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  1. Personally I think the more users that say its a problem, the more serious and widespread they will then know it is happening so it might get more focus and more urgency. Heck, it might also help track down the cause to know its happening on many different devices and Android versions of etc.
  2. Yes I also noticed this after a recent update. Now when I have good signal (fast WiFi) and don't have a particular note open elsewhere, maybe about 1 out of 3 or so times I open a note is is 'Vew Only' so I often can't add text to a note when I need to e.g. when I have a thought or idea in my mind. Sometimes closing and re-opening the note (or the app) makes it editable but by then often the thought has gone. This is exactly the reason why I use Evernote, so I can quickly jot stuff down as I have memory problems. Now this is causing me issues. Removing home screen shortcuts made Evernote much less useful for quickly accessing notes, now this has made it even less useful again! Is this a known issue and will a fix be made?
  3. We fixed it by un-installing updates to Webview, not uninstalling the app completely, is that what you did? I would have thought this is not an app you can uninstall.
  4. Ah is this a webview issue? Lots of reports from today. http://engt.co/3vQK3Ao Edit: yup this fixed it for me, uninstall updates for Android Web View and Evernote is working again for me.
  5. Same here, I am 100% online but I can no longer launch the app from today (Evernote keeps stopping). Android v10, Oneplus 7 Pro.
  6. Yup exactly the same, it seems to take a few seconds for the app to fire up, same to load a note. It wouldn't be so bad but without Home screen shortcuts, I now have to launch the app, find the note I'm looking for then spend a few seconds opening this. Once a note is open it is noticeably slower than in previous versions, particularly around copying/pasting and creating new lines or checklist items. Why were home screen shortcuts removed? So many users have complained about this bizarre decision. This just adds time to everything! Are home screen shortcuts ever coming back? I'm happy to wait around if they are, but if not, I'll just start migrating my notes elsewhere. Could we have an answer one way or the other PLEASE?
  7. Hi, my version of Evernote was just updated to 10.4 and all my home screen shortcuts have disappeared. There isn't an option (from 3 dot menu) in a note to add a note to Home Screen - has this feature been removed or moved elsewhere?
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