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  1. It seems the conflicting information in the help database is not the only issue Evernote has. I do have the "Evernote Basic" account, which is free. So, if it is true what you said that 2-Step Verification is available only for paid customers, then why am I able to enable it? Considering the lack of help in the Evernote Community Forums, the mixed information on Evernote website, and the lost of trust in Evernote for collecting my private phone number without a reason and not allowing me to delete it from my account, I had no option then to migrate all my notes to another notes application which offer everything I had on Evernotes, plus 2-Factor Authentication without providing my phone number and all this for free. I'm not going to say which application I replaced Evernote with because that's not the point here, and also I don't want to look like I just came here to advertise another app. I already deleted all my notes, emptied the trash and close my Evernote account. Thanks Evernote for all this almost 9 years of using this app. Goodbye!
  2. That surprises me, because I have a free account and I use an authenticator app. I just did a quick search on Evernote site to find this information and I found this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157 I'm attaching a screenshot from the link above to this message just in case someone updates that page and people come here to read my post and think I made a mistake. That states free accounts can use authenticator app. So, back to my original question, how do I remove my phone number from my account? Moreover, the free account does not support SMS. So, why Evernote forced me to enter my phone number to enable 2 - Step verification?
  3. Hi, Is it possible to remove my cell phone number from "Security Summary"? I've been using Evernote for over 9 years and I never had my cell phone number on my account. I recently was forced to add it to enable 2-Step verification.
  4. I'm a Evernote member since June 22nd, 2011. I also have been using 2-Step Verification for over a year without any issues. I've never had my cell phone number configured in my account, and the 2-Step Verification always worked fine. This means when I first configured the 2-Step Verification, I wasn't asked to provide my cell phone number. Why Evernote is now asking for both email and phone number verification? How can I remove my phone number from my account?
  5. I had 2-Step Verification enabled and had to disable it just for a minute in order to switch to a different Authenticator App on my phone. The problem is that I'm no longer able to enable the 2-Step Verification because the Evernote page wants to send a verification code to both my email address and also an SMS to my phone. Even though I entered my cell phone number, I've never received an SMS from Evernote. I tried this process several times. That looks like a bug to me, because if I want to configure a authenticator app I shouldn't have to enter my phone number. Also the page shows "A verification code (via text message or an authenticator app)". It states clearly one or the other, NOT BOTH! Is this a bug on Evernote site? What's happening here?
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