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  1. Welcome to the club Astopia. The vast majority of us in this thread share your disappointment.
  2. A better analogy would be that your house had windows made of opaque glass. We are asking them to make the glass transparent.
  3. This brings up an interesting consideration. I wonder how many of the 250M customers have bothered to register an account on this forum? I would be surprised if it is 1% of the userbase.. With that in mind, how many people are represented by the people in this thread?
  4. Not entirely true - 450+ users, who know about this forum and are frustrated enough to complain about this (lack of a) feature. I would be amazed if less than 25% of the user base found this feature useful (if implemented). Also, as PinkElephant says, the thumbnail is generated only once normally. Shouldn't be a big deal at all to regenerate it based on the users preference. More like reaching over to change the radio station in the Tesla while it's on a racetrack.
  5. Okay, I might have exaggerated when I said "the only feature that matters to 'most' users". I do however feel it is the only feature that matters to a sizeable portion of Evernote's userbase (me included). Looking at the feature requests, it is item 7 on the list and one of three that have been around since before 2012. The software doesn't have to be perfect but customers do need to get the feeling that the developers are listening to them. I am really fed up of this limitation now and every time I get a notification on this post (which leads to conversations like this) I start the hunt again for a viable alternative to Evernote. Long story short - there are loads. and the only reason I am not jumping ship already is the learning curve and time it would take to migrate. I just think this topic is long overdue a bit of love from the dev team. On the subject of features: The most recent version is 10.26.5. Released December 2, 2021. NEW ... Your default notebook will now have its own unique icon, so it's easy to spot while you're scrolling through your list. It's the little things. Wouldn't it be great if ALL our important workbooks could have their own unique icon too (and one of our choice).
  6. That is not what is being asked for here and you are being disingenuous to suggest it. We are asking for one feature (and have been for over ten years, and hundreds of posts). Evernote keep implementing dozens of 'new features' which we don't want or need. This is the ONLY feature that matters to most Evernote users as is evident from the number of posts on this topic and the length of time this topic has been going. I am extremely disappointed with Evernote's complete lack of customer support on this.
  7. It is insane we have to consider these lengths just to determine the picture that shows in the thumbnail! Come on Evernote, please sort this out... At-least add it to your roadmap! Evernote is still the best note taking program out there but I am seriously debating jumping ship just because you refuse to listen to your customers. It would mean a lot of work for me but I am seriously considering it. I don't like giving my money to people who don't seem to appreciate it.
  8. If they were starting again from scratch, all the more reason to incorporate such a glaring oversight from their original product. The one and only excuse for not implementing this feature before now is that they made a mess of the coding originally - no such excuse when you are starting from a clean slate.
  9. Dear Evernote Admins. Please take not of how few people are saying this is a bad idea (Zero at last count) and how many are in support of this feature. I really am getting so fed up of waiting ten years for basic functionality!
  10. Dear Admins. Please remove the 'Best Answer' value from Shane D.'s post. It isn't an answer, he's just saying that he has combined a couple of posts. This is in no way answered!
  11. Woohoo - a new Evernote! Lets move everything on the screen around while ensuring you still can't select your thumbnail. Come on Evernote. This is ridiculous! 2021 will be the ten year anniversary for this request!
  12. I think the 'Eat Cake' comment is a reference to the "let them eat cake" quote usually attributed to Marie-Antoinette. The general message appears to be that Evernote are out of touch with their user base (which I would agree with).
  13. I have decided to try twitter instead. If anyone else wants to try I suggest sending a message to @IanSmall (The CEO) and @evernote Hashtags: Evernote #EvernoteBugs #EvernoteThumbnails
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