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Android app crashes on opening 10.5 and 10.6

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I have evernote app on my android (android 10 on sony), and it stopped working after update 10.5. I was hoping the next update would solve it but it didn't (10.6). I try to open the app, there's a splash screen for 1 second and then nothing. On the second try I get the message "evernote keeps stopping".

Tried: uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling. No luck.

Submitted a crash report too, through google play.

Can I install an older version of the app? Where can I find it?

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Hi there,

Are you offline when the app crashes?

The reason I ask is that we are working to address a known issue with the app crashing when the device is offline:


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29 minutes ago, juneloon said:

I uninstalled Web View and rebooted and still have the problem.

We fixed it by un-installing updates to Webview, not uninstalling the app completely, is that what you did? I would have thought this is not an app you can uninstall. 

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It may have just uninstalled the updates as it's still in my list and says “Update," but there was definitely an "uninstall" option in addition to remove updates. Different terms for same thing?

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Same error "evernote keeps stopping" on my Motorola. Evernote opens one milisecond, then closes itself.
None of the solutions here worked. Updating or installing Chrome and Web View did'nt do anything.

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WhatsApp crashes every time it launches on Samsung A71 - Android 10.  I've uninstalled Android Webview, then updated it and Chrome.  Nope - nothing works.  I've tried several times ... deleting Google Play data...uninstalling and updating Android WebView...uninstalling/updating Chrome again.  Rebooting the Samsung, and then relaunch WApp.  Nope - same crash occurring.  This SUCKS!!

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