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  1. Nice. Keep upgrading new enhanced features.
  2. hey there, starting today I will be an active user. You can workchat with me inside evernote or share resources or hacks in workchat inside evernote  | steventorvalds@gmail.com

  3. Problems: 1. So I have seen lots of general feature request/ queries for shortcut keys for particular functionality like for reminders or for tables or like that 2. It would be very handy if we could use more shortcuts like ctrl+B for bold which makes our work allot easier Master Solution: 1. Solution for every shortcut request is to create a shortcut key so that you can assign your own shortcut key for any functionality like you can do in microsoft word with ctrl + alt + numpad "+" key assigns cloverleaf shortcut key Please implement this feature in evernote, it would be very much useful for everybody to whatever they want to assign shortcut to. For clarity see video: evernote shortcut.wmv
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