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  1. Thank you for bringing this feature back! It is so powerful!!
  2. Hi, I use Evernote in our company and we have over 100 notebooks shared with all colleagues (premium versions). It now seems with the update that you have to manually accept all notebooks again... Why???? If you have accepted the notebook in the previous version, you still want it the next version as well. My colleagues will have to manually check all shared notebooks now again.... Anybody else struggling with this or a solution? Thanks. Maarten
  3. Recent notes is such a useful feature to quickly navigate within Evernote. I find navigating through Windows much more difficult than Mac (cmd+J feature is better with more options + recent notes). My colleagues on Windows would love to see recent notes and improved ctrl+q...
  4. Hi, I am curious what you guys are planning with the massive improvement in Shortcuts app on iOS 13. For instance it would be great to automate (by setting of a trigger) to create a new note from a template (in Evernote) with a certain tag, in a certain notebook. In our business we make reports from our work trips, and by saying to Siri something like "business trip report", and the only thing is to type notes in the template and your done, would be awesome! Probably there are a lot of ideas on automation within the Evernote community... would be great to share these with each other...
  5. Dear Evernote team, Thank you Ian for being so transparant! I am a big Evernote user and also advocating it in my own company. Based on the latest developments and your video series I am a bit scared that collaboration is not a focus of Evernote. In our company we often work together in Notebooks/Notes and to be honest, this is not going flawless. I would really like to know how you guys see the future on collaboration within Evernote (working simultaneously in notes, communicate within Evernote)? Why did Evernote Chat disappear for instance in new Evernote for Web? I am still hesitating to go for Evernote Business (for 15 users)... Could you please elaborate on this? Thanks! Best, Maarten
  6. Hi, It would be very helpful if the green internal note links would automatically be updated if you adjust title of the note (where the note links to). So for example, if I update the title of my note "project x | 2019-01-18" to "project x | 2019-01-30" all the green note links to this note used everywhere within Evernote should be updated to "project x | 2019-01-30" as well. That would be very convenient 🙂 Thanks, Maarten
  7. Completely agree! There is so much potential here for Evernote. I hope you guys will surprise us in 2018 ?
  8. Same here... Navigating in windows is lacking behind compared to Mac... Recent Notes and cmd+J functionality are THE features for me why I love Evernote for Mac - within 2 seconds I find the note I want to work in.
  9. Thanks Jeff. I agree, shared vocabulary and good use of tags would help. There is some work there. What you still notice is that people generally don't like the extra time that takes to add tags, they do not have strict 'template' note title names... remains difficult. Note titles would be sufficient I think. If you would add also results based on note contents, than it might be useful when it shows the top 5-10 most relevant notes based on the corresponding content (from search and note content). What I also love is that a typo won't matter in CMD+J. Does Windows also have a relevance column by the way as you have on the mac after search (so you can sort your search on relevance)?
  10. Hi Jeff, See screenshot. You can quickly navigate to your notes, notebooks, tags... This works so much faster than using the search field/shortcuts each time. Of course it is less granular and you cannot search within note text (only titles), but this really helps switching and navigating. Hopefully it makes more sense now. So the biggest benefit of this option is quickly navigating to and switching between notes/notebooks/tags. The more granular search is of course still needed when you have to dig in your notes (especially if they are older ones or have been made by others (you often not sure/remember what the titile/tagname is)). CMD+J won't solve this. The problem my colleagues have is finding stuff in Evernote... more and more notes are piling up in our database and this is quite difficult. I know all the (advanced) search options and shared these with them, but it remains difficult. Especially because I create most notebooks & notes :-) When they start using Evernote more it of course gets easier. As you can tell I am the biggest Evernote user and promoter ;-) Changing how people work and teach new software is difficult haha any tips are welcome of course
  11. Hi, Could be that this feature has been requested before. I am a Mac user and my digital life is in Evernote. The best thing for me is finding all my digital stuff in seconds due to the cmd+j option. I almost never use the search field anymore, because I can find everything via this shortcut. All my colleagues have Windows Machines and I see them struggling with finding stuff in Evernote. This is their biggest complain. Would it be possible to develop a similar option as CMD+J for Windows? And no... CTR+Q is not coming close... I want to find notebooks, notes, tags, cmd+J even deals with misspellings... I am so curious if our company is the only one begging for this feature. Love the new table options by the way :-) Thank you. Best, Maarten
  12. Yes, this would be so useful in navigating through Evernote and would enhance productivity! Next to this (I am a Mac user and my colleagues use Windows) I would suggest the following feature: cmd+J function on MacOs is THE best new feature. I can find all my notes within seconds. This option in windows is very very poor (crt-Q). My colleagues and I find navigating and search through Windows Evernote much more difficult. Regards, Maarten
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