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  1. Joe, I agree. I would like to choose whether strikethrough is shown or not. By having the formatting of the boxes / list determined by what type of "carriage return" you use is not all that smart.
  2. I've not been able to convert my checklist back to a list with checkboxes - probably due to the bulleted list and indenting in which it is found. It'll just be easier to live with it. If I was to create another list with checkboxes, I found you can use the "Shift-Enter" key combination at the end of each line. No need for a "space" before the checkbox.
  3. This new strikethrough feature on checkboxes is a big fail. I have a long list of hundreds of items (some checked, some not) that I've been building over the years..., and now it looks like a dog's breakfast.
  4. Yep..., v8.3 has squashed that bug. Took 'em nearly 2 years! But at least it's finally done.
  5. Same old, same old! The latest version (8.0) was installed yesterday, and I eagerly tested it to see if the copy/paste bug was squashed. But sadly..., no!
  6. Dave-in-Decatur, thanks for the heads up about the COLLECT DOCUMENTS settings. I didn't know it was there. I will turn on notifications, and give EN permission for the camera again and hope it works.
  7. Yeah, Brownlegion..., you're probably right. Which is why I also denied EN permission to my camera. I didn't use that feature anyway.
  8. The way I see it, there are two issues with the copy & paste problem. One is a bug, one is a feature request. The bug is when EN text on the phone app (Tahoma 10) is copied and pasted, it jumps up in size to Helvetica Nueu 12 when viewed later on the desktop app. Fix that (first!)..., and I'll be a happy man. The feature request is when we can control the size of font on the phone. A worthy feature..., but fix the bug first!
  9. Put me down as another disgruntled user. After poking around in Evernote for a way to disable this truly intrusive feature, and finding none..., I used the sledgehammer approach. On Android >> Settings >> Sound & notification >> App notifications >> Evernote >> Block all = On.
  10. Dave Robinson, thanks for holding Evernote's feet to the fire..., but I'm not holding my breathe waiting for a fix. A similar ticket was submitted back in December 2016, and a similar response was promised by the very same Matt W, from Evernote's tech staff. I hope I'm proved wrong!
  11. Dave, I do not also. I'm running v 7.17.1 on Android 6.01. Nothing has changed. The default text in Evernote on the phone app is Tahoma 10, but when copied and pasted it jumps up to Helvetica Nueu 12 when viewed later on the desktop app. It looks like a dog's breakfast!
  12. I'll vote for anything that helps with the formatting of the notes!
  13. +10000000 - Well said NicCrockett! This issue has bugged me for a couple of years. I first noticed it when I started keeping a record of my parents failing health. I would write up some quick notes on my Android phone while at the hospital, and expand on them later at home on the PC. During the hospital visit, I would often copy / paste medical terms from one entry into another. I also used "bold" and "highlight" to emphasize important bits. But when I got home, my notes looked terrible. Now I've got 12pt text screaming out from the default 10pt text. And to make matters worse, "fixing it" on
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