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  1. I had the same problem with passwords, and it was because I choose bad passwords. I've trained myself to have the same simple password everywhere that I can remember. Because of this, the scammers managed to hack several of my accounts, because the password is the same everywhere. I was really scared and then I decided to use the services https://jealouscomputers.com/strong-password-generator/, this is a password generator. For each account, I generated a separate password and remembered it. After that, there was no more hacking of my accounts. Be careful and do not be lazy to remember passwor
  2. Did you manage to do it Diane?
  3. Hey, guys. I recently had the same problem, I also thought it was me doing something, or it's on the site changes. In my case, everything was easier, I just increased the font myself, somehow. I felt like a dinosaur until I could figure out the font and its size. When I read the forums, I am glad that I am not the only one, and it becomes easier. The last time I dealt with fonts their styles and sizes was at university. I always liked customizing and working with them.
  4. Steve has great videos, I love the way he does them. You can learn a lot from those and it is always good to get the experience where ever you can. I joined a group of investors that deals with a lot of investment properties and it is really good learning experience for myself. We worked with clients that were buying, selling and renting property... They like my progress and they even offered me to work with them. I am blessed to have an opportunity like that and I will do everything I can to be good at it. I will never forget Steve's videos though.
  5. People really struggle with writing and the problems start when you go to college. You will have to write a lot of essays and they have to be good. When I started college I thought that I could just copy stuff from internet and my teacher will not know about that. The thing is they can check everything for plagiarism and If they find it you will fail. I was failing until I found a company that does Essay writing help. They have professional writers on any topic you might need. Their work is really good and they helped me get good grades on my essays.
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