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Evernote upgrades, fix one thing, break two, is that the new business model?



With each Evernote upgrade, they fix one thing and then break two, is that the new business model?

In version 6.8 they broke the "place the note title in the note title area," so that when you started a new note the cursor jumped to the first line of the note and not the title line ??

Now version 6.9 is out and the note title problem is fixes, but the Simplify Format feature is broken. In addition, when you add a photo they are all squished up!! My question is why would programmers even be in the formatting and squishing area in the first place, to cause these errors.

On the positive side I do like the new spelling feature in 6.9, just hilite the word(s) in red and the correct spelling appears.
David in Wichita

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3 hours ago, ClutterBGone said:

is that the new business model?

It's reality of technical development but we'd prefer the breaks get identified and fixed in testing

It's more useful if you post in the release feedback discussion

I moved this discussion to the Windows forum

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