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  1. I am trying to sign up for premium but keep getting thrown with: Sorry, we were unable to process your payment. Please check your payment information or try a different card. I have tried with various cards but can't proceed. Where's the PayPal option?
  2. I'm so glad I can download the Legacy, not liking the new version at all. It feels a lot more sluggish and this confirms it after realising it's web app, ugh. What I need the most is to be able to put the notes above and the editor below because my display is on vertical mode.
  3. For someone who has been using Evernote Plus since 2012, the massive upgrade button is disgusting and a disgrace for your paid users. There is no need to push for users to upgrade for another tier when I am satisfied with my current tier. Do you have no respect for your paid users?
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