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  1. Bitlocker requires a TPM chip. I don't think it is limited to Home.
  2. Sorry, can't help any further but many of us want the ability to select our own image. If you would like to join the crowd you can vote up the request here. Maybe someday we will get it.
  3. I'm not sure if it is more completely explained anywhere else, but there is this:
  4. Wow! I empathize. I have an older, lower end laptop with around 17K notes and the SSD replacement about two years ago was the magic bullet for me. I removed the HDD and replaced it with an SSD and reinstalled the OS, so everything is running on the SSD not just the database. I've seen others have reported this problem as well and hope that EN can eventually get to the bottom of it and I keep my fingers crossed that my system continues to remain somewhat problem free. I sacrifice a chicken every couple of weeks to be on the safe side.
  5. Good grief, sometimes I really wonder ... A satisfactory response would be to provide us a way to override their default image selection algorithm. I prefer snippet view and many of the snippet images, especially those from web clippings, show an image that has no meaning to the note. I live with this but don't like it and once Evernote gets the bug list under control, they really, really should consider addressing this.
  6. That shouldn't be happening unless your post violated one of the user agreement terms. There has been an effort lately to consolidate similar posts into one thread. Maybe they have just been moved?
  7. I use Chrome on Windows 7 and also see the log in in the upper right. Maybe if you show us what you are seeing we can help further.
  8. Make sure you don't have beta updates enabled. Go to Tools -> Options -> General and make sure "Enable beta features and updates" is not selected. You can also deselect "Automatically check for updates."
  9. The iOS app works ok for me but "fluid" is not one word that comes to mind when I use it. I have an older phone which is partly to blame but performance has never been snappy for me.
  10. I haven't loaded the latest but I think you may have answered your own question.
  11. I've been watching Notion, but not too closely. Have they added in the ability to scan or email content in? I did see they added a web clipper. How does it compare to EN's?
  12. and that is a surprise to ... no one 😁 Sorry, couldn't resist.
  13. Mine work fine now but two years ago when I changed from a PC to a Mac at home I was surprised to find that the searches which worked fine on Windows did not work the same on the Mac. After some fiddling with the terms I was able to get them to work consistently, but the syntax is definitely not intuitive.
  14. Except, unless I missed it, that article doesn't cover reminders. Reminder search is definitely non-intuitive. I have yet to create a reminder saved search without some level of trial and error especially since the syntax doesn't (or at least didn't ... haven't checked lately) work exactly the same for all platforms. Searching is one of the strongest elements of Evernote and they could do a much better job making this easier for a user without having to reference a help file.
  15. I'm not aware of encryption in either web version as well. Interesting, this is also mentioned in the English version of the help FAQ. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006027-What-s-new-in-Evernote-Web
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