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  1. Two weeks later, still really enjoying the new version. I have redownloaded Evernote Legacy as I just could not live without the Folder Import option. While it's slightly annoying having two versions of the app on my PC the Legacy app just lives in the background and does the single job I still need it to do (it probably doubles my required storage space, but I have lots of storage so...) I have had no crashes, or other stability problems, and for now the missing thing I would really like is the ability to set Reminders to recurring. I use Chronofy Evernote Calendar Connector and it syncs
  2. So far so good for me. I have had zero problems with the new Windows versions, and while I would like the Import Folder, ability to manage Tags as previous, and miss the ability to set Styles and view options for individual views, I'm pretty happy. I still find having to see "Shared With Me" in the left panel annoying - I do not share Evernote files with anyone, and would like to turn that off. However, I really like the new Editor, and am especially happy with the way that Reminders are implemented, notably the functionality when setting them in individual notes. I think the merge featur
  3. Hi there It was archived on the Wayback Machine. You can find it here https://web.archive.org/web/20120503195712/http://dangoldesq.com When you go to this page there is a link to the article under the Most Popular blog posts section. Click on that and you will get the full article. I have also saved the article as a PDF below if that's easier. Evernote Article.pdf
  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention most people at my small company use Evernote daily.
  5. This point seems to elude so many people. Evernote as far as I am aware is not a charity and -- after a brief flirtation as a potential Unicorn - is trying to simply be a company that makes an excellent product that it hopes people will pay for so it can turn a profit and stay in business. I sometimes trial other note taking apps and think seriously of leaving, but in my experience none come close to the simplicity and reliability of Evernote. I also have confidence in the new CEO and his desire to methodically improve the product in a slow and steady fashion. I want the bells and whistle
  6. If being able to place items in different parts of a page as you can currently do in OneNote is really important to you, then Evernote will be a disappointment. I have used both, and OneNote is essentially a large page which allows you to click anywhere and write text, place an image, audio, etc. anywhere you want. You can then resize and drag the items around the page to your hearts content (as an aside, this feature/metaphor is the very reasons I stopped using OneNote as I found it really confusing, and cumbersome). Evernote is much more like Notepad on Windows. Straight forward and lin
  7. Did anyone ever find the solution to this? I still have notes marked "Shared Via Work Chat" that I cannot delete even though I have deleted all my work chats.
  8. I'm hopeful the little icon next to the U for underline (to the right) is something that will offer additional colours beyond Evernote yellow! But as I say, to me it just suggested this little icon might be in. Guess we will have to wait and see.
  9. Agreed re. colour highlights not just yellow, and it looks from the video like there is a new "pen" feature that suggests this is going to happen 🙂 I have oscillated constantly over the years -- stick with Evernote, go to OneNote, find something different?? I have GBs of notes in Evernote so departing is a significant decision for me. However, since the new CEO joined I am glad to see a clear focus on two things - a consistent interface across platforms (thank goodness!), and a focus on the stability of the software. Not sure if it's just me, but the Windows and Android versions I use see
  10. Great point. That's pretty much where I ended up too.
  11. ? Nice to read something positive. I've used Evernote for a looong time to. Loved it, hated it, abandoned it and come back to it. I found the differences between working on a Mac and then using it on iPhone AND an Ipad was confusing, there were endless sync problems (esp with Shortcuts disappearing on one device, or being overwritten by old shortcuts). Ever since I moved to a Microsoft Surface and only use it on the surface (I got rid of my iPad) things got much much better. Everything was on my Surface and I now use it for pretty much everything - GTD, file storage, project management. I
  12. Was there ever a resolution to this? I have the same problem on the iPad 10.5in (and had it on the iPad Air I owned previously). It's really frustrating as I need to close the app and then open it again to get a new note.
  13. Yes. As I posted earlier in this thread: on iOS, for each contact card, you tap the three dots (the "more" button), and select the appropriate option. Great stuff Scott, thanks so much. This saved me a lot of time! Regards Darren
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