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  1. This is a user forum. Evernote employees occasionally show up, but they don't respond to all comments and questions. An official answer here is unlikely. If you haven't already, I would suggest you open a support ticket.
  2. Pointless is in the eye of the beholder. That is how I view this effort, but if that is where you want to spend your energy, have at it.
  3. I think it is. Good luck and report back how it goes.
  4. My thought was that if this was a function that was present and now isn't, or no longer works, then open a support ticket and report it as a bug and then see how they respond.
  5. For me, the link error occurs very infrequently and so far I have always been able to search and find the original note to recreate the link, so I don't intend on spending any additional effort to safe guard.
  6. I'm surprised they redirected you to the forum for a question like this. No one here can answer that. I would suggest opening another support ticket and hopefully you will get a different response.
  7. Ok, I've clipped a lot of screenshots and have never noticed the size, or really cared but I now see that you have a basic subscription so you are bumping up against the monthly limit. There is another solution to that problem ... 😎
  8. Nope. A note can only exist in one notebook. If you want a note to exist in two "categories" then use tags. Many of us tend to use few notebooks but many tags for organization. A forum search will bring up many posts and opinions and recommendations on that. You will have one default notebook where new notes or clipped note will go to unless you redirect them to another notebook. It sounds like yours is called kenatsun's notebook. Many of us rename the default notebook to something like inbox which then acts as a collection box for new notes. From there you can then reorganize your notes by moving to other notebooks, adding tags, etc.
  9. I do this too. Over the years I've had links occasionally break for reasons that I've never figured out. As long as I keep the link the same as the note title, it is easy to just search for it and then recreate the link. This used to bother me, but now if I find a broken link, I just do a search on the note title, recreate the link and move on.
  10. All notes have to be in a notebook. If you don't want to delete the note, then the action is to move it to another notebook. The specifics will depend on which device you are using.
  11. Now sign out of the account you just created and sign into the account you have, and everything should be there.
  12. For me, anything that is time dependent goes on the calendar. If it is just date dependent that it goes in the todo app. I have bounced around a few as well. Currently back using Todoist. As long as the todo app can accept an EN link, then it meets my criteria. I don't require any more integration than that.
  13. Yes, I was lucky, my kids were still at home when Facebook was real popular. By the time they got out of college they were pretty much not using it any longer. Now we just text and if I'm lucky I'll get a response within a couple of days 😉 Sorry for the off topic, now back to our regularly scheduled programming ...
  14. I just use encrypted PDFs but the other option is to use local notebooks. With work information there is just too much to go the encrypted file route, so I use local notebooks for all that. For personal information, that is encrypted and in the cloud. I don't generate all that much that I consider encryption worthy. If someone wants to know what my electric bill was last month, have at it.
  15. Facebook, not a place I ever went, or intend to go. I'm putting it on my tombstone.
  16. Your call but one has to join the Facebook community to see your post.
  17. What version of the Windows client are you using?
  18. Alternatively, select the notebook and Edit -> Delete from the menu, but what you tried should have worked. Sometimes a reboot will cure weirdness like this.
  19. Welcome to the club. It sucks but as they say, better than the alternative. I have progressives but they were adjusted to a natural reading angle and with large monitors I need to tilt my head back for them to work, therefore I don't use them when working at the computer. My current solution is to wear contact lens and then just use readers when at the computer. I might try progressives again but with the division line set higher ... not sure yet.
  20. It is used in shared notes. When sharing you can select edit or just read capability. The read only ones are locked. I agree it would be nice if this function was exposed for all notes.
  21. Nor do it, I'm just providing my opinion and feedback on the feature. That is speculative ... none of us users can really know that. If you tend to have just static templates then most won't mind this limitation. I have a travel packing list (as an example) that I'm constantly updating, so the lack of template editing is very noticeable.
  22. Nor can you directly edit the template. You basically have to create a new copy, make the changes you want and then post as the new template and delete the old. A PITA, at least for me. I really struggle to see how anyone finds value in the template feature. Creating a note, giving it a template tag and then just copying the note when needed works far better for me than the new feature ... my 2 cents.
  23. Hey, nothing wrong with being on the bottom. Oh wait, we were talking about tags ... yeah, I'm ok with that too 😀
  24. If this is a note that you have been working on for ~2 years then Evernote will have note history for it. If you sign up for premium for one month then you will have access to note history and should be able to grab the last version saved.
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