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  1. With each Evernote upgrade, they fix one thing and then break two, is that the new business model? In version 6.8 they broke the "place the note title in the note title area," so that when you started a new note the cursor jumped to the first line of the note and not the title line ?? Now version 6.9 is out and the note title problem is fixes, but the Simplify Format feature is broken. In addition, when you add a photo they are all squished up!! My question is why would programmers even be in the formatting and squishing area in the first place, to cause these errors. On the positive side I do like the new spelling feature in 6.9, just hilite the word(s) in red and the correct spelling appears. David in Wichita
  2. I too think Clearly is the best program. I did an upgrade in FireFox and lost my copy, but after much searching, I found a signed copy of I will attach a signed and unsigned to this message.

    David in Wichita




  3. Why do you make changes to something that has worked well for some time? Is it just for the fact that "you" must justify your position as a change agent? Please respond with three justifications as to why these changes that have been made to the web client are a good thing for your Evernote customers.
  4. Welcome to the club! This has been an issue for the last several years, use the search function in the Evernote database and you will find thousands of comments about this problem. The only way that I was able to solve this issue was to instal a solid state drive. WOW, what fast start-ups and since the SSD was installed not one time have I seen the dreaded (Not Responding) Regards, David in Wichita
  5. That would be just too simple! The world does not run on simple and what works well anymore!
  6. I have run several tests using Clearly and the Evernote Web Clipper using both Firefox and Chrome. Clearly, comes out the winner each time, two fewer clicks using Clearly and very consistent formatting. I do not have to tell Clearly, where to stop or start in the selection process, and it captures all of the information, including the photos in the article. If the company continues to remove this product, I feel that several unintended consequences will result in this unwise action! Regards, David in Wichita
  7. DTLow. I kind of answered my own question, take a look below. Your contact today got me to playing around and found this to work. First have IFTTT running in the background on your phone. Next to this: Long press to wake up Siri. Say " Add Evernote Reminder" Siri comes back and says "what would you like to add to Evernote Reminder?" You now speak your note, Siri comes back and says "I have added it." Wait a few moments and it will pop up in your Evernote account under the notebook called "Reminder" and will be appened to other notes, I now have three reminders! Check it out and see if this will work for you! David in Wichita
  8. Your contact today got me to playing around and found this to work. First have IFTTT running in the background on your phone. Next to this: Long press to wake up Siri. Say " Add Evernote Reminder" Siri comes back and says "what would you like to add to Evernote Reminder?" You now speak your note, Siri comes back and says "I have added it." Wait a few moments and it will pop up in your Evernote account under the notebook called "Reminder" and will be appened to other notes, I now have three reminders! Check it out and see if this will work for you! David in Wichita
  9. I am experiencing the same problem you are having, Siri will create the note in Reminder but IFTTT takes days before it will fire. I created the recipe on January 4th and it did not fire until January 20th ??? Like you I have tinkered with the recipe at the IFTTT web page, checked the setup and get back the reply that the recipe is working! So, I am also in the dark, if someone can point "us" in the right direction that would be super. Regards, David in Wichita
  10. Glad to be of help, that is what this forum is all about. Helping one and other. Best wishes and Happy New Year! You will get there FIRST before Kansas.
  11. Hi, Stephen and welcome to the forums. I just double checked and using Evernote clipper and Clearly [this is another reason for the smart folks at Evernote to rethink the idea of getting rid of Clearly, with one click on Clearly it cuts and sends it to the correct inbox in Evernote. Evernote clipper takes two clicks, bad form!], both appeared in my Evernote inbox with the link showing in the space just to the left of "Click to add tag" Double check your notes. Regard, David in Wichita
  12. 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video. 2. Make a note in Evernote and give it a title "My YouTube video" 3. Right click the title and move the mouse to the left. The title should now be highlighted 4. Now right click the highlighted, and a menu opens up and go to hyperlink. 5. Enter the URL information from step 1. Click OK 5. Now when you click on this text it will open up the URL !! Regards, David in Wichita
  13. So glad I am still using Evernote for Windows! It just works: no hassle, no pop-ups and still has a little color! Premium member since 2009
  14. Hi Robert, Sorry to hear about the "Not Responding" issue with the SSD. I converted to SSD last February and since that time, not one case of "Not Responding." I appreciate your information and will keep a close eye on my setup and report any future problems. Just to note, I am still using version of Evernote. As I read all of the problems 5.xx is having and the no color issue, I just could not see the point of a negative upgrade. Still feel that the "Not Responding" issue has something to do with the way Evernote does its internal indexing, but that is just my thoughts. Regards, David in Wichita
  15. What I'm wondering is, if I do a fresh windows install and use the SSD for the OS and my most used programs, can I simply leave the HDD intact and use it for storage? That would be super easy, but it seems like I've heard that you need to reformat the HDD in order to leave it where it is. I left mine in place but did unplug it, so now it is ready to fire up just like before if I should ever unplug the SSD. But, when you see how fast everything is and no problems with Evernote, I don't think that will happen. I did NOT reinstall Windows, just did the clone and turned on the SSD. Regards, David in Wichita
  16. Just push the Manual button, then frame your document and push the big white button. Done!
  17. Once I have the PDF to my liking I just copy then document using the copy button at the top of ScanSnap Organizer, then just drop it into a new note in Evernote. I usually have the note started in Evernote by giving the note a name and the location I want the note to reside. For example, I have a notebook called LIBRARY, within that notebook are several other notebooks, Books Pending, Manuals, Tax Info, etc. When I get a new TV or something that has a manual, I scan it and then name it "NEW TV" and just drop it into the LIBRARY/Manual folder. It has been sometime since I thought about how I Scan to Evernote, but in checking my old download directory, and found the file "ScanSnap - Evernote Profile.zip." If I remember correctly this will set up several links in "your" profile directory on ScanSnap that will scan directly into Evernote and I think you can setup the folder where you want it directed. Another quick way to dump documents into Evernote is to go to Tools in Evernote and set up an Import Folder, mind is called C:\Evernote Upload. Now you can just drag a file to this directory and it will send the file to the Notebook of your choice. Hope this will be of help. Regards, David in Wichita Go Shocks!!
  18. Hi Bud, Been using ScanSnap for five years now and it is the best! I feel that I have a little more control of my documents if I use Organizer first. After scanning I place them in the organizer window, (I use two monitors one for the organizer and the other showing the ScanSnap Manager) really give you excellent control of everything. After using organizer to arrange and be sure that all of the document are right side up (it happens sometimes!) then I rename and copy to Evernote in the desired directory/folder. I have tried scanning straight into Evernote, but if a I see a problem with the document, then it is back into Organizer to clean it up. I like just doing the job one time, file, tag, and if needed in the future, document is ready to go. The only paper left in my home are: insurance policies, car titles, and several other documents of that type, but I have scanned copies of the above in Evernote, just so that I always have them with me if needed. My policy is receive, scan, Evernote, then shred! Happy scanning David in Wichita Go Shocks!!
  19. Evernote does not scale well. At all. In the past, I was an ardent user of Evernote. Used it every single day. But then my main account became unusable on iOS and the Windows desktop about two years ago. I did all the things EN recommended...new hard drive, upgrade OS, rebuild database, etc, etc, etc. I had to create a second account in order to use EN on my phone, iPad and PC. The same computers and iPhone & iPad that couldn't use the main account worked just fine with my new account. Due to other EN bugs, I finally migrated away from Evernote to Onenote. Don't like it as well, but at least it works well on my PC and iPad. EN has been aware of the scalability issue for at least a few years b/c I kept reporting it and working with the devs. But since they don't share their roadmap, there is no way to know if they are addressing this issue. Good luck. I also followed all of the "Not Responding" comments, major lags, reinstall, etc. Then I came across someone who changed out the Hard Drive for a Solid State Drive. WOW, talk about night and day. (1) Sync your Evernote account. (2) I installed a Kingston Digital 480GB from Amazon at a cost of $220. (3) Took about 10 minutes to install the SSD, and about 25 minutes for the Kingston to copy "all" of the files from the HD. (4) Turned off computer and unplugged the old HD (5) Restarted computer and go to BIOS to set the Kingston as the new boot drive. (6) Talk about lightning fast. The only problem I had with Evernote was that it would not sync with the cloud, but all of the other features worked very fast. I finally remove the database on the SSD restart Evernote and then it went to the cloud and downloaded the cloud database, it then worked like a charm. I know this is a radical way to solve the Evernote slowness problem, but when you see how fast all of your programs are loading, it is just like when you first got your new Windows computer, and by the way, I am doing all of this on Windows XP !! Regards, David in Wichita Go Shocks!!
  20. Just select the note in question, "scannable document" and then change that name to something of your choice.
  21. Steve Dotto of DottoTech, sure gave this product a 5 star review the other day. His YouTube video can be viewed at this link. I must add that this is the best new app to come along in sometime that works at first run!! Thank you, David in Wichita
  22. Sounds like a great solution, BUT, after the exit of Evernote, and then trying to rename the directory, I get "Access is denied" ? Using Windows XP
  23. Hello Dan and welcome to the Evernote Forums. The winmail.dat has long been a problem when using Outlook. I don't think they will ever fix the problem, so just find another email program. I have used Thunderbird for years without a problem. Regards, David in Wichita
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