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  1. Did you even bother to read my whole post?
  2. I would want markdown support if Evernote allowed us to sort notes in a manual order (via click and drag, NOT via naming them 001, 002, etc.). I subscribe to Ulysses and run a virtual machine on my PC to use it because manual sorting such a critical feature for me. If you have a Mac/iPhone/iPad/are willing to put up with a virtual machine on your PC, and need markdown support, give Ulysses a look.
  3. I too think Clearly is the best program. I did an upgrade in FireFox and lost my copy, but after much searching, I found a signed copy of I will attach a signed and unsigned to this message.

    David in Wichita




  4. Hi,

    Paragraph linking is a feature in Onenote.

    Outlining is also in Onenote but unlike Word, there isn't a way to create a TOC based on outline levels (none that I know of). But you can collapse and expand it and move parts of it around. However outlining is only available in desktop editions (i.e. the free Onenote2016 - not the Metro app in Windows store).

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