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Tags cannot be removed

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Hi there, 

I couldn't find any topic about that . If there is one already, please let me know. 

I have a long list of deleted tags that keep showing in my tag list. They show TAG(0) as picture below. 



When I click with the right bottom of the mouse to try to deleted it, it only shows "Add to Shortcut" as shown below.



How can I delete them all?

Thank you,.


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You may benefit from a local data record.

File, Sign Out, Remove data Then sign back in and your local data will be restored. You may see that your tags h have disappeared or can now be deleted.

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5 hours ago, ReGanem said:

It doesn't show this option as in the picture.

Also, these deleted tags only appear on my Evernote Desktop.

When Browsing the Tags List, the three Dots only become visible when you hover the Cursor over the Tag name.

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