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  1. it's always a good idea to check the results on the WebClient. Do you see the problem on your other notebooks?
  2. pfff, ignore - it seems it takes a loooooooooong while until the backlinks are recognized within the target notes.
  3. Hi All, I do miss the backlink feature on my Mac client as well as on my iOS client. No backlinks are shown anymore. https://evernote.com/blog/introducing-backlinks Can you confirm?
  4. confirmed, same problem here, iOS App 10.61.1 I've contacted support already.
  5. Support confirmed issue. We‘ve to wait and hope to get a fix somewhere in time… As @PinkElephantmentioned, they recommend to not get to close to the document in general. Business card detection freezes the App.
  6. Hi Team, are you able to use this function? I'm able to scan almost everything, works fine, automatic snapping etc. But if I try to scan a business card it won't detect it as a business card and if I have taken a scan (e. g. document b/w) and then change the type to "business card" (still in Evernote's camera mode) the App freezes immediately.
  7. I should provide more details to reproduce the problem. Since I wasn‘t able to further investigate and no chance to reproduce it right now, that ticket went to „sleeping“
  8. I‘ve opened a support ticket. Seems problem occurs only when completing tasks within the home screen.
  9. it seems changing the name/title of the todo within the note forces to sync the open/closed status of that task to home view and todo view (could be a temporary workaround). Changing the content of the note does not fix the problem.
  10. still on 10.65.3 and met an "old friend", a still not fixed bug, even I was off for 9 months... Seems completed actions are still getting out of sync from time to time. While the todo is completed in the note, it constantly reappears in the home screen and in the todo view as still open. On all devices incl. Web-App. I tried dozens of re-syncs, note edits, to force that change synced to everywhere within the elephant. No chance to fix that. Exactly that bug was the reason to leave Evernote!
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