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  1. Same here. I'm a fairly recent convert over to a Mac and there are still times when I'll hook up a mouse instead of using the touch pad. Too many years with a mouse I guess...
  2. Interesting ... I only have one account (premium) account that I'm aware of, but maybe I accidently created a free one in the past that I'm not remembering.
  3. Sign up for Premium 😀 I believe this change took place a few years ago. You get the 5 to test drive the feature but that is it.
  4. I must say I was pretty excited to receive this since I've been paying full price for a while now and having a new year with a discount sounded pretty good. After following the link I get a "Sorry, that offer isn't valid with your account" message. I get that the intent is to entice basic members into a paid plan, but please filter out premium members from the email distribution if they are ineligible. I recall this happened at least once before.
  5. What!?! Only two count ... the other two should never be acknowledged. They are a pock on the Stooge legacy. What was this thread about anyway??
  6. Same here, one just came in this morning so, yup, still working. Just noticed the new avatar. Paging Dr. Howard, Dr Fine and Dr Howard ... ah good memories. I wasted, I mean dedicated, my youth to all things Stooges. Good choice!
  7. The 1% figure was surprisingly low to me as well. Stated a little differently, it would be interesting to know what the usage percentage is for paying customers. I suspect the 1% is based on total users, however that is defined. I have little interest in what the free community uses or wants ... I think they already have it too good 😁.
  8. Thanks for the detailed response and glad to hear that Evernote considers reminders important. I am currently not part of the 1% but was for many years. I moved away from Evernote reminders because other apps were just more seamless for my current workflow. It will be very interesting to see what the team comes up with.
  9. How do you have this set up? I have the same scanner wireless to the Mac running Mojave and everything works great. I can scan directly into Evernote. I've been holding off upgrading to Catalina because I think that will force me to use ScanSnap Home and I didn't think that would allow scans directly into Evernote. I don't want to scan into their cloud and I've heard that import folders are possible on the Mac but, as I recall, were difficult to set up. I could hook the scanner to the PC but that is the work system and I'd like to avoid that.
  10. A couple of others that I find useful. In addition to controlling the merge order you can also define what the border between the merged notes looks like. Also Windows allows you to set color and font for tag and notebook names helping them stand out in the left hand pane.
  11. If you haven't already, check out the latest web version. Evernote is test driving an updated search there, as well as a new editor. At some point these will get rolled out to the other clients.
  12. They are working on feature parity so maybe this is something that will show up eventually. In the meantime, get chummy with someone with a Mac or Windows system. 😀
  13. So if you are using a computer and not just a Chromebook, why not load that client software and use the exporting capabilities that provides? The web version has gotten better but it doesn't have all of the capability that the Mac/PC versions provide.
  14. If this option did exist, where would you expect the data to back up to?
  15. What do you want to back up to, another cloud service? Evernote databases can get very large. Backing up to another cloud service that one has to pay for seems impractical to me. If you ever need to move your data just borrow someone’s Mac or PC for this one time task.
  16. No, I'm in that boat as well. I only use one account for both home and work, that is why I mentioned my stack and saved search setup. I have about 20K notes but only have two stacks and a handful of notebooks so setting this up wasn't too difficult for me but if you are already making heavy use of stacks I can see this being difficult to set up since EN only allows one level of stacks and notebooks can only be in one stack. The ability to exclude notebooks from a search would be nice but we currently have to use tags for that. You might give some thought to using tags instead of notebooks for some of your organization otherwise some of the other suggestions might be more helpful with your setup.
  17. If there are notes that you just want to move out of your account but might need them in the future, then I would export those notes into a .enex file and then just store that file away. In the future just import that file back in to get access. If you don't mind the notes just sitting there then no harm in keeping them. I do use an archive tag for work projects but that is only for search purposes where I can exclude old projects from search.
  18. Sync for the most part just works for me. I rarely think about it but have seen the occasional glitch. For times (such as plane trips) when I absolutely need to make sure content recently added to one machine must be on another, I get into the habit of manually sync'ing and checking each before leaving. Having a fast machine with TB of space really doesn't factor into sync much, network speed and quality is probably the bigger factor. Not sure what the specific issue was for you, maybe the service was down for a little bit, but learning to occasionally do manual syncs has definitely saved me some grief in the past ... FWIW.
  19. The SSD upgrade several years ago was the magic bullet fix for me but others have reported that it didn't help, but even if it doesn't help Evernote specifically (and here's hoping it does) Windows overall will be a lot snappier and more responsive. It is IMO a very worthwhile hardware upgrade, and if you go through that effort I would suggest you bite the bullet and do a new clean install with W10 instead of trying to migrate over your W8 image. There are some SSD settings that Windows takes advantage of when doing a new installation on an SSD that will not get set if you migrate over an image created on an HDD.
  20. A new universal editor is currently being tested on the web version. In the lower right corner you should see an option to either select the beta editor or classic editor. It will eventually be rolled out to all clients.
  21. Here is the explanation and the fix. It's not an Evernote issue.
  22. Interesting ... using Chrome with Windows, I still get ( ) in front of the title. I'll try this again at home with my Mac. Maybe a Youtube or browser setting ... The number shown is usually different and I've never been able to associate it with anything.
  23. I'm wondering if it is not actually an Evernote problem. Currently, using Chrome on Windows, if I view a YouTube video, the browser tab shows with a number in ( ). I've noticed the same at home using Safari on the Mac. Evernote is likely just grapping the tab title.
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