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  1. good hint, thanks. One drawback is, that note is imported into a new notebook - so, some housekeeping afterwards needed. Your other approaches based on "duplicate note" or "template tag1,tag2" (via copy/paste) sounds promising.
  2. ...and tell me, how it went. You can also try it via the Web version - enjoy it.
  3. Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! 🤪 (using the arrow up at the top of this thread)
  4. Homescreen is one of the most loved features of my wife to get an overview what I'm sharing to her - a very welcome feature. You are tired? go and get a coffee and enjoy your weekend 😜
  5. doesn‘t work for me anymore since months - unbelievable! 😒
  6. the problem occurs also outside of reminders view - my initial post is just a „safe“ way to reproduce it - at least on my devices.
  7. a few days is indeed much tooo long to,wait 🙂 it should be indexed within a few minutes - but, as stated before, it MAY find the text, depending on your „quality“ of handwriting (or the qualtity of EN‘s text recognition).
  8. to say it loud and clear, as stated in the link DT Low has provided to you: Typewritten text and handwritten notes that are in JPG, PNG, or GIF file format are evaluated by our indexing just read the provided information. If you have sent an image to EN, their search engine MAY detect text in your handwriting. Please give them a while until the search engine has catched your new content and indexed it.
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