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  1. @yiming, wanted to point you to this post from our CEO. Gives you a better idea than anything I would be at liberty to discuss:
  2. Thanks to @ehrt74 for working with me. We found a potential issue, but want to confirm with others on the thread. Those that are experiencing the issue, are you using a non-standard Keyboard layout (one that is different than the physical keys)? In our case, we are able to reproduce by using a different layout (Dvorak). This seems to be interfering with how the editor handles the keyboard shortcut mappings. If this is the case for others, hopefully we can fix it for everyone. If not, there may be other issues happening as well.
  3. This might be simpler in a personal account situation, but the problem is more of a concern in an Evernote Business account. You could have the opposite issue from above where a user already has write access to a notebook, but then somebody in the business directly shares a note inside the notebook with read-only access, not knowing the user already had notebook permissions. We wouldn't want to restrict the user to read-only access if they have write access to the containing notebook. In this case, we could let the user trying to share the note know the recipient user already has higher privileged access to the note. Lots of things to consider. This is all still under development.
  4. "Shared With Me" is intended to be a history of all items that were ever shared to you, regardless of your current access. I think there are improvements we can make such as allowing you to filter out items that you no longer have access to. We're looking to improve the backend implementation of how this information is displayed. Once we have the new system in place that stores this info, we can improve the "Shared With Me" functionality. I'll put in a feature request ticket to allow filtering in the new system, but the current implementation wouldn't be able to support this feature.
  5. Another comment about complexity of multi-tier nested notebooks. It becomes a very complex problem when you are trying to calculate and apply permissions. For example, imagine a simple structure where you have "notebook A" that contains "notebook B" that contains "notebook C". You grant a user read access to "notebook C", but later grant the user edit access to "notebook A". Given that "notebook C" is contained within "notebook A", the write permissions should apply recursively down. So when the user tries to access something in "notebook C", we would walk the tree (notebook C --> notebook B --> notebook A), find the highest privilege in the tree structure (in this case: edit, not read), and apply it to the note they are editing in "notebook C". This same calculation would need to be done when displaying sharing information to the owner of the notebooks when viewing the "share sheet". Ideally, we would indicate when viewing "Notebook C" that the user has view permission on "notebook C", but inherits edit permissions from "notebook A". This is just one of many considerations when supporting nested notebooks. This isn't an issue in the current system since you can't set sharing permissions on a stack. So you only have notebook permissions or specific note permissions. We only need to check the permissions on the containing notebook when checking note permissions.
  6. This is something we've discussed at a high level, though I don't know where it lies on the priority list. We thought about having the equivalent of a symbolic link or shortcut for a note. A note would truly live in one notebook, but could be included in other notebooks via a shortcut. This would just be another entry in our entity database. The design starts to look a lot more like a typical directory structure like in Windows or Unix.
  7. @KDulcimer and @ehrt74, I am happy to help you debug this issue. If you can provide me exact system details including OS and browser version, this should help to reproduce the problem. Also, a screenshot of your web client window would be very helpful for me to understand what client you are using.
  8. This is exactly the implementation we are working on. We're building a separate system for maintaining entity relationships. This would allow complex, multi-tier relationships like nested notebooks. Performance is a factor that we are very aware of and working on improving. Calculating the full relationship graph/tree is quite complex. We're evaluating calculating and caching the graph based on initial access of one entity such that accesses of related entities would have a pre-calculated relationship graph. When we've completed and launched this service (pretty soon), we will be able to build the more complex features like multi-level nested notebooks on top of it. But, you first have to build the next generation architecture and its various components. That's what we've been working on this past year and will continue in 2020. This is balanced with launching new features and clients.
  9. @Dave-in-Decatur Good point on the hover dialog that displays the link. Since we should have that across all current and future clients, seems like a good excuse to pull the interim page.
  10. I'm going to put a ticket in for this issue so that it can get attention. Couldn't find any past decisions on it, but seems like we could add a checkbox on the page that says "Don't warn me again."
  11. Thanks @anirog for bringing this up. We updated the button to say "Use Template", but looks like we missed updating the help article. I'll get a ticket open to fix the text. Go ahead and click on "Use Template" and it will open up in Evernote as a new note.
  12. @Dr. Manuel Kuehner, as @PinkElephant mentioned, YXBJ is not intended to be used outside of China, so I don't think they have a need to provide a translated version of the page. Note that YXBJ was specifically spun out so it could provide for the unique needs of Chinese users. As part of the spin off, all supporting systems were moved into China. So the entire service and all data is hosted within China, on Tencent AFAIK. Please keep that in mind should you want to consider using it.
  13. Nothing worse than a developer that isn't well-fed. 🙂
  14. @DaJoLo Glad to hear the search results are improved and working. I'm not too familiar with the new Search, but I believe they are using some algorithms to determine relevance of the search suggestions. So I would hope that if you had anything other search keywords beyond the tag name, it would try to find the tags on the notes most relevant to the additional search term.
  15. @Flash G I was told by development that this has been fixed. Our QA team verified the fix, so please let me know if you continue to have any issues. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  16. @jonnyb Glad to hear clearing cache worked for you. The web client maintains state in the browser so that if you leave and come back, you don't have to sync down all your notes again. But in rare cases it's possible it can get into a weird state. The team is definitely aware and working to fix these kinds of issues. There's a major improvement coming in the future to how syncing will work and I'm pretty sure it will hopefully address a lot of this.
  17. And a follow-up. Reached out to the search team and they're looking into this in relation to another ticket I filed regarding errors we've been seeing since Friday, which seems to line up with when this issue started. It looks like changes they are making for our new search features may have broken specific functionality (i.e. sort orders) in older clients' search implementations. Hopefully it will be addressed soon. I'll keep an eye on the two tickets and let you know if I get an update.
  18. @Flash G Thank you for reporting this. I have filed a ticket for it. However, the team is 100% focused on the new web client and we are only making critical bug fixes in existing web clients. It's possible that this issue isn't client specific, though I'm unable to reproduce in the latest web client. I understand you are hesitant to use the latest version of the web client because it's still missing some features, but we're actively working to implement them and reach feature parity. That's our #1 goal.
  19. @DaJoLo Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I raised the issue with our search team yesterday and they jumped right on it. They told me this morning that this should hopefully be fixed already. Can you please validate and let me know if it is working for you? Also, please continue to send us any feedback you have. We very much appreciate it.
  20. I'm not 100% sure (I wasn't involved in this specific project), but I believe you will be blocked from accessing Evernote and be prompted to use https://www.yinxiang.com/, which was spun off from Evernote and is basically the same product, but serves China users.
  21. Hi @jigjoose. There are two different limits you are referencing: Upload limit: This is the amount of data you can sync to the Evernote service per month. Once you hit the limit, you won't be able to upload any further data until the limit is reset. Here's more info: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005827-FAQ-for-upload-limits Note limit: There is a limit on the size an individual note can be. Once you hit the limit, no further text or attachments can be added to the note. This will not reset unless you remove data from the specific note. If it's one big audio recording, there's not much you can do except create a new note for additional audio recording. Here's more info on account limits: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247
  22. @MissingNote As others indicated, if you are already logged into the account in an Evernote Client, you won't be prompted for the 2FA until you log out again. If you're concerned about already logged in devices having access after 2FA is enabled, you can always revoke access to the device: https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action
  23. Hi @Mariad. If you have the notes in multiple devices, that indicates that the notes have been sync'ed, so at least we know there wasn't an issue on the old computer. On your new computer, have you seen any changes? If you had a lot of notes, it might take time to download them to the local storage on the new computer. Can you provide more details on what you are running on the new computer? Mac/Windows? That can help with where to pull logs from to see if there's a problem pulling down the content from our servers.
  24. @Casper001 We've been sharing Behind The Scenes videos of the re-architecture work we're going through now. They give insight into the direction we're going and the type of improvements we want to make. Beyond that, the CEO has a mantra of "under promise, over deliver". We don't want to promise any specific changes or timelines and then disappoint if we miss those. With that said, I think our users will be pretty excited for a lot of the changes that are already in the pipeline.
  25. @Daniel Stimpson Thanks for following-up. I will let the IFTTT team know. Since the fix wasn't made on our side, we didn't have a formal review process to validate it. I assume they did on their side. Good to know it's working.
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