazel to monitor a folder and import new files into Evernote. As part of that script it would set the note's Date Created to match the file's Date Created so that I could easily find and sort documents by their date created. This is often very useful when searching for a document and then easily being able find the right one based on a rough idea on when it would have been created/received. This becomes particularly important if you're prone to batch scanning paper documents, say once per month (or so 🤦‍♂️), fix up each scanned document's date created/modified to something close to when it was either sent or received, and then import into Evernote. Bonus points for being able to set the file's and note's date created/modifed automatically by using a specific string in the file name, e.g. "touch_20210804_My Document.pdf" would result in a "My Document" note containing a "My Document.pdf" file, both with a date created/modified of 2021-08-04 00:00:00.
  6. Unfortunately I can't submit a support case, because the same error occurs! 🤦‍♂️
  7. Trying to log into evernote.com and am getting the following weird message: Service Unavailable - DNS failure The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #11.262b2817.1626970197.27237e60 That's on Firefox 91b5. I can visit https://evernote.com, but not https://www.evernote.com which is used in the log in links.
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