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  1. Has anyone reported this to Evernote Support? https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  2. You've posted the request and we'll see how much user support is generated The vote button is at the top left corner of the discussion As to "one of the most consistent questions"; I don't see evidence of this I posted a link below to a recent mind mapping discussion As to Evernote's "M&A"; I wouldn't count on this. In the meantime, I make use of third party apps to fill in the gaps Mind mapping is a tool I use in project development I link to selected notes in Evernote but I don't consider the bulk of my Evernote data as mind map material
  3. This is an Notes/Applescript issue; we're waiting for Apple to fix it Info at https://hookproductivity.com/help2/integration/hook-and-macos-10-15-catalina-notes-app/
  4. It's good practice; I also archive the paperwork - for me it's more cya than regulation After scanning, all paperwork is thrown into a filing box ordered by date (top to bottom)
  5. It wasn't so much of an issue as best practice. I'm a tagger, but notebooks also work My issue with notebooks is that the Evernote restricts us to a single assignment. A receipt note may have many categories; receipts, taxes, vendor, budget, .... My notebook use is for sync'd/local, private/shared, offline, default inbox
  6. There's other requests for this and I'll merge the discussions This is more of a document and word processing feature Evernote is a note editor; more suited to short records
  7. I see this as the first step for seamless OCR Possibly a cloud folder for both mobile/desktop use >>As to mobiles, I tend to use Evernote's built-in camera / scan feature. I don't scan multi-page documents to Android very often 99% of my scanning is with a scanner app on my iPad; including multi-page documents Some scanner apps have OCR built in >>occasional scanning failures sometimes mean I need to add / delete / rotate pages Same here. I do this adjustment within the scanner app
  8. I have an inexpensive OCR app (PDF OCR X), but I only use it when required. I could implement a seamless workflow, but it's not important for me - I rely on Evernote's OCR/search feature - I haven't found an OCR app for handwriting (actually ICR) Evernote's OCR/search feature is included in the Premium package, and works "seamlessly" and transparently - the transcription is stored in a hidden text file; this is indexed by the search feature - includes handwriting >>1. The OCR is not as accurate as the leaders such as ABBYY No idea's on accuracy; it all seems to work well for me You might be interested in this article https://www.abbyy.com/en-ca/casestudies/evernote-accelerates-company-growth-by-enlisting-abbyy/#sthash.8r5Pyekx.dpbs >>2. I don't need all the other add-on features. Add-on features I need are upload and device limits. I can not survive on the Basic restrictions I appreciate the other add-on features and make use of them
  9. I'm wondering what device/platform has location sorting options? edit; this is an Android feature https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005037-How-to-save-note-location-information
  10. I agree with your assessment - Evernote/IOS is supplemental to the desktop platforms Recognizing this, I'm not a "disappointed customer". I appreciate having access to my data when away from my desktop btw There is no charge for the Evernote/IOS app and data synchronization
  11. I don't understand the requirement. After adding a photo to a note; I can already immediately annotate
  12. Use an import folder; you can define the "behaviors"
  13. All accounts can contact Evernote support at Twitter @evernotehelps
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