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  1. Did you even bother to read my whole post?
  2. I would want markdown support if Evernote allowed us to sort notes in a manual order (via click and drag, NOT via naming them 001, 002, etc.). I subscribe to Ulysses and run a virtual machine on my PC to use it because manual sorting such a critical feature for me. If you have a Mac/iPhone/iPad/are willing to put up with a virtual machine on your PC, and need markdown support, give Ulysses a look.
  3. I too think Clearly is the best program. I did an upgrade in FireFox and lost my copy, but after much searching, I found a signed copy of I will attach a signed and unsigned to this message.

    David in Wichita




  4. Hi,

    Paragraph linking is a feature in Onenote.

    Outlining is also in Onenote but unlike Word, there isn't a way to create a TOC based on outline levels (none that I know of). But you can collapse and expand it and move parts of it around. However outlining is only available in desktop editions (i.e. the free Onenote2016 - not the Metro app in Windows store).

  5. It is nice to be able to just focus on one note while typing, though I'm not sure it should be the only way to edit/write/create a new note. Also how do I open a note in a new tab? I can't figure it out. One thing I noticed right off the bat is my list of shortcuts is gone. Yes I can click to bring it back, but honestly I don't like that. One thing I like about the old/current UI is my shortcuts are right there at all times. It makes it must faster to quickly switch between things over and over. I know it's one click, but it's one click I'd be making every few seconds sometimes, so it would
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