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  2. Thanks for your answers. Yes, OneNote is very suitable for that. My problem is the future... Microsoft changed OneNote to force saving on their cloud. The law at our country does not allow pupils to use such a storage. So I have to find a good alternative.
  3. @markjl It's on our list and being actively looked at right now. I can't give a date for implementation, but we're definitely not forgetting it.
  4. Is there any other option to quickly add new notes? I usually need to create notes, that are subsequently open as browser tabs. Support for the web-client has recently grown more important for me, as I am given a Linux-PC at work. My workflow usually is: Create new note. Push evernote URL to another device (e.g. home-pc) with Pushbullet. This works reasonably well with Google Keep, but that solution suffers from how easy it is to accidentially close a note and from Google Keep not updating tab titles. It works less well with evernote, where the crucial "create new note" step isn't quite as fast.
  5. Hi @jefito and thanks for your script. Could you please try and address JMD63's issue ? I have exactly the same problem. When I try to backup my notebooks with your script, all those who have accentuated characters (ex : "é") are simply NOT saved, which is obviously a big problem. The problem seems to come when fetching a notebook's name $name = $reader.ReadLine() , because when that name is displayed "Backing up " + $name + "..." , it's already displayed incorrectly in the console. And ultimately the corresponding file is not saved to my hard drive. So if I have 12 notebooks but 2 of them have accents, I will end up with only 10 saved files. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  6. My guess is that you created a new account. Log out, then log in with the original userid/password. >>migrate all my data from the old one to the new We don't "migrate" our Evernote data. Simply log in with the correct userid/password and you have access to your data
  7. Hi. Your Evernote content is not fully present on your iPad; AFAIK all you have is a search index, plus some temporary content for recently viewed and non-synced notes. Your 'parent' database is stored online at Evernote.com. I'd suggest you uninstall Evernote from the iPad, then reinstall the app and log in with your usual user details; Evernote should refresh your index and restore access to your notes. (You'll also have access online by signing into Evernote.com)
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  9. As noted in this thread - It wasn't an issue in Mac and I tried to replicate the issue on my Windows laptop without success; so no - AFAIK no-one is currently trying to 'fix' this. You could try raising the issue with Support on Twitter to see if they can help...
  10. Hi. Not sure how your email address could have been compromised, but AFAICS your only option is to reach out to Support to reset your account. There's a 'guest' option here to raise a query by email, or you could try Twitter.
  11. DTLow

    Evernote 7.12 Beta 1

    There's no public support by Evernote for these beta versions
  12. kahleeb

    Evernote 7.12 Beta 1

    Where is a link to download a web clipper that will work with macOS Catalina and Safari 13? The old plugins for Safari don't work on the beta version of MacOS.
  13. I have this same problem pasting between notes or even within the same note. It will not paste the formatting - whether bold or in my case when text contains a link. Pasting into another program like Bear preserves the formatting. Ridiculous. I'm using Version 7.10 (457743 App Store).
  14. Another way to do it in (August 2019) is to go to "Format" / Tables > / Table Properties / Cell Background Color" and choose the desired colour from there. Then click OK and you're done.
  15. I’m blown away that this bug still exists in Aug 2019. I’m taking notes at a conference on my iPhone and every few minutes I want to add a note. Of course the phone times out after about 1 minute. I unlock the phone and for about a 1/2 second, the note appears to be ready to use. I start to type but then the app refreshes and my cursor goes away and I have to tap and then scroll down to the bottom. Is this actually in the queue to be fixed? I’m a premium subscriber and with Apple’s big update to iOS and reminders etc, it may be time for a change.
  16. I know Evernote integrates with Salesforce.com and in fact I used that integration a while back. I am wondering if there are any current plans to develop a similar integration with Zoho CRM. I would use Evernote a lot more for my customer notes (meetings, account planning, etc.) if I could have them inside my CRM. Thank you!
  17. Ah yes, green on black! I think I did move up to amber on black at one point. I also had a pre-Windows word processor that used yellow on dark blue. I don't know if it's good for me, but the fact is that I feel more like I'm writing with a paper-like white background.
  18. This issue happens with Mac as well. I have o idea how to stop it but its very distracting.
  19. You can go back to the current web version with tags in their proper place by clicking on you user symbol in the upper left and selecting Switch to older version of Evernote.
  20. When I started with computers, all we had was dark mode: First came green on black, then (a revolution, one needed a special permit to get one of these) amber on black. The first screen with nice black on white was my first Macintosh SE, back then. But whoever wants dark mode - maybe some of the old CRTs are still selling on Ebay ... you just need to find a converter for the monitors plug. HDMI or DisplayPort will not do !
  21. With the iOS app it is possible to annotate an imported pdf using apple pencil, and save it back again. With the possibilities of the Windows mobile / convertibles I am not familiar. But I think that annotating a pdf with the pen should be possible there as well. EN itself will not allow to mix text and handwriting into one single note. What can be done is making one note with the text and attachments, and a link to a second note, containing handwriting. But to be honest this is one field where OneNote is probably better suited.
  22. Sorry, that was pretty snarky. I do recognize that dark mode is in fact a deal-breaker, essentially a health-and-well-being issue for some people.
  23. Evernote Tags It's a design decision: not a bug or technical issue I moved the discussion to the feedback forum
  24. If you make it a shortcut, Ctrl+1-9 will work... Ctrl+1 goes to the first shortcut (etc...)
  25. Hi. We're a mainly user-supported Forum Evernote is currently working on updating and upgrading its editor, though they haven't shared any details of their planned improvements. At present mixed typed/ handwritten notes are not possible except by using third party applications or including images of handwritten sections in otherwise typed text. If you open a dialogue direct with Evernote via Twitter at @EvernoteHelps or maybe chat with some of the others in Education here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/244-education/ you may be able to get some suggestions...
  26. Sorry, Paul, but the blog reads like a don't convert to me. Going from pothole group E to pothole group O. That and "...organizing on the EN side is easier...". How is it going to be when you organize in the future on ON? If you think the juice is worth the squeeze, best wishes and I hope it works well for you.
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