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  1. +1 please add some more support for Trackpad (e. g. two finger swipe in notes list to delete an entry like Apple Mail does) @Shane D.and there is no way to delete a note using Magic Keyboard because it‘s not possible to scroll through the menu after pressing the three dots to reach item „delete note“ at the bottom (scrolling using two finger gesture is not supported, I‘ve to touch the screen instead) - **Update: there is a small handle to extend the menu using Trackpad + hold + move to reach the menu item
  2. I use notebooks only to share a group of notes with others. I don't use them to organize any note, I'm using Tags. The issue I have with folders is, many notes could reside in several folders or notebooks - so, where to place them? no issues with Tags - and being able to drill down searches by selecting Tags is super efficient. I also have only a short number of nested Tags (being able to minimize space in the UI by open / close the list view) - groups, nesting - don't need it at all.
  3. there is a menu to convert the URL into a plain URL or back to a preview at any time while editing the note. It's not exactly what you're looking for (you may prefer a default setting) - but maybe a workaround in the meantime.
  4. this is exactly NOT how tags should be supported by an App - that‘s the reason why some people (those who rely on real tags) miss the legacy tag filter (gone in V10) - if they‘re just a bunch of ‚special‘ text blocks I would go without them.
  5. this is exactly what I see here - the most current due dates are at the top - as expected. The only issue I have is, those reminders without a due date are the most first ones followed by those with most current due dates - I‘d prefer the see the „without due date“ reminders at the buttom.
  6. you are a PREMIUM user and you are able to replace Evernote by using Apple Notes? sounds strange to me. Either Apple Notes has tons of new features I’m not aware of or you‘re paying PREMIUM for nothing. 🤷
  7. the point here was to open a new thread, please, instead of blowing up this release update info thread. Well, another post now...
  8. seems to be fixed with 10.5 - @PinkElephantfinally...
  9. just retry it - it may take a few moments until the server search returns the needed result (initial index of new items)
  10. no issues at all* with searching on any V10 client.It is super fast and reliable. *) with the exception of shared notebooks from others to me on iOS - have to check this again someday
  11. this feature should have it‘s own view - not just a widget, after re-thinking about this.
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