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  1. grrrrr . I think they are trying to be too clever and syncing while typing. Maybe my notes are not so big or I am taking breaks in the middle of typing to clip things and so I am not noticing. I will pay more attention when I am typing. Aren't these things supposed to be asynchronous ....
  2. This is happening to me too , 10.7.6 and the previous version before it also did it. It happens to me 1 -2 times a day.
  3. omg, I thought this was just my imagination, but this is happening to me too! I was thinking I mistakenly hit a button, but it has happened too many times now and I am sure I have not. Something is triggering it to refocus to the top of the note. Have you put a bug report in for this? I have not as I have had others that are more important.. but now that I see other people are having this same issue I should enter a case.
  4. @Jeff Bass I just typed a note with 2000 lines and it seems ok (well one character per line). Is this really a limitation? I wonder if we can request a zoom call with Ian Small to discuss how we spend hours documenting things and giving supporting evidence of our workflows that prove why we need the functions they have deleted, and still customer support says cuts and pastes canned answers ... basically saying it is a 'feature they are considering'.... when these functions were put into the product for a reason! I am so upset -
  5. Hello @PinkElephant -- The idea is that we are moving forward, not going backwards... I do not want to use the legacy just to write long notes... I don't want to use the legacy to clip into a note, and I certainly don't want to be going backwards by now having to use 'shift-command-4' to clip something and drag it into a note and then wait 30 sec - 1 1/2 minutes until it gives me control back to continue typing in the note. How does this help the product go into the future by us using legacy? The product should be getting better with more features, not less. It should be becoming more r
  6. Yes, I am having the exact same problem with 10.7.6 - it is somewhat better than 10.6.9 .. but it is still not working correctly. I think (as I mentioned before) it has to do with how they are trying to sync the note as you are typing it. I can fix this by turning the internet off of the Evernote process !!!! It is usable -- still 1-2 seconds slower than the original version but better than 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes!! (I am talking about when I drag images into the note (because they BROKE the evernote helper and refuse to have a dialgue about fixing it to how it was )) I think they are t
  7. Hello @Georgemes I initially had the same feelings - Also I have used evernote forever and I am struggling massively with the changes as one of my main workflows is broken and no one seems to at all understand how important this is. Also, the syncing is not right .. It feels like they are trying to seemingly sync every keystroke to the cloud and this can't possibly work in real life... However, I am not going to give up with finding someone to listen and understand how critical these things are. Many of the other issues I had have been almost fixed with the newest version so I have hop
  8. You need to put in a support request: https://evernote.com/contact Under 'Get Support' click on: access additional support options. I don't think the support team reads the many threads in this forum.....
  9. Hello Karin - I think you should, because then they will know how serious it is. I am sure it is because they were trying to sync every thing - Evernote was so great before -- and now with the broken Evernote helper with no way to clip and drag into a note in real time plus typing a note taking on average over a minute (for me) to give me control back - I have to see what products there are that will give me this functionality. I have had some recommendations, but I am waiting to see if the issues are fixed. I am super unhappy with the way customer support simply closes my cases with 0 expla
  10. My work flow is severely impacted by them breaking this function - what they call the 'Evernote Helper'. I fear that they did not understand the use case of this function. This function alone could sell Evernote in our current days of Zooming all day. My workflow is that I would have zoom meetings/classes for 3-4 hours at a time. I would screen grab constantly and type in my notes -- I would either leave the screen grabs in the Evernote Helper, leaving that window open and drag them into a new note - and sometimes I would just type in that note. It was so fast, efficient and even if
  11. Jeff === I wrote above that I figured it out... it is that they are trying to sync seemingly every character to the cloud. This algorithm is not the right one. In no way does this support a real time workflow. I have an app running call 'Trip Mode' because I am often in places with little or slow Internet and I can't afford to have every program talking to the Internet - so I can specifically turn off apps. When I turned off evernote yesterday when I had a 3 hour meeting I could actually take notes and drag screen shots into the note and not get too far behind.
  12. I know what the problem is! I just figured it out. I type long notes during lectures and meetings and drag stuff into the note... omg .. I kept track of how long it took .. 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 1/2 minutes, sometimes 10 seconds. 100% unusable! I have been so depressed because I simply can not any longer be efficient and take notes and screen shots. They removed the top bar clipper - so that it clips only one thing directly to evernote and you never see it -- I was clipping my zoom window right into my note and and then typing notes and then again and again .. and it worked 100% beautifu
  13. I have the same issue. My workflow used the 'evernote helper' 4+ hours a day to take meeting, class and conference notes - by clipping screen shots, typing, annotating screen shots, adding link, dragging stuff into the note, etc. Now the screen shot doesn't open in the note, it is sent as its own single note to evernote and you never see it. What use is this if you are taking 50 screen shots over the course of an hour zoom meeting? I want the 50 screen shots in my note and I want to annotate them. Sometimes I would use 2 notes. One was the intermediary - the top bar evernote helper where I w
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