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  1. Yes, this is my exact problem. I have a feeling that if an update is made to a note when that green symbol is showing then that is when the problem occurs. It's terribly frustrating! That symbol can hang around for some time.
  2. I'm using Evernote on macOS and iOS. Over the last several weeks I have noticed that I get Notes conflicts on my iPad - two versions of the same note that are out of sync with 'something'. When I update a note on my iPad I notice a green 'refresh' symbol. I presume at this point Evernote needs to sync up with the sever. Am I supposed to click the green refresh symbol? Nothing seems to happen if I do. Some time later (usually within 30 seconds) the green refresh symbol disappears. If I close the app down entirely then sometimes when I reopen Evernote on my iPad I get two conflicting notes. Aside from the excruciatingly slow load times on both macOS and iOS, and slow Note sync times, this is one further issue that is making Evernote more and more unusable for me.
  3. I imagine that many Evernote users put information into Evernote that is far more personal and sensitive than they would ever put on Facebook, for example. This should be the litmus test of the level of security that should be implemented in Evernote. Forget all the fancy features that may be exploited by 1% of users, focus on the 100% of users - security of sensitive information. Get that right first, then enhance the product. Evernote should be more secure than social media applications, at the very least, and should be as secure as banking applications, in my opinion.
  4. This is good news. I had already started to use Apple Notes in parallel to Evernote, with a view to switching to Apple Notes shortly. I would like to see Evernote put security at the forefront of the customer experience. As so many have pointed out, entire Notebooks should be encryptable. There should be an option to review your security settings in Evernote - like a privacy check-up feature where you can implement additional layers of security. For example, I've just enabled two-factor authentication on my Facebook account in addition to reviewing which devices are authorised for logins and when and where my Facebook account was logged in to. These kinds of security features and audits would be good to have in Evernote. Any reduction in security should be an opt-in process, not an opt-out process. That would reassure me that Evernote takes the security of its users and user data seriously. As for testing, Evernote should be able to do this as part of its development process in-house and not with users' data.
  5. Massively disappointing news. I would have expected that paying for a software product would entitle me to greater security of my data, not less.
  6. I have a couple of Notes that I use for To-Do lists and shopping lists. I've always had the next number in the list displayed even when there's no entry for it. It makes it easy to add to the list. For example: Things To Do Wash car Feed dog This was working great up until Evernote 6.10 for Mac. I could open Evernote the next day and add item (3) and hit Enter and continue the list. What I've found now is that Evernote deletes a blank list entry upon sync. So, I would see this when I opened Evernote the next day: Things To Do Wash car Feed dog The blank entry number (3) has disappeared. Whilst that's not a great hardship, if the list becomes empty, thus: Things To Do Upon sync, Evernote reduces this note to just the heading: Things To Do This means that I now have to recreate a numbered list again. It's a bit of a pain as my headers are in a different format to the numbered list. How do I make numbered lists work like they used to (i.e. retain a blank numbered item at the end of the list)?
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