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  1. DTLow

    Request: Pinned notes

    You identified notebooks for pinning notes. I basically use a single notebook, relying on saved searches instead. My pin requirement would be search based instead of notebook based. >> 2) Sometimes I want to edit a note, but not on my phone. If I could Pin it, it would be at the top ready to go when I got home on my computer.  This seems more like a reminder or tag user-case.
  2. DTLow

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    The sync process is Windows <> servers <> IOS You can check your data on the servers using the web platform at www.evernote.com This should help isolate the problem
  3. Right click on the toolbar, then Customize Toolbar
  4. DTLow

    Showing time due on notes with Reminders

    This was presented as a Windows problem, with a single field not viewable (Reminder Time) A Windows solution (List view) was posted by @EdH >>Thanks - I am pretty much hooked on Snippet View, so it doesn't appear this works in that view. I added my vote to the request - When the date is displayed, it shoud include the time. For myself, the issue is cross platform with various metadata not viewable. I need access on all platforms; also in my html backups. My preference is for all the details be displayed in the note information/detail box. The solution I implemented was to append the metadata to the note contents. I automated this with scripting (Mac) The full metadata list is title (text) : The note's title. creation date (date) : The note's creation date. modification date (date) : The note's last modification date. subject date (date or missing value) : The date associated with the note's content. source URL (text or missing value) : The note's source URL. latitude (real or missing value) longitude (real or missing value) altitude (real or missing value) tags (list of tag) : The tags assigned to this note. notebook (notebook, r/o) : The notebook containing this note. note link (text, r/o) : A URL specifying this note. reminder time (date or missing value) : The reminder time for the note. reminder done time (date or missing value) : The time the reminder for the note was marked completed. reminder order (date or missing value) : The reminder order time for the note. When not empty, this is what indicates the note has a reminder. local note folder (Mac)
  5. I should have mentioned format dependencies. Handwriting is OCR'd only for image files Documentation at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314518-How-Evernote-makes-text-inside-images-searchable
  6. DTLow

    Evernote App doesn't search

    I moved the discussion to the Mac forum You can rebuild the search index using the instructions in the post linked below
  7. DTLow

    SIMPLE Add Notebook to a group

    I keep the sidebar width reduced to just icons As you found out, on a Mac there's limited functions in the sidebar. It's mostly a navigation tool
  8. DTLow

    How can I delete recent research?

    To delete a note, in the note list slide to the left Click on the Trash icon You can also click on the note's ... menu and select Move To Trash
  9. DTLow

    SIMPLE Add Notebook to a group

    Screenshot from my Mac, right-clicking on a stack
  10. I moved this discussion to the Feature Request Forum Evernote/Mac has a search builder feature. There's no intitle option. I find it easy to just type the search term As per the others, I'd use scripting if this was a serious concern. Also, there are also other search terms to be addressed
  11. I use Evernote to archive my emails (mostly Apple Mail and scripting on a Mac) I store an email link in the format of message://%3c0100... To make this future-proof, I also store the actual mail message in raw .eml format We can't guarantee we'll be using the same email system in the future.
  12. DTLow

    Internal Links expire upon merge

    It's sort of like saying mailing addresses are wholly unreliable because people move. If you move, you need to let people know your new address. Don't get me started on phone #s Back to Evernote notes; you could post this as a feature request. I'm currently updating the links manually, assisted with some script automation.
  13. DTLow

    Can EN encrypt Tables, Yes/No ?

    Evernote supports a text encryption feature. Thats text only; no tables or other non-text elements.
  14. DTLow

    Read-Only Option for Notes

    The backups provide for recovery when I know a note has been altered/deleted accidentally. As to the unknown; I have no detection process in place. But when a problem is discovered, I'm able to recover. In most cases, it's not a serious problem until I need to access the note.
  15. DTLow

    Handwriting to text feature

    afaik Handwriting transcription is not a feature being planned with Evernote. Actually handwriting isn't supported beyond a simple sketch feature; stored in image format My solution is to use another app; Notability on an iPad. I store the documents in Evernote in pdf and native format.