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  1. How do I delete my current credit card so I can add another one and use that to pay my monthly subscription? The info in the help section about this is totally bogus.
  2. I am a premium member and just tried to upload a 243 mb video clip to a folder, got pop up saying file size limit over the 200 mb limit. Give me a break! 200 mg is nothing, should allow at least 500 mb.
  3. I got that from Evernote forum but it was from 2013. Can you send me a link about the change you are talking about? Evernote does not make it easy to find stuff about itself.
  4. The 1,000 Notebooks you highlighted are Not synced Notebooks, Evernote is not real clear about that here.
  5. That's for business members! I am talking about regular premium members and synced notebooks, according to what I read we are limited to 250, I wish I had known this before creating my Evernote account, I will be at 250 withing a few months. Guess I will be looking for another Note taking App.
  6. Evernote's 250 Synced Notebook Limit should be closer to 500, why would they care how many notebooks we created anyway? I am a premium member, we should have way more than 250 synced notebooks. As long as we stay within the number of notes we are aloud why does it matter?
  7. I happen to find that forwarded email under Notes, all I got was a red dot in the menu area not audible notification, is their supposed to be one and can we set up notifications when we have someone who wants to chat?
  8. Where are the emails I send to my Evernote? I sent one but was not notified and I do have notifications turned on.
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