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  1. Stacks are working for me A screenshot is attached from my Mac showing existing stacks, and a notebook selected for Stack processing
  2. Notes have a number field (reminderOrder) for the reminder section. Drag-and-drop is used to assign the note order. I moved this request to the General Feature Request forum.
  3. I usually update from within the app; Evernote > Check For Updates The response I'm getting is 7.9 Beta 1 is the latest version edit: Issue resolved
  4. My experience is the Evernote editor/browser can only handle simplb web pages (html) and will not render "exactly like the web page" You would have better results with screenshots.
  5. Styles are certainly a word processing feature; not usually a text feature. >>I'm slowly moving my data from Evernote to Notion which I findway more sexy and ... I store my data in Evernote; no changes there but I do recommend alternate editors for extended word processing features; e.g. Word/Pages. I wouldn't call them "sexy" but they sypport styles. I use Apple Calendar on my Mac and iPad. I access Evernote's SQLite database on my Mac. >>will you ever wake up from your Sleeping Beauty sleep? Have you been sleeping? Did you suddenly wake up and realize the Evernote editor/format doesn't work for you? I've been using Evernote for going on 10 years, and I know exactly what features are supported.
  6. Last page of https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005587-How-to-annotate-images-and-PDFs-in-Evernote
  7. Could you ptovide more details as to what your issue is; what were you expecting?
  8. I clipped this post, saved to Evernote as a pdf, both native and OCR'd The attached file is the text file generated for searching9E6483EC-7E4E-4B50-9329-4DC557F50BE1.en-pdf-text I'm not seeing any problem with searching for "labello". It works on my Mac and iPad >>Interesting is if I open that one note on my Mac and do a search within note for "labello" then it highlights the word - it finds that string - but not if you do a "global search" (not that "within a note search") Yes, we've noticed these are two different search processes
  9. Evernote is my digital filing cabinet. I've bought into the "Remember Everything", and not "creativity and how the human brain works". The article commented on notebooks My conclusion was that the global structure of Evernote’s notebooks and stacks is relatively unimportant. I keep notebooks just specific enough to make it obvious where a particular note belongs, mostly to satisfy my spatial itch. And also seemed unimpressed with the Tags feature imho Many notes have very clear context, and should be tagged as such. For example, a Recipe for Chicken should be tagged Recipe - Chicken
  10. Every day, hackers are trying to access Evernote accounts. Most of these fail, they don't have the correct account id/password. In your case, the hackers know your account id/password. You need to change your Evernote password. Use it only for Evernote; no where else
  11. There's an issue?? I'm more concerned with maintaining the existing service level. We're waiting for softwear updates required by OS upgrades, and fixes for softwear bugs.
  12. It would have been better if you posted a shareable link like 2019/02/13 Journal [Wednesday] My links are working
  13. Shortcuts and Saved Searches are a solution. However, I found these menus to be cluttered. I use scripts (Mac) instead of shortcuts. I also have the search parameters specified in the note contents; for example Current Tasks reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*
  14. There's no device limit for Premium accounts Just log in and the device is added to the list automatically.
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