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  1. Download the old app from apk mirror, uninstall the new app, double click on the old apk to install it, doable auto update for Evernote on the play store.
  2. I'm well aware this is an edge case but I thought I would post about since it may point to some deeper issues. One of the reasons I pay for premium is so that I can share podcast episodes along with show notes to Evernote. It makes it much easier to find them when I want them. Using Podcast Addict and Evernote pre-version 10 this was a breeze. I would select "Share episode file" in Podcast Addict and the mp3 file and a nicely formatted copy of the shownotes would appear in Evernote. In version 10 all I get is the MP3 file and I have to do some extra copying and pasting to get the show not
  3. The system for Android sharing in 10.5 is nearly totally broken. It often just opens Evernote without sharing anything. When it does open the sharing/clipping dialog it often just duplicates the last shared item. When it does share the correct item, the tags from the last item are applied. There is no good way to remove incorrect tags without actually entering the note editor. This last is especially important. If you are going to maintain the workflow of assigning tags and notebooks without automatically opening the note editor then there needs to be an easy way to edit tags without ope
  4. But if they focus on making it more reliable and faster that will upset the people who want new features...
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