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  1. Evernote search is powerful. A common Search Operator is intitle: intitle:coffee searches for notes whose title contains "coffee". If you use Titles in a consistent meaningful way to easily categorize the entire Note, read on. For the over 5000 notes I have, I cannot search by (easily) by tag, though I use those heavily, as well as I can with intitle: Try it! If you believe it is valuable, then comment on my request if you have the time or interest. More detail in the following request: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/126210-feature-requests-for-fuller-experience-on-evernote/#comment-566479
  2. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/126210-feature-requests-for-fuller-experience-on-evernote/#comment-566479 Interesting that Evernote on MacOS has "Phrase Express" and other Search Options on Mac superior to Windows and Web client. However, my feature suggestion was under the "Evernote for Windows Requests" Product Feedback/Feature Requests > Evernote for Windows Requests > Feature Requests For Fuller Experience On Evernote What I was requesting would work primarily with Evernote for Windows, but would love to see it more globally, since many of us use a primary client, but when necessary, we enjoy the "new Web Client" (iPAD, Chromebook client and web use tends to follow). I really appreciate knowledgeable answers from Gazumped (multiple folks? IAC, others, didn't realize that...) and DTLow, but that doesn't help since I am primarily non Mac for much of my day due do Work (PCoE) requirements. Chromebook, Mac for helping family members. iPAD, Fire 10 Tablet because I use Evernote every where I can! Does anyone know how to get Phrase Express like hotkey functions with Windows 10? I haven't found good options for hotkeys that work across applications like you have with MacOS. I would ask my work for a new Mac next time, but I have several applications and workflow that do not allow this, sadly. I believe intitle: is a hidden gem and better use of the function would have traction, but that is my opinion. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/126210-feature-requests-for-fuller-experience-on-evernote/#comment-566479 Any further help or comments on the above feature request are appreciated.
  3. Ease of refining search with intitle: function Gazumped, I value your opinion on this feature request, which would cross all clients, and I am not sure where best to post, since I do not use beta, but use Evernote several hours per day. I understand the above request, but would like to also suggest simple steps to improve an already amazing tool. In all clients, Chomebook/Browser (Web), ios/ipad, android/tablet, Win/Mac Desktop I find myself "very often" needing to type "intitle:" in front of searches, either to start a search, or after typing a keyword or two and finding the need to filter with intitle: necessary. I type a bit too fast, and when in a hurry, and mis-type (intile:, inttile:, or forgetting the : etc), if you also use this you may relate. I try to organize notes with keywords in the Title. Tags are nice, but searching by use of tags to refine the subset of All Notes, takes far too many keystrokes, so more often I use the intitle: function to further refine a search throughout All Notes quickly right within the search I just typed. This should make sense if you use it alot. I have tried using Saved Search with only intitle:(no spaces after), which has promise and is my current goto, but in some clients, ios/android or touch screen, and in web client there are odd issues. I could go on about that approach, the same saved search fails to be practical on Chromebook, iPad What I am looking for is some easy way to insert intitle: to the left of whatever you have just type, or at the cursor, before or after you hit enter. If you do use Saved Search this way, clicking the search icon (left margin) does let you edit again last entry, and often I find all I ready wanted was to now insert intitle: to further refine the last search. One approach, I am envisioning is an icon to the left of the existing sort options icon. This icon could offer other search functions, but in simplest for I would like 1-2 keystroke or "touch" to insert intitle: at the beginning (if blank), and if you already had typed a seach, clicking the intitle: icon would properly insert the function at the beginning of the keywords already typed in the search box, even if you had not yet hit enter on keyword(s) in the search box. I believe the developers would have an approach and ideally find the best implementation Icon with dropdown? intitle: being one selection (2 keystrokes) or allow shortcut keystroke assignment for intitle: (as described) which may be the least obtrusive but I find hotkeys are difficult these days, I have two many open applications or defaults which overlap, but this one shortcut key I would remember Perhaps icon would only appear with this assignment if selected in Advanced, other functions in addition to intitle, etc. I probably have thought way to much about this in the last couple of years, and am taking too much time trying to best describe what I have been hoping to see. I am definitely open to best implementation since I believe it could solve something for me and others that could be of considerable value. Thanks for your advice and support on whether this is already being considered and please advise on where a request like this is best posted.
  4. Yes, please! The lack of this feature (and a few others) is why I get frustrated with EN using an iPad with attached keyboard.
  5. No problem now, Gazumped. I do appreciate most all of what you follow and comment on. You are truly a guru! 12/3/2017 UPDATE - Not sure when, but more recently in the Desktop app ... This issue is now fixed! Thank-you very much. I create hyperlinks many times a week and this annoying issue was addressed.
  6. This issue is now fixed! Thank-you very much. I create hyperlinks many times a week and this annoying issue was addressed.
  7. This issue is now fixed! Thank-you very much. I create hyperlinks many times a week and this annoying issue was addressed.
  8. Apparently jwc removed his comment. However your response is not a reason to close the topic or ignore the request.
  9. BUMP for Premium users. Encryption is definitely not the answer for many of us. For iOS and other devices, primarily the desktop app, encyrption the way it stands does not work for me. Family (wife) has access to my phone. Work has admin access to my desktop. Look for a simple password, but not mandatory, only if selected as "always" by premium user or special advanced mode (similar to Ctrl-V, Ctrl-Shift-V option for paste), etc.
  10. UPDATE 12/3/2017 - This issue is now fixed! Thank-you very much.
  11. This issue for the desktop client began Summer of 2016, when it was recreated, and employee stated it would be fixed in next Service release. It is still occuring.
  12. UPDATE ... This issue is now fixed for both web and desktop version! Thank-you very much, Evernote, and thanks for listending!
  13. Three weeks later, still occuring! Very annoying. Not a feature at all. Please address this issue, and if you don't plan to, do not close ticket/cases for a premium user without a better timeline for correction. It's been 5-6 months for this. I can point to other references of this in the forums. Doesn't the issue behavior contradict the purpose of the right-click Edit option?
  14. Support recreated this. The ticket was quickly closed, with promise it will be fixed soon It is still occurring Desktop Windows app Evernote Premium The workaround is to Right Click Remove, re-highlight all keyword(s) previously used for underlined hyperlink, Ctrl-K (Add Link), then paste from clipboard the new URL you had planned for the Edit. Test < just now recreated in Desktop app, where I right click " Test ", choose Edit, and attempt to Paste the URL for this post! Instead of same word Test with URL changed, the entire url is pasted https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/101381-hyperlink-editing-bug/#comment-438178
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