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  1. Wow. Kind of reeling with the thought of only 2 notebooks but intrigued. What is you main document storage platform and do you use the same methodology there? I use iCloud as my main storage and have thought about using EN for that but haven’t made that jump. ICloud supports tags.
  2. I agree with the blog post from the CEO said and I’m excited to hear it. The only thing I wished he had touched on was security. Specifically note level security. That’s the one thing that keeps me from putting more into EN. I don’t consider this a feature but a core requirement for an app like this. I guess a majority don’t share this concern and thats fine. I do like the rest of what he said. The app already had many of the features an app in this category should have. It also sets the expectation that new features will not be added this year. As I said my only disappointment with his message was security especially since that was such a big deal last year.
  3. I have seen this topic in the past but not recently and a search didn't come up with it. Clipper on Safari asks me to re log in virtually every time I open it. Has this been fixed and thats why I don't see a recent topic? It is still broken for me. Is there a fix I need to implement? I find myself using it less and less because it has become annoying. EN has hands down the best clipper and I want to use it more not less. Thank you in advance.
  4. I also really like the new format. I did not like the old format at all. The iTunes password bug is really annoying but I don't doubt it will be fixed. I would like to have more control over the font sizes of the application but besides that I think it is much easier to use.
  5. BIG improvement! I know other improvements are needed but this was a big step forward for me. The bar at the bottom is much easier to use than the home screen which I won't miss. Would like ability to adjust overall app font size but besides that, I'm really happy with the update.
  6. Any way we can get confirmation that this encryption at rest is happening now? That at least keeps hackers out doesn't it? And I'm not worried about google employees getting it. The cloud business as I understand it is different than the other businesses that mine data for advertising. In the cloud business they have to secure private companies data or the cloud business looses credibility and goes away. As for EN employees looking at my data 1) I encrypt data I don't want someone else to see and the rest I don't care if they see but would rather they didn't of course. Nothing interesting there. I opted out of ML because I couldn't care less about that and if they give me an option for them not to see my data I will choose it. it would be great to know if encryption at rest is in place right now though.
  7. That's a bit much for me. haha. I think I read somewhere that on the mac a copy of all my notes are stored anyway so if EN goes away I still have a copy? If not is there a easier/more manual way to back up to iCloud? (haven't explored how to use apple script at all) Do you know of any good products for Mac that do this? Thank you!
  8. I have read so much negativity lately from users reacting to the privacy policy and the move to google servers I feel the need to chime in but on a positive note. I understand the frustration and unhappiness. If you didn't care, you wouldn't be angry. I too gulped when I first read the emails outlining EN plans and thought about leaving. I was in a quandary because I had just completed a review of my options previous to this. OneNote has issues for the Mac user. I won't go into them here but there are many. Apple Notes has a continuing synch issue for the Mac and along with barebones functionality is a non starter for me. I have heard some talk about using Google Keep. Really? After complaining on this forum about Google? Evernote has functionality I need and use. When i read the new privacy policy I combed through my notes looking for info I wouldn't want to get out. Where I found it, I pulled the note and used Preview encryption on my Mac to encrypt the data. I then put the note back into EN and used tags and keywords to aid in finding the data later. If EN wants to read the rest of the data, they better bring a lot of coffee because they will be bored into oblivion. Be smart. If you don't want someone to even possibly see your data, encrypt it yourself. Why depend on someone else for that? It's easy, fast, and free. I want control of my sensitive information and I have it through existing tools. My biggest worry before this was "is EN going to be around in the future?" The new pricing plan was actually good news to me because I thought "okay, they have reviewed the path forward and now understand how to stay viable". I gladly paid to become a premium user. I use EN many times a day and for the price of 1 family dinner I can continue to use all the features for a year. No problem. Of course if the cost/benefit falls to the negative side, I will get serious about finding an option where the cost/benefit is positive. I'm not a blind follower. Right now, I'm concerned and keeping a close eye but still okay. I will continue to use EN until something better comes along or until they offend me to the point of leaving. I'm hoping that doesn't happen. Right now, EN is still the best option in my opinion and for my use. I take control over my data with my own encryption tools so I don't depend on them for that. I have added my vote for the features I want and hope EN looks at those things but for now I will still use it. Just wanted to add my support for those who are still positive on the product and it's future.
  9. Thank you for listening and changing this!! I really didn't want to leave EN. (premium user). I really didn't even have an issue upgrading to premium. I want the company to be around a long time and I don't mind paying for services I use and I use EN many times a day. I have to be able to trust it however. Full note and/or notebook encryption would be huge! Right now I use methods outside of EN to encrypt sensitive data before putting in EN but why force me out of the app to do this? That would be a huge step forward. Easy to explain to end users that encrypted data is not searchable. Let the user decide. As for other functionality? I don't need/want ML to anticipate what I want. I'm an adult and I can set my own reminders. I like it that way. My only real wish right now? The home screen font on the phone is tiny. Would like to be able to increase font and have more control over home screen. My adult man fingers have a hard time hitting the specific thing I want on the home screen. Other than that? Very happy and will stick with EN. I spent (wasted) all day yesterday looking for alternatives and really did not want to leave. Glad I can stay now. Everybody makes mistakes. I'm sure you won't make this one again.
  10. Well I think what happened was I read too much of others opinions at one point. "Evernote is going out of business", "Evernote is becoming Google", as well as the now 18 page post on this page "Evernote's Future is in the Cloud". I "panicked" a little bit as have many others judging by what I read and started to see if there was a safer replacement. While I think it is always a good idea to keep track of other options, I jumped to first Apple Notes, then OneNote and found them both seriously lacking. The hard part is committing to something you may have to leave in the future as every note you add is adding more work later on to move it out again. I applaud the renewed focus of EN though to the end user stripping out the areas that were taking focus from the core competency of the company. If the company has a focus on business as well as the end user, that's okay too. Many companies do such as Apple, Microsoft and many others. Just please dont forget us or leave us behind. I also dont have an issue paying $70 per year for an app I use multiple times a day. I spent $100 last night on a meal that wasn't worth it and that meal and that money is already gone. haha. I think what has happened that is good though is it has made me more conscious of what I put into EN. It's probably good that I don't 100% trust them. The good news is 95% of what I save is safe, if not boring, for others to see. I'm running it through the filter of "if this data were mined would it matter". The other 5% I keep in encrypted, safe, places. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks! Your replies are very helpful. So I assume from what you've said that you would not be concerned about the 3 situations I listed above. I had forgotten about the local notebook. Thanks for reminding me. All the stuff that I KNOW is sensitive either goes into 1Password either as secure notes or passwords or stays on my local hard drive. I was wondering about the situations I listed above though so I feel better now. Thanks. Refreshing to be back. Maybe the guys that complain about EN so much need to spend some time in other apps to really appreciate how well EN works. I know I appreciate it more now.
  12. I guess I have resigned myself to the fact that EN will be hosted on Google servers. I have conceptually resigned myself to the possibility of EN being owned by Google someday. Not optimal, I don't like it, but I have not found better options than EN for keeping my info. With this in mind I combed through my notes to see what a data miner might gleen from my information. Most of it is nothing I care if anyone else sees. Some of it, I'm not sure about so I thought I would ask your advice if the worst case happened and someone got access to my EN database. Would you encrypt the following types of documents? (I'm am not putting anything with my SS#, Passwords, Bank Account Numbers, or Credit/Debit Card Numbers in EN) documents with my home address in the document? car repair documents that have my home address and vehicle VIN number? Bills such as electric, gas, electric, etc.? Any others I didn't think of? I have to say after going to OneNote for Mac for a while and then coming back to EN I appreciate EN more than I did. This really is the best tool I think. I guess with limited encryption options within the app itself, I have to be careful what I put in it.
  13. May I ask what you use to encrypt your files?
  14. Question related to this. I have been devouring youtube vids on EN. One person who seems to do a great job is dottotech. He makes a statement in one of his vids "Evernote is very secure for items where security is not important." (sorry may be a little paraphrase even though I used quotes). This made me wonder if I should use EN as my repository for everything. Now I keep docs that have sensitive information like tax forms, etc in a secure vault in 1Password. I feel good about that. It looks like that same level of security is not possible in EN so I may need to leave those types of items there. I guess anything with a bank account number, SS#, or passwords. One thing I did see with the new CTO is that synch and back end security are 2 items he will be focused on so maybe some of this will change in the future. Thoughts?
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