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  1. The problem is I am a premium subscriber. Evernote would send me a password reset, which I would do and then, because I had the two step verification set up, the verification would not come to either of the phones. I was completely locked out. Trying to submit though the support page - I tried every browser as well as a mac and a pc. It would never go through - just the spinning circle. Chat box was always grayed out. I'm happy I kept the 4 one-times backup codes. I have since removed the extra verification step and everything is working as it should.
  2. I couldn't get into Evernote - forgot my password. I tried having the verification code sent to the phone numbers I provided - they never came through. I tried submitting a ticket through their website - it wouldn't "send" it. The live "chat" button is always grayed out. Did find a phone number that seemed to connect me to their California office, but was only able to leave a voice mail. I finally, after two days, found the Back-up codes that I'd printed out - which did get me back in. Going to have to think about re-upping my subscription.
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