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  1. Thank you! Do these new features play nicely with non-beta versions of the mobile and desktop apps? (Specifically Mac and Android in my case.) If there are any major limitations to be aware of when moving back and forth between the new editor on web and desktop/mobile that would be very helpful to know.
  2. I am super pumped to see these improvements roll out to Android... It's been over four months; any update that you can provide @Sahand? Has the beta testing process begun for mobile apps? (I know it has for web). Thanks!
  3. Are there any release notes for the new editor? I recently discovered that the new editor has checklists for example (excited about that feature once it syncs properly to the apps), and I wonder what other "new" features I might be overlooking.
  4. Thanks for weighing in! Unfortunately, did not receive an email, nor do I see any noticeable changes to the web editor. (No search suggestions when I type in the search box, for example.) Is there any way of confirming my enrollment in the beta program? Thanks!
  5. Happy to see another video released and happy to see real functionality demonstrated. The Evernote team had seemed to go "dark" for a couple of months since the last video, and I was starting to get a little concerned that perhaps they had hit some major snags (or worse). The last time EN went dark for a few months there was a management and strategic shake-up... Could we get an update on the beta program(s)? Many users on these forums and on Reddit indicate they have signed up for the Beta for multiple platforms and not heard anything from EN. I count myself among that population. May indicated that these changes will be rolled out soon to a small population who are testing the new web experience and that the apps would get it "in time." That's all fine and good, but can we get an update on the beta testing for the apps? Are any of those in preview mode yet, and if not yet, could we get an indication of when? Are we talking most likely not until 2020? Thanks and keep up the good work.
  6. It's missing some old features, but it also has NEW features, so win some, lose some? Hopefully most if not all of the missing features will be added in time. Regardless, all indications are that Evernote considers it currently in good enough shape to begin putting it into beta versions of the apps for testing...
  7. Just thought I'd chime in and let you know that with the new editor, there is no difference! The exact same editor is planned to be rolled out across web, desktop, and mobile applications. It's easier to iterate and test on the web so that's where they started, but now that it's in reasonably good shape it supposedly will start showing up in new beta releases for the various applications. Hopefully soon, although I have not seen any timeline except that they have started recruiting for the beta programs...
  8. I was just browsing the forums looking for any sign of whether some new behind-the-scenes videos or blog posts would be launching soon. Hopefully someone in the know replies to this thread...
  9. Were you invited to test a beta or preview version of Evernote? Because I was under the impression this feature is still in development.
  10. I wonder whether encryption (by the user) of notes and notebooks is being factored into the currently in-development syncing architecture and new software clients? The available option of encrypting bits of text within a note feels very half-baked. I'm hoping that the reason this feature hasn't yet appeared on the new web beta is that encryption is being completely re-thought and re-architected behind the scenes. Here's hoping, at least...
  11. This looks fantastic. My only question is when can I get access to those beta features!!! (I have signed up for new beta.) If it works as well as demo'd across a large majority of web sites and syncs properly across devices, this will be the first seriously impressive new feature in years.
  12. Thanks for the additional details. I wonder if Evernote would consider doing more technical deep dives down the road for those users who are interested? There used to be a technical Evernote blog but it seems to have been phased out about 18 months ago. Good to see you participating in these comments and hope to see additional Evernote staff including senior leadership participate.
  13. I'm enjoying this web series but I would have enjoyed this one more with significantly more technical details. I also would have appreciated some forward looking information. For example, what challenges are the infrastructure team looking to tackle next? Are there additional user facing features which will be made possible in the future due to this change (or other planned infrastructure changes)? Such as syncing improvements? Etc.
  14. Am I the only one a little disappointed that there's no senior person from Evernote participating in these comments? I was very impressed when the CEO himself responded to several comments from the first video's forum thread, as it really helped reinforce the impression that Evernote is becoming more responsive and that they are listening and considering all the feedback. I'm sure there are Evernote people reading this thread and I would love to see them ocasionally respond thoughtfully to some of the best feedback that their loyal users are providing.
  15. Love the video series and I'm getting increasingly hopeful that Evernote is heading in the right direction. I do want to add a +1 to showing tags by default somewhere in the vicinity of the notebook. It will be a big loss if they are not visible by default.
  16. Never claimed they were about to expire. My only claim is that there is evidence they are struggling, and that it's worth keeping an eye on. In fact, the next major article just dropped today, with news of a 15% layoff. The CEO does claim in an internal email that they are "financially stable" and have grown this year, so that is comforting news. More news dropped today: https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/18/evernote-just-slashed-54-jobs-or-15-percent-of-its-workforce/ Public blog post going up tonight or tomorrow with the public spin on this news.
  17. There are a lot of articles and some tweets from silicon valley folks, but it seems everyone is using a TechCrunch article from two weeks ago as the primary source. What's interesting to me (as someone who keeps abreast of silicon valley news and has an idea how this usually works) is that typically, news creates news. That is, once that TC article came out, everyone with Evernote and private equity contacts would be trying to sniff out additional details of the story, contacting the executives who have departed to try and get their perspective, and so on. Two weeks since that article, nothing else has been published. I'm guessing there are stories that are in-progress and yet to be published, but I would have expected independent confirmation by now. However, I still think there's a good chance the story is true (or mostly true), as if it were not true Evernote could have publicly refuted it, or if they didn't want to do so publicly (because publicly refuting a negative story can attract negative attention), they could have planted a story with another publication which corrected the situation. That they haven't done so means that the Evernote press relations / marketing dept. is either asleep at the wheel or that there is a fire smoldering behind the smoke.
  18. Yes, that was about 18 months ago, but there are indications that plans have changed, which Evernote themselves said could happen: https://venturebeat.com/2017/02/13/never-say-never-evernote-says-it-has-no-plans-to-take-on-more-vc-money/ Another big tell that things are not going according to plan is that not only has Evernote still not gone public, but they have not even announced a timeline for going public. An IPO is, of course, the ultimate goal for investors which started investing in Evernote over ten years ago. Anyway, I am hopeful that they are still investing in the product and that they will make good on the teasers back in February and March regarding adding more "voice" capabilities in 2018. Still a few months left to make good on that promise... Speaking of promises, has Evernote made good on any of the CEO's predictions for 2018? Serious question, I don't follow Evernote developments on platforms that I don't use...
  19. I would also add that there are rumors that Evernote has never been and is still not profitable, and that they are currently seeking new funding at a reduced valuation. Add all of these indicators up and it's understandable that some people are a bit concerned, but I wouldn't say that it's time to panic or make any rash decisions.
  20. Isn't it interesting that almost five days later no one at Evernote has chimed in on this topic, either on an official channel (Blog, etc.) or in this thread? It might be a very deliberate strategy (i.e. avoid attracting more attention to a negative subject, even if the 'death spiral' claim could be easily refuted). Or, it could be because there isn't anything good to say, and they are furiously trying to figure out the next move. a) is fine, b) not so much.
  21. I figured I would bump this thread. Has there been any more news on Evernote's plans for voice?
  22. According to LinkedIn, the individual was brought on board to Evernote as of September 2017. I wouldn't expect v.1.0 to be nirvana, but it would be nice to start seeing some more advanced voice recording features start to get rolled out. I realize these things take time and I'm just champing at the bit. Just wanted to get a little awareness and discussion going as I think this could be the biggest and most impactful feature Evernote rolls out in 2018. Thanks for pointing that out - I've updated the link above. I agree, the need to be cross-platform probably adds significant challenges. I also agree it's also possible that the Cassette codebase didn't go to Evernote - the product manager's LinkedIn said he joined Evernote as part of Cassette's "exit," which implies it may have been purchased by Evernote, but is vague enough that it's possible that it was not. Even if it was purchased by Evernote, Evernote seems committed to working in the Google Cloud, so if Cassette didn't leverage the Google Cloud there might need to significant re-work of the back-end. Anyway, I'm very excited about this technology and looking forward to seeing what Evernote does with it.
  23. Four months ago, a blog post with the above subject was posted to the Evernote tech blog. This blog post describes hiring an individual who wrote an app that performs automatic voice transcription, and Evernote's plans to incorporate this technology into Evernote. As described in the article, the potential reads like something out of a science fiction: The blog post ends with: In the intervening four months, have there been any more discussions, announcements, or event hints about voice-related features along these lines? The capabilities described in this post would be groundbreaking and I can't wait to try them out. If anyone from Evernote is reading, I volunteer to be a beta tester!
  24. Am I missing something? I think it should be a serious consideration. They don't have to adjust their method of processing if they're willing to pay $14.99/month for Evernote business. It's all a question of how much they value continuing to use Evernote the way they always have while exceeding the 250 notebook limit of the consumer plans. For some people, $180/year (or possibly less if there are discounts available) wouldn't be excessive for the value they would derive.
  25. Agreed. Release notes should ideally list the major known issues.
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