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  1. I'm using Family Tree to store my geology data; tree, images, year of birth/death, images, stories, sources I'm not using Evernote for any of this data. I only create a task note if there's followup required. I like the idea of storing the data in Evernote, but haven't figured a way to keep the two platforms in sync
  2. Agreed; we need access to the parent structure instead of drag and drop. For Mac users, we have this access using Applescript. >>I would also like multiple parents. Multiple parents discussed here.
  3. I leave Create Date as the date the note was created. On my Mac, I store "Original Document date" in the Subject Date field; using a script. Since Evernote makes accessing this field so difficult, I store a copy in the Note Title (prefix). I also append a copy of the metadata to the note contents. This was also discussed here
  4. Import wasn't mentioned as a requirement; just "will they be available forever, like a PDF"
  5. Stacks aren't an entity, just a notebook grouping; you should join the notebook hierarchy discussion. In the meantime, Tags have an unlimited hierarchy.
  6. That is annoying when you already have a paid account. I'd open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action Please let us know the response
  7. Are you coding in HTML Evernote stores note data in enml format, which is html based. I prefer to store my code snippets in text file attachments.
  8. I find it too limiting to stay in the same eco system (any platform) It does add a sync step, but I use the best tools for the job. Excel/Numbers for spreadsheets, Word/Pages for documents, ... and Notability for note taking.
  9. I have the same issue in my tag organization and assignment. Evernote's tag hierarchy only allows for a single parent; and the tag assignment isn't designed for drilling top down I store the multiple tag parents in a note. I start with a Note Type, and indicate the tag types needed. I use a script on my Mac to process notes and assign tags This provides a dialog that drills down through the sub-tags The screenshots shows multiple parents for !Vendor and !Budget tags, and drilling down through the tag catetories
  10. I suspect if you include a Stack in the shortcuts, you get all the subordinant notebooks It would be confusing to expand the stack and just see a partial notebook list
  11. I was trying to be clever in reponding to a comment "The owners are religious fanatics about nested folders being the Devil's work"
  12. Obtaining Internal Link Click on the share icon Click More sharing options Click Copy internal link Copying classic link Paste the above internal link into the note Longpress the pasted link
  13. Which device/platform? The master version of our data is stored on the Evernote servers. Check your data using the web platform at www.evernote.com
  14. https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/
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