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  1. Just downloaded Microsoft OneNote for Mac office preview 15.8. You can personalize notebooks with COLORS! Evernote act quickly before I find an easy way to import evernote notes into onenote!
  2. Thanks Marcus I reverted to the previous notebook view; I am posting just in case you don't collect information on our preferences. Actually, I'd like to be able to customize the notebook view adding colors to the notebooks in the "non-improved view".
  3. I am not sure that this way of forcing us to use word chat as the easiest way to share notes so we force others to have Evernote to be able to read a word chat is the best way to go. It is a marketing decision rather then a decision made to make our life easier. Even when you receive a dropbox link you are given the choice of download the file (for non users) or put it in your dropbox folder if you are a user. I am a premium user but I am actively looking into alternatives.
  4. seems like we are now offered as a main choice to use "work chat". Most of the time I email notes to others. On my Android phone that is very easy, just touch the upper right of the note and have the option "email a copy". In Mac I have to go to the menu, submenu etc (note>more sharing>email note) and email ids the ladt option after chat, twotter, facerbook, linkedin). Or control-click on the note in note list but not the note open, to get the same list of submenus. Or do I miss something? Would it be possible to customize the toolbar in 6.0.2 so that I can put "email" instead of "workchat" so my favorite option is just one click away?
  5. Also downgraded. Also had a look to an alternative and downloaded Google Keep, will give it a try, anyone knows if there is a way to use it to save webpages and not just notes? I wish the Evernote engineers did not waste their time messing around with the look and feel but and tried to give us some real improvement. For instance, the Mac OS application does not zoom in and out images in notes with the standard Mac command "cmd +" and "cmd -". I am sure it works well on a touchscreen, although I don't have an apple tablet of phone it works well on my android phone, but not on a Mac with a keyboard...
  6. Ugly. First time I saw this I immediately thought something went wrong and Evernote was not loading its colors. But looking at the settings there is no way I can add something to this skeleton look. Grey fonts on gray background is what I tell my students to avoid! How is it so difficult to give us 10 different looks-and-feels like any other software. Plus I liked the "moleskine-style" notebook we had before. I understand companies have to change things to make them look newre and refreshed but it would be nice to have options, at least for paying users.
  7. I just started using the "document camera" feature of my android phone. I have two issues: 1) on my Android Phone (4.1.2) , the picture of a A4 sheet appears stretched while I am taking it, although then shows up ok when taken; 2) When I look at the picture on my Evernote for Mac (last beta) and click of the picture, by default the pic is very large - I can't see the full sheet. And the usual Mac shortcut Command-minus does not zoom out. Any fix?
  8. I have the option to update to betas, worked all the time in the past but this morning (9am GMT, 9th August) just tried to update automatically, it downloads all the file but then I get an error "An error occurred while extracting the archive. Please try again later." I had to download from link provided in this thread and that worked. Mac os Yosemite.
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