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  1. Same issue Android shows the error "evernote keeps stopping" since the last couple of days. Moto G100, Android 11 - Evernote 10.9 (Apr 28th 2021); Android Webview 90.0.4430.9 (Apr 26th 2021) - I cannot see the last update listed so I cannot remove update
  2. thanks for the clue and - I am posting this just in case: one needs to give the newly installed EN10 time to sync all the notes. I had thousands andfive min wasn't enough, but after leaving my PC quiet with EN open it's working and now I can read all my notes even without network
  3. mmh yes I still have that in the setting in my Android phone but seems not to work as it used to prior to the last update. Also I cannot find setting in the EN10 for my Win PCs - it will probably take some time but they could have provided a smoother upgrade for sure!
  4. you are right. when disconnected from internet and restart I can still see all my notes but most of them title only - not contenct - unless they had been opened once in EN10. However, reopening them with legacy EN6 I can read them all. Same with Android. (I have no Apple's PCs though) looks like either they find a way to sinc properly and store the whole note locally if we wish or I'll need to go back to legacy EN
  5. Just upgraded to EN10 from EN6 (Win) and read that warning with horrow "Local (unsynced) notes are no longer supported". However, luckily, it's not what I thought. My notes, including the ones done in the new version, are uploaded but they are still available locally (I mean, if I disconnect from the Internet). What does thatstatement mean, then?
  6. Just downloaded Microsoft OneNote for Mac office preview 15.8. You can personalize notebooks with COLORS! Evernote act quickly before I find an easy way to import evernote notes into onenote!
  7. Thanks Marcus I reverted to the previous notebook view; I am posting just in case you don't collect information on our preferences. Actually, I'd like to be able to customize the notebook view adding colors to the notebooks in the "non-improved view".
  8. I am not sure that this way of forcing us to use word chat as the easiest way to share notes so we force others to have Evernote to be able to read a word chat is the best way to go. It is a marketing decision rather then a decision made to make our life easier. Even when you receive a dropbox link you are given the choice of download the file (for non users) or put it in your dropbox folder if you are a user. I am a premium user but I am actively looking into alternatives.
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