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  1. The Safari clipper on iPhone and iPad has lost a critical behavior, making it difficult to use and nearly useless for me: it no longer prefills the note title from the web page. Before version 10, when you activated the clipper from the Share Sheet, it would grab the web page title and pre-fill the Evernote note title using it. Now it presents just a blank text field. Many web pages' rendered titles are links, and some are images, making it difficult or impossible to copy and paste the title's text. I know it should be able to grab the title, because other apps on my Share Sheet are able to extract the titles from the same web pages. (I don't know whether it pulls it from rendered text or from pages' <title> metadata. This is a huge step backward for this functionality, and I hope to see it restored with an update very soon.
  2. Thought I had tried all the chord combinations! 😐 That's better, now it's thinking long and hard.
  3. Thank you, but holding down Opt/Alt and clicking the sync icon seems to have no effect on Evernote for Mac version 7.14 (458244 Direct) (nor do shift keys affect File > Sync).
  4. I can search the .enex file exported from the Mac for lines beginning with "<note><title>", and if there were a similar way to export from iPhone/iPad, you could just compare those two (text) files to see the differences. (I assume you could do the same with Evernote for Windows.) I found an explanation for the apparent discrepancy between Mac and iPhone/iPad note counts; see below. I'm good now! My issue seems to have resolved itself, but I'll detail what I've since noticed in my situation. It seems the 52 September notes I was missing have resurfaced on my iPhone (version 10) as you suggested, so instead of a 190 or so difference with the Mac, the difference is down to around 140 (but see below). As I did not record tallies before upgrading my iPhone, I cannot say whether that discrepancy existed prior to updating it to version 10 HOWEVER... I just updated Evernote on iPad to version 10. Before the update, it had 26,491 notes. After the update, it has 26,347, the same as on the iPhone, and my notes from September are present there as well. So now, the note counts are: Mac All Notes: 26,487 notes (it doesn't display a count, but a select-all yields "26487 notes selected (including read-only notes)") iPhone (version 10) All Notes: 26,347 iPad (version 10) All Notes: 26,347 notes Web All Notes: 26,272 notes There is now a difference of 140 notes between iPhone/iPad and Mac, but that coincides with presumably read-only Shared with Me notes. On my Mac, those total 140 – so that means Mac, iPad, and iPhone now seem to have consistent note counts. Only the web view has an unexplained difference: 75 fewer there than on iPad/iPhone, but I'm okay with that. Thanks for the feedback, all! (Interestingly, on iPhone/iPad, "Shared with Me" contains only a single shared note. The other 139 are in shared folders which appear on Mac only, not on iPhone or iPad.)
  5. For clarity, my data is still present on the older versions on both Mac and iPad, so I didn't lose anything. The September notes just aren't present on Version 10 on iPhone. Nevertheless, I took a follow-up backup of just those 52 notes on Mac in case they "diskappear". But for now, I'm staying put with the new one on iPhone alone in case I notice any other behaviors that might help diagnose this. I haven't yet opened a ticket. Betting they have their hands full right now!
  6. No offline notes that I'm aware of, but that would be a factor only if the other two installations had offline notes**. It's the iPhone (version 10) that now has fewer. I've subscribed to this thread and will keep an eye out. Kinda wish I had been part of the beta, because this is just the sort of thing I would routinely test*. Let me know if there's any other way I can help. * Not intended as a "swipe". I fully realize these things can be a lot more complicated than they might seem. ** Just realized I had a brain ***** there. Nevermind!
  7. No, despite taking care with backups, syncing, and updates, I didn't have the presence of mind to compare note counts across devices. But Mac and iPad are off by just one, so the roughly 190 difference with the updated iPhone installation are concerning. Missing 52 notes updated since 9/1 from iPhone suggests Evernote may have changed something about background/cloud storage, but the 139 unaccounted-for is troubling. I do see exactly 85 notes in Trash on all three installations, and they seem to be the same notes (checking beginning and end). I suppose I could try deleting the new Evernote from iPhone and reinstalling Version 10 to see whether resyncing all the notes might "correct" the issue, but I'd like to wait for word from Evernote before doing something like that. The "upgrade" action when I first launched it after installation took just a few seconds, so it couldn't have gone through all the notes the previous version had cached on that devices.
  8. UPDATE: I did nothing, but my missing 52 notes from September have reappeared after a bit over an hour, and the remaining discrepancy between Mac and iPad/iPhone may be due to the Mac including read-only/"Shared with Me" notes. I seem to have lost ALL notes since 9/1/2020 when updating Evernote on only my iPhone. Having read this thread first, I ensured that Mac, iPad, and iPhone were all synced. (I then backed up all 26,000+ notes onto external disk as .enex on Mac.) Then I installed the Evernote update on iPhone. On iPhone, I have notes ordered by most-recent-updated first. Four notes that I believe were from earlier this year appeared at the top. All have the green "needs synchronization" triangle icon visible. Immediately following them are my notes up through 8/31/2020. The 52 notes I had from 9/1 until now are NOT present. On Mac and iPad, after resynchronization, the four spurious notes appear with "Updated: Sep 16, 2020" and are followed by the "missing" notes from September, including those I had added (and synched) before installing the Evernote update on iPhone. I am holding off installing the new app on iPad for obvious reasons. This is NOT good. ETA: viewing "All Notes", selecting all on Mac shows 26,484, iPhone shows 26,297, and iPad shows 26,488, so evidently Mac is missing 4 and iPhone is missing 191 compared with iPad. Why? Mac version is 7.14 (latest), iPhone is 10.0 (110644), and iPad is
  9. Wow, I've been using Evernote since 2010, and I may be wrong, but I don't recall ever having to uninstall and reinstall the clipper. Nevertheless, that worked for me: exiting Safari, moving Evernote Web Clipper.app to the Trash, rebooting, and reinstalling the extension. I didn't need to touch security or privacy settings and didn't even need to re-authenticate with Evernote. Thank you, @PinkElephant!
  10. I just installed the Safari 13.1 update today (on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6), and the Evernote web clipper icon has disappeared from my toolbar. I cannot figure out how to initiate the web clipper. Safari Extensions says it's installed. It doesn't show up in Customize Toolbar. This is frustrating.
  11. I thought I'd commented on this before, but perhaps it was on another thread. I'd been having this issue as well intermittently but repeatedly for a very long time, but it stopped quite a while ago, and I don't know what happened to make it stop. That suggests it may be environment-dependent and difficult to reproduce. I feel for those still experiencing it, because it was really annoying when it was happening, just wanted y'all to know it may not be a widespread experience.
  12. That won't help. I use 2-factor authentication, and it's been asking me to log in (with my password though not demanding 2FA) each time.
  13. Using Version 6.3 (452832 Direct), I just lost some information from a note with a simple cut/paste operation between two Evernote notes. I had two Notes, one prepared beforehand and a new one that I had created and was editing. Viewing the older note, I highlighted some text interspersed with two images, which happened to be the first part of the Note (but not the entire Note) and used CTRL-X to cut the highlighted region. Then I viewed the newer note and pasted with CTRL-V. What I got was the text with "broken image" icons as shown in the first attachment: (The first icon happened to be selected when I captured that image.) Then, I tried to reproduce the problem by recreating the text-and-image portion and variously creating new Notes, cutting and pasting, and copying and pasting. I could not recreate the problem (immediately), however, when I was finished being unable to recreate the problem, I noticed that one of the notes I had created ended up looking like this second attachment: (It was necessary to obscure the actual content of the image: it was a screen captured JPEG of text.) As you can see, one of the images "survived", but the other magically transformed into a "broken image" icon. I realize that this seems like inconsistent behavior, so it may be difficult for you to track down, but it has me really scared at this point. While there's a risk of losing (and being unable to retrieve) note content through ordinary cut-and-paste operations, I won't be relying on "cut" with Evernote for a while until you folks can track this down. This is not good.
    1. angadn


      I'm facing the exact same issue on both my MacBooks. It works swell on my Android phone, but not on the Mac. Keen to know if you figured what the problem was. I've done everything from trying alternative DNS, clearing local storage, reinstalling, etc. etc.

  14. Here's a little follow-up from my earlier post. Things were good for a while once I discovered that I could get the clipper working again despite using two-factor authentication on iPhone and iPad by navigating to "www.evernote.com" and trying to log in there. It would ask for my second authentication factor (via Google Authenticator), I'd enter that sequence, and once my mobile browser had loaded its new cookies from evernote,com, the clipper would resume functioning properly using the Javascript "bookmarklet". Since then, in their INFINITE WISDOM, Evernote has taken it upon themselves to modify their web site to detect that you're trying to connect from an iPad or iPhone and HELPFULLY inform you that they don't support using Evernote from these devices. So, it won't let you log in. So, you can't go through the second authentication factor. So, you can't get your new cookies. So, you can't get the Evernote clipper bookmarket to resume functioning. WE DON'T NEED YOU TO PROVIDE US WITH ANYTHING NEW HERE, EVERNOTE, WE JUST NEED YOU TO STOP BEING SO MYOPIC AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY.
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