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  1. s2sailor

    Why is Evernote so slow lately?

    I do a lot of Lightroom raw file editing as well and my Macbook i5 CPU w/8 GB memory and SSD does ok. There is a slight pause before loading the image to full resolution but it is acceptable but I'm only dealing with 25MB file sizes. If I ever upgrade to one of the newer cameras with 50MB file sizes, then it will be laptop upgrade time for me.
  2. s2sailor

    ScanSnap Evernote Edition and Mac OS Mojave

    As I understand it, the Scansnap Evernote edition scanner is basically an iX500 but with specialized software and driver for the Evernote branded scanner. Fujitsu updated their generic iX500 sofware first - no surprise there, but it sounds like they are working on the Evernote specific software. Evernote is not pointing fingers, they are just waiting for the responsible party to provide the updates.
  3. s2sailor

    Why is Evernote so slow lately?

    @gazumped have you jumped on the SSD bandwagon yet? IIRC you were still using HDDs. Even if the change to SSD doesn't fix the Evernote slow down, you won't regret the change. Best PC upgrade I've ever made.
  4. Nice goals, but we have heard this before ... here's hoping the new guy can pull it off.
  5. To be honest, their priorities over the last several years have not meshed with mine, so for me I've seen little incremental improvement in the product that I can get excited about but I do find the base product still quite useful so I stick with it.
  6. Hmmm ok, it sounds like the Evernote brand scanner comes with customized ScanSnap manager software. Have you tried reaching out to Evernote on Twitter?
  7. You are not alone. Others have requested these over the years. It doesn't (unfortunately) appear to be a priority with the development team.
  8. Can you successfully scan in a document using a different ScanSnap profile than the Evernote one? I'm assuming the Evernote Edition version of the scanner does include other, non-EN profiles. Just wondering if it is a general scan issue, or something unique to the Evernote firmware/profile.
  9. s2sailor

    go take a look at Nimbus Note

    Notion does look intriguing, but until it adds a webclipper, scanner input and email input, it is a non-starter for me. I am watching it to see how it further develops.
  10. s2sailor

    2019 EN still doesn't do the basics !

    That is incorrect. For about 10 years I used a ScanSnap S300 (I believe) and it was easy to set up and create a profile to scan directly into Evernote. I recently retired that and purchased the ScanSnap iX500 and it comes with an Evernote profile already included in their software. The iX500 is an awesome scanner by the way and this is not the Evernote branded one, just Fujitsu's standard iX500.
  11. s2sailor

    Clear Recent Search History for Windows

    I'm a Windows user and I'm not suffering, at least from this. You can help keep Evernote data secure by using a Windows password or logging out of Evernote when not in use. I don't see the concern with protecting your search history within Evernote. It sounds like you are concerned about the search terms but not the data. A further explanation of your use case may be helpful. Also, there is another thread on this topic, that you have participated in. No need to open a new one.
  12. s2sailor

    Bring Back Reminders!

    The easy access to them has been removed but you can find them by clicking on the ellipsis. I'm not thrilled about this change either.
  13. s2sailor

    Why no dark mode for Windows ?

    Doesn't ring my bell either, but I activated it to see what the fuss was about. Clever example using a sample from our resident author and dark mode proponent. Do I win a prize for noticing 🙂. Maybe a key to unlock more emojis?
  14. s2sailor

    Why no dark mode for Windows ?

    It does. It's in the latest update.
  15. s2sailor

    Evernote for Mac 7.6

    ... and the ugly green share button is still there and reminders is still relegated to the ellipsis menu. The latest Windows update still has reminders shown on top and share is in the ellipsis menu. Really wish the Mac team would follow the Windows team on this one.
  16. s2sailor

    Help with "Recreate Full Text Search Index"

    ... and did you end up with the search results expected, or were they just improved?
  17. Which Scansnap scanner do you have? I believe they have included an Evernote profile for a while now in their common scanners. Just a selection of this profile and connection to your Evernote account and you should be good to go. The Home software does appear to be a separate document storage option from Evernote.
  18. s2sailor

    How do you import notes from Apple Notes?

    I believe the question was about going in the opposite direction from Apple Notes -> Evernote.
  19. s2sailor

    Some Notes Refuse to Sync

    If a note copy doesn't work I've sometimes had to copy the contents of the note, create a new note and then paste. I don't know why but I've found that always works even if a note copy doesn't.
  20. s2sailor

    Evernote OneNote integration

    You are welcome, also don't forget the user is on the hook to back up any local notebooks since they stay out of the cloud.
  21. s2sailor

    Evernote OneNote integration

    Not a direct answer to your question, but I just keep all work items in local notebooks. That takes care of the security concern. I rarely need to access work notes from any device other than my work laptop so this approach works ok for me. That said I wish they would implement notebook level encryption. I would find that a better overall solution.
  22. Bizarre. Have you tried to uninstall then reinstall the clipper, or a different browser? Which one are you using?
  23. s2sailor

    Select Thumbnail Picture

    I would like to select my images too but cancelling over this seems a little like tossing the baby out with the bath water, but hey, if it is that important to you.
  24. I have a shortcut that consists of dictate text and create new note. When I use that it opens an audio box that captures what is spoken and then translates it to text and saves it to an Evernote.