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  1. Yes, you are right. I've only used templates as a premium subscriber, so I didn't realize that creating custom templates is restricted to paid accounts. TIL. 🙂
  2. @marshrp The templates feature is available to all users and is not limited to paid users. Are you having problems accessing it? Regarding mobile interaction with templates, you should be able to create, edit, and save templates from your mobile device.
  3. @freelee Unless you change your password after revoking the device, it will show up again if your account has been compromised. As noted above, please review our security tips for additional help with securing your account.
  4. @salilmeister@gmail.com / @clswenson and others who see unknown devices in your account: If you ever see devices listed on your account that you do not recognize, you should revoke access to these devices in your settings and change your password. Please review our security tips for more details on keeping you account safe and preventing unauthorized access.
  5. For those experiencing this issue, can you please provide the version of Evernote you are using (Help->About...) as well as the version of Windows you are using. Thanks!
  6. FYI, we've bumped up the priority on this ticket and we hope to fix ASAP. I will post any updates, but if anyone has a consistent set of steps to reproduce, that would be very helpful.
  7. @VeronicaMCalarco, here's a help article that walks you through how to log into our web client and revoke access to a device. You can just revoke all your devices, then log into the new computer. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313878
  8. FYI, quick background on the issue we fixed: Basically, we have a database query that pulls what unique devices you are using for Evernote. When there was daylight savings at the beginning of November, due to the fact that we move the clocks backward, we had a weird scenario where it was counting the same device as two different devices if it had activity during the repeat hour. We fixed our query, so anybody who had the problem should automatically be fixed. If anybody is still having problems, it should not be related to the issue we fixed. @CreationMom, you should probably delete out the duplicated devices and you should be fine. After that, if it happens again, please let our customer support know and our tech support can dig into this further. @SeanJ, If you are seeing a device that isn't yours, it's possible you had somebody else access your account. I would revoke access for the device and change your password to be safe.
  9. @AronsLaw, I'm sorry you are having problems filing the support ticket. I let our customer service know and they'll be reaching out to you. If there's any information you can provide that might help us determine what the bug is with the SupportLogin.action page, that would be great.
  10. @Audbert, I sent you a DM. @yugoport, that would be great, thanks! FYI, we have at least one case we can reproduce internally that might be related. Seems to potentially have to do with the size of the PDF, hence my questions. But, any additional information which helps us find more cases is useful.
  11. @Leefamlex, does it say "Member since 2017" on the phone? If so, that at least eliminates the common problem of accidentally creating a new account when logging in. How many notes/notebooks do you think you lost? I can see that your account has some notes and notebooks in it from 2017 and 2018.
  12. @gfriend Please reach out to our customer support. They can help with determining what might have happened to the specific note. This can help us track down if there is a bug that needs to be fixed. You can reach out to customer support at https://help.evernote.com
  13. @zman97211, what operating system are you using and what version of Outlook?
  14. For those having this issue, can you provide more details on the PDFs you are annotating? Are they very large in size? Are you making large amounts of annotations? Any information you provide can help our team to reproduce the problem. We are currently unable to.
  15. @Lexi_DC and @Nick-Flynn, I noticed that the PDFs you are editing seem very large. Do you see the problem when annotating smaller PDFs?
  16. @EvernoteNYC, I spoke with the developer working on it. He's actively developing and testing the fix. It's his top priority. Sounds like we might have a fix very soon, but I can't promise a specific date, unfortunately.
  17. @Nick-Flynn I was unable to reproduce your problem. Can you please reach out to our customer support? They are better suited at assisting with these issues. https://help.evernote.com
  18. @Lexi_DC I tried to reproduce your issue with the latest download from our website on Windows 10, but could not. Please contact our customer support and they should be able to help you out further: https://help.evernote.com
  19. @CreationMom Thanks for letting me know. I've reached out to the developer regarding your account. I will give an update when I hear back. It's possible this is a separate issue.
  20. FYI, my understanding of the problem with the devices that several users reported on the forum is that it was specific to daylight savings on November 4th. Short story is that during the 1 hour time window where we repeated an hour (due to rolling back clock), the system essentially thought that requests from the same device were two different devices due to DST and time zone. Problem was fixed up and nobody should see the issue anymore.
  21. @Dolly Glad @DTLow was able to help you out. We had a bug with devices that you might have been hit with. My understanding is that it should be fixed in production now, but maybe some people still have some side-effects from it that they need to clean up. I'll follow-up with the team to confirm.
  22. @jefito Yeah, from Evernote's perspective, those are two different emails. We use Gmail for our evernote.com email provider. So for internal testing, I always just add "+sometext" to my email address (before the "@" symbol) to generate a unique email address from Evernote's point of view. To Gmail, though, it's just the same email address. That way I always get all the emails to my main account, but can have unique accounts for testing purposes.
  23. I spoke with the Windows team and they have a fix for this issue. It should be in the next release.
  24. We have an open ticket for this issue. I'll see if I can push for a quicker resolution.
  25. @joepan All your work chats should be accessible from any of our installed clients. As I noted, work chat itself has not been implemented in the latest web client. Notes and Notebooks shared via work chat will show up in the "Shared With Me" section. But, if you want to access text chats via the web, you will need to switch to the older web version via your settings https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action Do you believe there is data loss with your chats? If you try on an installed client and are not seeing the chats, you should reach out to our support for assistance. Go to https://help.evernote.com to file a ticket.
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