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  1. That’s OK for me ... I get it. First, I am going to translate what I said in my response to your first comment in Spanish, but in English. Here goes: "With this“ old ”interface, I see EVERYTHING COMPLETE and I can also see the MAIN CONTENT (the last notes) of each section. The way I see it, in the "new" version, I only have one icon (I don't know the content of that section). For the rest, beyond the explanation I found in the forums about the changes, is there a SOLID reason why this “old” interface cannot be ADDED -just as an option- to choose THE MODE in which we SE
  2. Con esta interfaz “vieja”, veo TODO COMPLETO y también puedo ver el CONTENIDO PRINCIPAL (las últimas notas) de cada sección. De la forma en que yo lo veo, en la “nueva” versión, sólo tengo un ícono (no sé el contenido de esa sección). Por lo demás, más allá de la explicación que encontré en los foros sobre los cambios, ¿hay alguna razón SÓLIDA por la cuál no se pueda AGREGAR esta interfaz “vieja” -sólo como una opción- para elegir EL MODO en el que VEMOS nuestro contenido en un celular? Por default, puede existir esa opción que mostrás allí. Y como OPCIÓN, la que yo muestro en l
  3. Hola... Hace 9 años que soy usuario Premium de Evernote. En una de las actualizaciones, hace un par de años, sacaron la opción Home Screen, EXTREMADAMENTE ÚTIL para mí. Al actualizar la app y al no contar con esa función, la búsqueda de notas se me hizo MUCHO MÁS ENGORROSA. Con Home Screen, podía ver TODAS las opciones: Notes, Notebooks, Shortcuts, Tags, Workchat y Places. Pedí, INFRUCTUOSAMENTE, que retornara esa función. Evernote NUNCA respondió NADA acerca de por qué había suprimido esa función. Me comuniqué varias veces y NUNCA dieron ningún motivo por el cuál haya
  4. No. Fortunately, I have no comment to make on this version. Luckily, I was able to upgrade to version 7.18.1. I made several comments until version 8.0.2; But then I did not do it, because I started using version 7.18.1. But I could make those comments since, because of my work, I need to buy an iPod and maybe I could install that version to see how it works. I doubt that it does, because from what I read, the problems FOLLOW THE SAME. Anyway, that does not prevent me from evaluating the comments expressed here and being able to express myself about those comments, since I am a Premium user of
  5. You're lying ... I did not write that. What I wrote and what you mocked, is a conjecture mine, I must admit, which is based on the "improvements" that appear with each new update of EN and it seems that does not solve NONE of the user's claims of EN. Then, perhaps, if I write it this way, it can be understood better. "I understand that they think in this way". Do you now understand what I mean or is it still unclear?
  6. I can assure you that what you say about Apple is like this. They even assisted me for almost two hours ... AND IT WAS NOT TO SOLVE A PROBLEM MINE! The problem that I had to solve, was the problem of a friend of mine with the synchronization of his new iPhone. My Macbook Pro, like yours, was out of warranty and they were also assisting me so that I, in turn, could help my friend. They continue to assist me AS ON THE FIRST DAY. And I am not a local user, from USA, but a distant user from Latin America, from Argentina. It is also very true what you say about the amount of EN users that we c
  7. P. S. Still using Bear occasionally, just as a "training" for a hypothetical migration, I still use Evernote on 99% of the occasions and I still LOVE Evernote UNCONDITIONALLY. That's why I'm still subscribed to Evernote. I would really like to know what are the technical, practical and commercial reasons why Evernote (essentially Evernote) does not enable the OPTION to use the updated application and, at the same time, to choose to use the previous versions to the updated version (I think when updating iOS, companies that have their applications on the iTunes Store, are not in serious trouble
  8. True ... but I suppose a massive migration of non-conforming Evernote users NOT ONLY with the user interface or the options of the old versions of Evernote that have been dropped, but with the CURRENT PERFORMANCE of ALL versions subsequent to the 8.0, I think it could be described as a disaster for THEY. Anyway, with this user interface, there are better applications than Evernote. For example, Bear, which I am already using and to which I am subscribed and whose subscription is cheaper than subscribing to Evernote, with a difference: WORKS CORRECTLY.
  9. If at any time the Evernote development team gets to disable any version prior to version 8.0; Or Apple's development team, when upgrading iOS, will determine that versions prior to 8.0 were unusable, as there are several alternatives: 1) Try to hold those versions of Evernote earlier than versions 8.0, in some way; 2) If that is not possible in any way, since those who prefer the versions prior to 8.x, we could migrate to another application without canceling the Evernote subscription; 3) Do the same as in option 2) and cancel the subscription; 4) Make that policy change to disable an applica
  10. I think there is an alternative. I think you should consider downgrading to an earlier version than 8.0. Unless you strongly prefer the changes made since version 8.0, user jacobberger posted a 4-minute video, in which he indicates how to upgrade to a version prior to version 8.0. The other option, I think is to expand the complaints not only to the Evernote Twitter accounts (all of them) but, as I was doing, to the accounts of those who have decision-making power in Evernote. For example, Nathan Fortin @nfortin That option I tend to think can lead to at least they stop publishing the "wonderf
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