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  1. @Beau Haan Spaces was intended to be an alternative to notebook stacks. Much like stacks grouped notebooks, Spaces group notebooks, but give additional features like auto-joining/sharing for members of the space. I don't think we currently intend to implement notebook stacks in Spaces, though anything is possible.
  2. @gustavgi As the new CEO noted in his blog post, we're actively working to fix issues in the core Evernote product that result in a lot of the bugs you see in our clients and the speed at which we're able to move forward and build new features. This means that feature development, like bringing Spaces to personal, is on hold while we address these issues. As was noted, we previously definitely intended to bring the Spaces feature to personal users, and I'm hopeful we'll come right back to it once we've finished fixing the core issues. But, I can honestly say it won't be until at least later this year. Also, I'm not personally responsible for prioritization of feature development, so can't promise anything for sure. But, I'm pretty confident that something like Spaces for personal would be core to our future plans.
  3. Unfortunately, since Evernote has existed for quite some time, implementing a GOOD Markdown solution is a lot harder than you might think. It's easy for these other companies that are much newer and likely built their product from scratch with the intention to support Markdown. As noted by our CEO in his blog post, we're working this year to fix a lot of long-standing issues and getting Evernote in a place where we can more quickly build the features our users are asking for. As part of this work, we'll be making changes that should make implementing features like Markdown MUCH easier. I've seen early demos and it's very promising. But, we first need these changes to support existing features before we start adding new features like Markdown. That's the work we're doing now. But, I'm hopeful that a number of feature requests like Markdown support can finally be addressed in the not-so-distant future.
  4. @Daniel Stimpson That's a IFTTT ticket number? If so, hopefully they can address this and reach out to us to work together to fix it. If that's an Evernote support ticket, not sure we can do anything without assistance from IFTTT staff. I was able to reproduce this issue myself. I will see if I can get a dev contact at IFTTT that can help us out.
  5. @Balders Thanks for the ping about this. I apologize for not following up. Our developers looked into it and believe it to be an issue on IFTTT's side, likely with not handling specific image/file types or content we're sending back to them. We're not 100% sure, but that appears to be the case with our initial investigation. If you are able to reproduce this, you should reach out to IFTTT and report the issue. They should then be able to contact us to give us more specific technical details on which API is failing, what data they're sending, what data they're getting back, etc. We would then have a lot more information to work with. Separately, I'll see if I can reproduce the issue myself and reach out to IFTTT.
  6. @cloud9tn The hackers are not using actual physical iPhones to access your account. Once they are able to log into your account using a compromised password, they can authorize another service to have access to your account via our public APIs. This is the same as authorizing a service like IFTTT to access your account. The "iPhone" is just the name of the service they're authorizing as. I think they are using iPhone because it's common and will obfuscate what they are doing, confuse users, or lead them to blame Evernote (which has been happening). The best thing you can do as a user is to follow good security practices, as noted in Rich's post above.
  7. @jozefbaar, please make sure you have the latest Windows client. We put out a hotfix for this issue and believe it to have been resolved. Make sure you have version or later. If you are still seeing the issue after upgrading, please let me know the exact behavior you are experiencing and I will have the Windows team look into it further.
  8. @douglerner The "Shared with Me" view is displaying all notes that were shared with you at any time in the past, regardless of the current state of the share. At the moment, it's a "view" and not a manageable list. We're in the process of fixing and redesigning sharing, and this view will likely be changed/improved. But the behavior above is the current behavior for the near future.
  9. We have an open bug ticket for this issue. I just asked for an update on it.
  10. @erin2e, can you please provide a bit more details on what you mean by "copies the email into a new Evernote"? Is it opening a new browser with the contents of the note and a button in the upper-right corner that says "View in Evernote"?
  11. @Kaylebor: My understanding from the devs was that note display worked pretty well in Firefox, but note editing had some issues. I did just verify the developers will be revisiting support across all browsers with the updated changes they are working on.
  12. @mgpmul: Unfortunately, our dev.evernote.com website is woefully out-of-date. As was noted above, search functionality in particular has kind of fragmented with each client having slightly different behavior. Updating the dev website, our developer APIs, and having a more seamless UI/experience across all our apps is definitely part of what we're focusing on this year, as was laid out by the new CEO. I know this probably doesn't help with your current issues, but I at least wanted to let you know it is on our radar. We've got a LOT to fix to give our users a better experience.
  13. It seems your local DB might be in a bad state. Please try closing Evernote, going to the Command window or Run (Windows + R) and run the following command: Evernote.exe /NoLastState Then start Evernote again.
  14. @MIkeOWaterloo, have you verified whether you potentially have two separate notebooks shared to you as opposed to just duplicate entries? If you click on one notebook and create a note, does it appear in the other notebook? Also, I assume the duplication you are referring to is in the "Shared With Me" view, and not in your actual Notebook list?
  15. Much like many large websites, hackers are pretty much constantly testing out credentials in two ways: They're testing lists of emails/usernames to see if they are valid Evernote accounts. Presumably these are coming from previous leaks/hacks. If they determine it's a valid account, they test out passwords they have based on the leaked data. We have various tools in effect to help protect our users, such as limiting the amount of failed attempts allowed by a user, IP, etc. But, the hackers are smart and can work-around some of these, such as using botnets or limiting their throughput to stay underneath our limits. As has been mentioned, the number one thing users can do is change their password and not share passwords with any other account or reuse passwords that have been potentially leaked/compromised. A good website to visit is https://haveibeenpwned.com/. You can check if your email was part of any published leak data sets. I can pretty much guarantee if you have a yahoo.com account, information was leaked.
  16. @Dave-in-Decatur: We made a fix for a case that was resulting in similar behavior. The hope was it might address the main issue. The fix went out in the latest build (6.17), but customers are still seeing the problem. I just checked and yesterday it seems we've reproduced what looks like the main issue and have a hot fix being built and tested now. I don't have a time frame for the release of the hot fix, but I imagine we'll be pushing it out very soon. The version with the fix should be 6.17.6.
  17. @kentc, please see this post from our head of Security:
  18. @Idahobob, I looked at your account. The recent iPhone devices that have shown up in your account (and you have revoked) are different device identifiers than your currently active iPhone client. This looks like the issue Rich identified in his post above. Please ensure your account is secured. I would advise changing your password and not sharing it with any other website login. You may also consider enabling 2FA for your account. Rich's post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/117015-2-devices/?do=findComment&comment=525791
  19. @ever_coffee: I can't say too much, but there's definitely hope for Linux users sooner than later. For Firefox, I can't say for sure, but based on my knowledge of changes we're making, it's quite possible we'll get better support for Firefox. Again, can't give any specific timeline. I can only point to Ian's recent blog post with regards to priorities.
  20. Thanks @Grzamy. I'll send this over to our dev and support and see if they have some information on this that can help.
  21. Hi @23hagan. I'm not too familiar with the Scannable app. When you go to save, is that all within the app, or does it open a view of the note in a browser, and then you click "Save" there? If so, then yes, functionality of the web "single note viewer" was changed to save to your default notebook.
  22. @Grzamy To clarify your comment, you're saying that the device in your list is definitely your own device and just a duplicate? You're saying it's not potentially an unauthorized device?
  23. @Trentphoto Are you still having problems saving a template? If so, is it the same behavior as Tupira where you have to log in over and over? Seems like a case where the credentials aren't being saved, so it is unable to save the template.
  24. @Dave-in-Decatur Thanks! I just got back from vacation, but I will take a look. Just heard from our support that we're seeing an uptick in template save issues.
  25. @DavidAmpleford The fix was on our server and should apply to all existing clients. No need to download an updated client. If you're still not seeing the thumbnails, please let us know what client and version you are using. Please note that @Garrett P mentioned it's possible that a client may have a cached placeholder thumbnail for up to a week.
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