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  1. While OneNote on a Mac may be an option, using it on an iPad is no option for me because of it's limit space for reading Note titles - to narrow. No Tags - so, nice to create a note, e. g. using your Apple Pencil, but a pain to find it again.
  2. 8.19 - and the "preview" of possible 'edit the table' capabilities are gone 🙂
  3. filterize.net if you‘re fine with 3rd party services (and pay them) - there is an automation available for recurring reminders.
  4. iPad-only will be a challenge. Not because iPad is a poor device or because iOS is a poor OS. It‘s all about the Apps. Many of them seem to be designed as „good enough“ - unfortunately.
  5. Hi, after updating to latest version today I saw those little symbols while editing tables - they are there but don‘t do anything - is this a pre-early test? 🙂
  6. got it - sharedate:* shows Notes with a public shared link - OK. If you share to specific persons / email accounts the search argument doesn‘t help (does not find those Notes).
  7. ah, OK let‘s see what I‘m doing wrong. In the search field I enter „sharedate:*“ (searching on iPad within „all notes“). I only get 2 unshared Notes, while my 4 shared Notes are not shown. Any hint? Thank you, Kind Refards, Klaus
  8. I do a lot, hmm almost everything based on Evernote. You asked for „special“ use cases, rigt? hm, this depends to individuals of course, maybe that one, it‘s simple, but I really love it: while traveling, hiking, biking, cycling, riding, etc., I just take a photo wihin EN to collect special places (nice view, car parking, nice trail for Mountain Bikes, special environment for Horses). Since the GPS location is attached automatically to the note it‘s easy to find those locations later - unfortunately you need a 3rd party App to browse your Notes using a Map (e. g. ideaplaces)
  9. 'sharedate' is no longer a search argument in Evernote, right? I cannot find any documentation about it. http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  10. good workaround - one little issue (I guess), the link is not stored, right?
  11. Note Shelf 2 - esp. the auto Evernote sync is nice
  12. give Note Shelf 2 a try if auto sync to Evernote is important to you - as it is for me, works very well. Note Shelf creates a Note in EN and all pages are sent as images automatically. You can Tag the notes, set reminders, even move to a different Notebook, no problem - Sync still works.
  13. I use a Table with one cell and put the image into that Table cell - works better than just put the image into the note
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