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  1. Agreed, and I can confirm the issue exists in the desktop apps as well.
  2. You're absolutely right. In a recent interview (maybe even the same one?) he admits (somewhat reluctantly, it seemed to me) that he prefers filing into notebooks. Lots and lots of notebooks. He said he occasionally uses tags for something important which needs to live across multiple notebooks, but otherwise he's all about filing and not using tags.
  3. Realtime collaboration is a good guess. I'm sure that's on the list. A betting pool sounds like a great way to distract us all from the limitations of the current edition of the app.
  4. I think of it a little differently. I think the clients are going to start to further diverge very soon (it's already happened to an extent with e.g. the new editor). Evernote has spent the last 24 months rebuilding the core functionality of their apps. They have indicated that some features available in the legacy client are coming, e.g. Some polishing, sanding, and bug-squashing of existing features will hopefully also occur in parallel. Beyond that, we shouldn't count on them adding back any more existing features (although I'm sure there's a chance some will be added over time). However, the CEO has said repeatedly that they plan to have feature releases (my term) approximately every 3 months over the next year. They are moving from a philosophy of "remember everything" to "remember everything and accomplish anything." Having watched several interviews with the CEO and reading between the lines a bit, my guess is the first feature release will be focused on task management. Subsequent feature releases may offer some cool features which are getting a lot of buzz in competing apps, such as back-links, deep-links (link directly to a header within a note), outlining (collapse text under headers), perform actions in-line while typing with autocomplete (i.e. type #food in the note to automatically add a food tag, type #co to be presented with a drop-down list of tags that match such as "cooking" and "colorado"), and so on. So, if Evernote is able to deliver, roughly three months from now, the apps will diverge further, with the new apps gaining new functionality. In six months they will diverge even more. In twelve months the apps may be dramatically different. The legacy clients will certainly still have a few features which don't exist in the new clients, but the new clients should have a number of new capabilities that can only be accessed from the new clients (or the web). Only time will tell whether they are able to deliver and whether the new features will make up for the missing features.
  5. Yep. The communication stinks, as does the beta program management. Where are the staff posts updating us on known issues and upcoming releases? Why are the beta groups not being leveraged to test the recent patches before they go live? Why the lack of feedback and explanation to beta users who were surprised when "obvious" feedback was not incorporated? It's one thing to have a different vision and decide not to incorporate feedback received from beta users, but it's quite another to not communicate that difference in vision or priority to some of your most passionate users. A lot of bad feelings could have been avoided by simply responding to user posts in the forums and explaining why they were choosing a different direction or de-prioritizing some features.
  6. It seems intentional. Perhaps they think it will be easier and more profitable in the long term to focus on free users in order to try and see what might convince them to start paying for premium. This assumes, of course, that they can convert free users to premium faster than they will hemorrhage existing premium users. I'm not sure what else explains excluding power users from the preview/beta programs. I can't count the number of times people have posted on these and other forums wondering why they never got invited into the preview/beta despite years of experience with Evernote, years of experience beta testing software, and being among the first to sign up for the programs when announced.
  7. He's said in a different recent interview that he's a notebook person (he likes to file notes), and only rarely uses tags when necessary for a note which could otherwise live in multiple notebooks. He also appears to be a Windows / iOS guy, which might explain why Mac and Android seem to be getting a bit of short shrift compared to the pre-Ian-Small era, where the Mac and Android apps were (arguably) superior to Windows and iOS. 😕 Edit: As for the 2% of users use tags, when the denominator is the total population of all Evernote users, including the dormant or very occasional users who may have been invited to collaborate on a single note or only keep a handful of rarely updated notes, then I could believe that number. If one considers the population of active, heavy, paying users, I would imagine the percentage is much higher, high enough that I doubt they would ever consider getting rid of tags.
  8. The reason 10.x is not showing any notes is that it defaults to an "AND" search instead of the "OR" search in the previous version of Evernote (shows up as "Any" in the previous version). I don't have the link handy but there's a thread where this is being discussed in more detail and one of the Evernote designers seems to acknowledge it's an issue, so hopefully we'll see improvements soon.
  9. Unfortunately, there are no preference settings in the new apps. Presumably they will arrive at some point.
  10. @Tom Donohue Personally, I feel like filtering on a parent tag should not include any child tags by default "even in an 'OR'" configuration. My gut tells me I'm more likely to try and filter notes that only contain the parent tag than I am to try and see every note which could include any of the child tags. Whichever way you go (default child tags in "OR" or no child tags), it would be useful to be able to do the opposite in a quick way for advanced users. Something like a shift-click on the parent tag (or Cmd-click or some other modifier) to automatically include/exclude the child tags
  11. Yes, it appears that when clicking to filter on a top-level tag that the new app tries to search on ALL the child tags at the same time! When I first experienced that I was sure it was a bug, but it's persisted through several updates so it seems it may have been a (misguided) design decision. In my opinion searching on a top-level tag should ONLY search that top-level tag. Hopefully we can get some visibility on this so that they consider changing it in the future.
  12. Click on the "Tags" header on the left panel to open a tag-specific view which includes the number of notes per tag. This view also allows for renaming, deleting, editing, and re-organizing tags. Does that help? I personally prefer not having the number of notes per tag listed in the sidebar as it reduces visual clutter.
  13. It's probably a bug, or a series of bugs, or something specific to your account or your computer. I agree that the new software is not as snappy and responsive as the legacy software, but I'm seeing maybe 1.5 - 2 seconds from clicking on a tag and seeing a filtered list of notes. The difference between my 1.5 - 2 seconds and your 8 seconds is massive, and if you contact support I would hope they would want to see some of your log files and try and figure out what is going wrong for you.
  14. You can use ⇧ ⌘ C to toggle checklists instead. It's not exactly the same as the old checkboxes, but I think checklists are superior for most use cases.
  15. Same here. I checked the logs and the logs state that it's a staged rollout that is so far only being offered to a small percentage of the total user base. This is quite typical when rolling out new software updates to catch unexpected problems early and avoid overwhelming support staff. But, it's also frustrating for users who are aware of a new version and wish to upgrade right away in order to fix a bug or get access to an eagerly anticipated new feature. What Evernote should do IMHO is have the "check updates" menu option override the staged rollout. This is, for example, how Google handles Android operating system software updates. Google will slowly roll out Android software updates over the course of a few weeks, but anyone that wants it right away can get it by manually checking for updates. In the meantime, I manually downloaded the latest as I had hoped it would solve some my pain points with the new Evernote.
  16. I just tested this in the latest 10.1.4, and it still defaults to "Relevance" (which should actually be more accurately named "IRRELEVANT" in my experience) after every search. Which blows my mind, and not in a good way. How hard is it to remember the last search sort and use that every time?!?!
  17. There is a new UI for multi-selecting notes and merging or assigning tags. I quite like the new merge interface, which allows one to re-order the notes and choose whether to keep copies of the original notes or not. There is similarly a new interface for bulk assigning tags, but I'm not a fan of it - it's a bit fiddly IMO compared to the legacy app which had a very clean interface for bulk-assigning tags.
  18. I 100% agree. The search experience in the new apps is much worse for me due to odd design decisions and the lag it takes for searches to update to reflect changes in notes and tags. The legacy app was delightful in terms of how quickly searches were returned and how quickly search results would update (i.e. in near-real-time) as new notes were clipped or emailed in, or tags changed on existing notes. The new app is decidedly NOT delightful when it comes to search, despite what the CEO seems to think (given recent interviews where he says the new search is delightful).
  19. As I said, I applied months ago (probably the first day or two after the program was unveiled) and only recently was invited to test Android. I know this can't have been your decision to structure it this way, but I find the process for signing up and being "selected" very opaque and frankly quite irritating. Why isn't the beta selection process first-in first-out (FIFO)? Most other beta programs of which I've been a part of favor a FIFO method for selecting participants. And even if there are strong reasons for not doing it that way, every beta program that I've ever seen at least tends to strongly favor selecting participants who signed up earliest.
  20. @MrIllustrator Evernote notes* have always live in the cloud, they just also lived on your PC, assuming you had a PC. The mobile clients worked a little differently. The old clients are well understood by the community - we know exactly how and where notes are stored, how they sync, the benefits and limitations, etc. The new apps change how they store and sync notes, and the community is still developing an understanding of exactly how they work. Your notes still live in the cloud, and to some extent they are also stored on your PC for offline use. Whether this is a 100% copy of your entire cloud database without any size restriction is, to my knowledge, still unknown. The lag you are experiencing might be a side-effect of the new architecture, or could be a side-effect of your notes not fully syncing to your PC, or (perhaps more likely) could simply be a bug. Would encourage you to reach out to support, particularly if you can repeatedly recreate the situation where things take multiple seconds to load. *The legacy desktop apps included a "local notebook" option which kept notes entirely local to your PC, but this is not how most people tend to use Evernote.
  21. Sidebar collapsed. Thank you for confirming it will be fixed in the next update. Quick question, if you don't mind: do beta users get access to minor updates faster than the masses? If so, is there any way to still get added to the Mac beta? I'm in the Android beta but most of my EN use is on Mac. I applied to the Mac beta program several months ago, when the Preview program was first introduced (and since re-applied when the Preview program turned into a Beta program). Also, tangentially related to search, I have this design feedback:
  22. I agree, I don't think it's an improvement to require enter to load the note, but it is clearly designed to work this way as stated by the product manager in comments in these forums. Putting on my speculation cap, I suspect that the new app loads notes significantly more slowly than the legacy app (I haven't measured but it certainly feels like this is the case), and this slower loading is probably much more noticeable when quickly arrowing through a list of notes. It probably makes the app feel extremely sluggish, so the solution they came up with is to simply not load a new note until the user performs an affirmative action (i.e. the enter key). Increasing the performance of the app would perhaps allow this issue to be solved, but it may not be feasible to sufficiently improve the app's performance to go back to the way it was in the legacy app. Alternatively, one possible design change would be to use a "pause" as an indicator that the user wishes to load a note. That would allow a user to rapidly arrow through a list of notes without the app feeling sluggish, and then when a user pauses on a note (for some short period of time, perhaps 1 second) Evernote could then load the note automatically without needing an enter key.
  23. Neither the menu option "Edit > Search Notes" nor the shortcut ⌥⌘F (Option-Command-F) does anything. I tried quitting and restarting the app, as sometimes it gets into a non-responsive state, to no avail. Anyone else having this issue?
  24. Evernote staff has confirmed elsewhere in the forums that this is by design. We need to hit "enter" on a different note in order for the selected note to load. I suspect (just my speculation) that this is for performance reasons.
  25. It's definitely possible. Not sure what the OP meant, but as you said other Electron-based apps have preferences which may be configured and there's no reason to believe that Evernote won't get them too.
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