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Synchronization Issues - Desktop to Web client

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Hi, thanks in advance for reading this! For some reason my desktop Evernote client (Windows) will not synchronize with what is on the web. It says last updated November 30th, 2023. So it was recent but it hasn't updated since then. I have signed out and back in, uninstalled removing the local copy and reinstalled all to no end. Does anyone have any tips on this? If you need more information let me know. I am using the latest client on both my computer and the web. I tried searching through the forums and didn't come up with any obvious posts.


After further exploration, I can not create new notes or tasks in the desktop but can do so in the web version. It seems like a connectivity issue but the internet is working fine. 




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After further investigation the desktop client works on a different laptop that I haven't upgraded to the new client. Is anyone using the newest desktop client and if so, do you have any issues?




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I'm running v10.67.4 and have n o problems sync-ing to the cloud.

Sometimes the best solution is to fully unistall using Revo Unistaller (Windows) or Appcleaner (MacOS).  These both remove all trace of Evernote so that you can reinstall the latest version from evernote.com/download  Worth rebooting your PC after the uninstall before reinstalling.

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Same issue here, I've been working remote and finally got back to my Win10 desktop today. Hasn't synced since Dec 1O, deleted and downloaded a fresh copy still not sycning. Tried removing with Revo also.

iOS and padOS need to be deleted and installed this past week also, somthings not right...

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