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  1. Nice. Keep upgrading new enhanced features.
  2. hey there, starting today I will be an active user. You can workchat with me inside evernote or share resources or hacks in workchat inside evernote  | steventorvalds@gmail.com

  3. Problems: 1. So I have seen lots of general feature request/ queries for shortcut keys for particular functionality like for reminders or for tables or like that 2. It would be very handy if we could use more shortcuts like ctrl+B for bold which makes our work allot easier Master Solution: 1. Solution for every shortcut request is to create a shortcut key so that you can assign your own shortcut key for any functionality like you can do in microsoft word with ctrl + alt + numpad "+" key assigns cloverleaf shortcut key Please implement this feature in evernote, it woul
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