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  1. Your switch from Legacy to Version 10 involved receiving updates. How"s that working out for you? Evernote Legacy is still very much "alive"; I'll hold off on the product burial for the immediate feature
  2. Why is this "simply a bad idea" I'm a long time Evernote Legacy user At it's core, Evernote is a generic note/document/file storage and organization tool I use the integrated editor is useful for basic notes, and dedicated tools for extended features (documents stored in Evernote as attachments) The Evernote editor is not a text editor, but text files can be stored as attachments I archive emails in Evernote from various services. Do you have a recommendation for a better tool?
  3. Example: <a href="aaaaaaaaaa" style="color:#69aa35;">2020-11-30 [bbbbb]</a> where aaaaaaa is the URL, and bbbbbb is the note title This feature was lost with the Version 10 product The request applies both to the Internal Link and the Public Share Link
  4. My estimate is at least 11 months Right, but the point is no one has to panic today Also, before the Legacy product sunsets I will have completed switching services I may chose Version 10; the work-in-progress will be advanced by then
  5. Evernote is a cloud service. The master database is stored on the servers, and accessed by both Legacy and Version 10
  6. What makes you think you're going to lose data? I haven't a problem with Evernote losing data, but I always back up my data; daily incremental and weekly full >>I have no access to my notes without a GOOD connection Both Legacy and Version 10 support offline access to our data
  7. To prevent Evernote interpreting this as a list; insert a space before the checkbox
  8. The in-app links ("evernote:///view.blah-blah") are working for me, both internal Evernote and external applications I use them all the time What issues are you having? >>I will try doing a system restore back to Thursday If this revers to your Evernote database, it would have been better to backup the raw database folders Also, the master database is stored on the servers. You are updating a local copy The sync process will undo the restore
  9. Simplistic, but the index is something like that I should have mentioned it's not case sensitive; so jill, jack, little
  10. Are you sure you want to use "the latest version of Evernote" (Version 10) It's a work-in-progress and imho not ready for general use You might be happier using the Legacy product
  11. If you're online, searches are executed on the server Yes, there is a search index of "every single word" - it excludes "stop words" like the/and/or - it excludes special characters The search index also covers attachments, including OCR of images
  12. For me, it's a matter of using the Legacy product - there's no change to my workflow The Version 10 product is a work-in-progress; imho it's not ready for general use I'm not considering using it until the work is completed
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