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  1. Perfect!! That worked! Thank you. I was just playing trying to get the other one to work.
  2. thank you. so it would be reminderOrder.* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime.* ? to give uncompleted past reminders and todays uncompleted reminders? Unfortunately I cant test it right now because I dont currently have any past reminders and EN will not let me put a reminder in the past.
  3. I wonder if someone could help with this. I want saved search that brings up reminders due today and non completed reminders up to 7 days in the past. I have had instances where if I didnt complete a reminder on the day it was due it kind of drops off my list and I loose track of it. What I have so far is reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1 which give me a list of items due today. I would like all completed reminders not to show on my list. Thank you in advance. I have looked around but cannot find a way to do what I need.
  4. I guess I'm using a tag for this. I like the option you're using too though.
  5. Thank you. (using new version) Never noticed the No Date reminder option before. May I ask how do you use this? Also is there a way for me to see completed date/time for a task without AppleScript? That would be useful to me. Thank you.
  6. I'm glad I found this thread. I just came back to EN after spending a couple of years in apple notes. I didnt realize how much I missed basic features of EN. I too use tags as my organization. So much more flexible than notebooks. As to reminders, I love this feature in EN. I'm interested in the above however. What are "non dated reminders?" How does that work? ...and when I complete a reminder, there is a completion date? I dont see that. That would be useful. ....and due date is just the reminder date correct? This is a list of what I missed about EN. I dabbled in Notion but thin
  7. I agree with this. For me the issue is on IOS. iPhone 12.
  8. Suddenly it seems to have self corrected. Was going on for most of the day but now seems to be working. Not sure why but I'm not going to complain about it. Thank you for your help.
  9. Thank you. I just did this and it is NOT working on the web platform. I really cant figure out why! When I do the search function tag: errand, nothing even though the tag itself has (2) next to it so it knows there are 2 items with that tag. When I click on the tag, nothing on either web or phone.
  10. I am mystified by this one. I set up a tag on the mac called Errands. I assigned that tag to 3 notes. When i click on the tag itself those 3 notes display. When I go to the general search bar to search for the tag errands it does not come up as a tag. When I look at the IOS app, I see the tag Errands (3) on the tags list. When I click on the tag to bring up the notes associated with that tag nothing appears. If I try to do a general search on errands the tag does not come up. All other tags seem to be working normally. I am really confused by this one. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I am having the same issue as all above! EN is now completely unusable on my mac. I am on the latest version of Mac OS. Nothing seems to work. Pressing Restart or Quit does nothing but bring up the same error. When I forced quit as stated above I got many little Evernotes. Now I cannot open the app at all without the error immediately popping up. Please fix ASAP!!
  12. I am not allowed to quit the app, restart the app and force quit doesn't seem to affect it. This happened when I attempted to restore a note from trash. Not EN is completely unusable! The attached message is what I am getting. Pressing on Quit or Restart does nothing. EN seems to be working okay on my phone but is completely unusable on my mac. Help?!
  13. Really torn between using apple notes or EN which has so much more functionality. My perception maybe wrongly is that EN security is not as good because Apple does not have a business model of mining my data or sharing it and their privacy policies are fairly stringent. Thank you so much for your replies. I look to you users with thousands of notes and years of history for a level of comfort. When I read all the hoops you guys are going through on your own to protect data it made me pause.
  14. Should I think of it in terms of what I would throw in the trash? If I wouldn't mind throwing a document or paper in the trash it can go into EN. If I have a document that I would shred first that shouldn't go into EN? Really calls into question the usefulness of the app. Why use it if only non important data can go in there? To the hacker question. I assume by your concern that our data is not encrypted at rest? so if someone did hack the system, they would have non encrypted access to our data?
  15. Wow! Reading this topic does not make me feel good about using EN. Are you guys really that concerned with EN security? I keep my taxes and other super sensitive (banking or SS#) data in an encrypted vault in 1Password and just know that's where it is. Should I be concerned with other data being in EN?
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