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  1. Hmmm. I'm curious, what did you do to fix the "older" problem? I tested it again yesterday and is still an issue for me. Doesn't bother me much though, as I don't clip much from Gmail and the workaround is easy. I've got a long list of much bigger fish to fry.
  2. I can repro this 100% of the time, in case that helps to narrow down the issue. I also have an easy workaround - triggering the clipper a second time will then recognize the email. If I refresh Gmail (or close Gmail tab and later reopen it), the process repeats.
  3. Although this is all true, it's good software development practice to do staged rollouts. These are supported on the iOS app store as well (I believe they call them phased rollouts), although I don't currently use Evernote on iOS so I don't know whether Evernote are utilizing them. What IS different on the Google Play store (and something that I wish they would copy from the iOS App store) is that users who have not been selected to be in the current stage can not force an update to the latest version without resorting to side loading. In contrast, my understanding is that if someone hears about an app update on iOS, even if the staged rollout has not reached them yet, they can launch the app store and choose to manually update the app right away.
  4. Thanks. Do you use the Google keyboard, Gboard on iOS? It's a feature that's native to the keyboard (at least on Android, I'm not sure whether the iOS version of Gboard has the same feature). If you have the time and inclination, feel free to install and give it a test. I'd be very curious whether the capitalization feature works in other apps (mail, notes, etc.) and whether the same bug occurs on Evernote for iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gboard-the-google-keyboard/id1091700242
  5. If you were not automatically migrated to the new Personal account, then you are probably on a discounted plan, so the same thing I wrote applies. Evernote could have forced you to upgrade to the latest plan at the latest price, but they've allowed you to stay at your previous rate. An occasional request to upgrade to the latest and greatest doesn't seem too bad to me, in exchange for the discount you are receiving. And PinkElephant has suggested a way of making the popups go away (at least for a while).
  6. Sad news, but thanks for confirming. In the meantime, I'm going to keep evangelizing this feature, as I think it's amazing and probably not as widely known as it could be.
  7. I'm curious whether the "fixed the back button" bug is related to the "swipe to go back" bug. I'd be happy if the swipe to go back bug were fixed, but I'm not holding my breath until I have 10.17 installed and can test it myself. Also, no mention of the most annoying bug (for me) that has been present for over a year (link below to a description of this bug). I'm looking forward to testing 10.17 once the staged rollout reaches me, but not feeling very optimistic...
  8. In fairness, the slow, seemingly inexorable decline seems to have plateaued this year. That's something. If they keep improving the app, perhaps it will start slowly creeping back up.
  9. What kind of account do you have? If it's a Plus account, I think it's reasonable from their point of view, even though I can see why it would be annoying. I'm sure they are planning to do away with the Plus plan eventually, and in the meantime they want to convince as many people as possible to move to a "current" plan.
  10. I agree, this is annoying. As you may know, the legacy Android app allowed re-ordering and re-taking of scanned images prior to importing them into a note. I hope they bring back that functionality in the v10 app.
  11. I don't, sorry. Could have been on these forums, on Twitter, or elsewhere. If I remember correctly, the general context was that the CEO was running an M1 Mac and they were testing an M1-native version.
  12. Evernote staff have mentioned that it's being tested, so it should be coming in the not-too-distant future.
  13. That's good news, thanks @Jay-Bob. Can you comment whether the next web clipper release will fix the bug related to Gmail emails with pdf attachments? Attempting to clip an email from Gmail will include the email and purport to include the pdf attachment in Evernote, but the pdf will not function like a "normal" pdf. It can't be viewed inline, can't be marked up, and so on.
  14. Thanks so much @Scott T.! I'm happy to know it's on the list to eventually(?) get fixed. If you find out anything more from the product manager, I would appreciate it. This bug has been around for over a year (pre-release, as I mentioned) and it's quite frustrating to "forget" that I can't use this feature in Evernote due to muscle memory of using this all the time in Gmail and other apps, and then to find my selection is deleted.
  15. Bug still exists in v10.15, to which I was recently upgraded. @Scott T.I'm not sure if this is your area, but I see you regularly logging and acknowledging bugs and would love if you could confirm if this will ever be fixed. It's been a reproducible bug since the original Android v10 beta (before public release). Thanks.
  16. Bug is also present on Android. The speed at which Evernote is beginning to develop new features is heartening. Now, if only they could increase the speed they squash known (and reproducible) bugs!
  17. This bug still remains in v10.12 (confirmed myself), and per @agsteeleeven still exists in v10.13, to which I have yet to be updated.
  18. That's good news. Would you mind testing the "highlight a word and tap the shift key to cycle capitalizations" and see if it still deletes the word? Thank you!
  19. Agreed on both counts. The Android app is important to me, so I canceled my Premium subscription until they bring it up to snuff.
  20. Evernote decided not to re-implement presentation mode in v10. Perhaps they will change their mind one day. Personally while I can live without it, I did find it quite useful on occasion. If it's important to you, you can run Evernote Legacy and use presentation mode there: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  21. That's bad. Suggest you open a support ticket to make sure Evernote sees this and hopefully improves it in a future update.
  22. It's true that several big-name Electron-based apps are not yet M1-native, but several are. To name just a few: Typora Slack VS Code Github Desktop Wordpress Desktop So clearly it's possible to do, but Evernote doesn't particularly stand out as a laggard just yet. Hopefully more apps (including Evernote and other Electron-based apps) get optimized soon.
  23. I wrote about this use case in the Tasks thread, with my comment linked below. Based on the likes and replies my comment received, I think it's a popular use case!
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