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  1. @laird This is the best I could come up with: // ==UserScript== // @name Evernote Link Hover Controls Disabler // @namespace https://stage.evernote.com/ // @version 0.1 // @description Disable hover-over link controls // @author rezecib // @match http*://stage.evernote.com/* // @grant GM_addStyle // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; GM_addStyle(` #qa-NOTE_LINK_HOVER_DIV{ visibility: hidden !important; height: 0px; width: 0px; padding: 0px; } `); })(); The problem is that the hover uses a higher-level div style (#qa-ACTIONS_MODAL) for the box. If I set that one to be hidden, you'll impact other dropdown menus that also use that style. For example, the tags pop-up menu when you click on a tag at the bottom of the note window. You can test this out by swapping "#qa-NOTE_LINK_HOVER_DIV" with "#qa-ACTIONS_MODAL". CSS does not have a way to select the parent such that I could only apply the style to #qa-ACTIONS_MODAL divs that contain #qa-NOTE_LINK_HOVER_DIV. I also tried some jQuery, but I couldn't get it to work. I think this has to do with the fact that the code doesn't exist until the point at which you hover. Maybe you can play with it more and get it to work?
  2. I wanted to give everybody here some information, rather than leave you all in the dark. The new web client does not support Firefox due to the note editor code utilizing WebKit, the rendering code used in most major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera,...). Firefox continues to use Gecko. The result is that a lot of the functionality built into our updated editor, which is used by the new web client and all our other clients, does not work well on Firefox. We're testing internally on Firefox, but the user experience is not up-to-par and we would not feel comfortable releasing it to our customers. I can't provide any specific timeline on when we might have a version that would be compatible with Firefox. Our team that works on the shared editor is evaluating and prioritizing Firefox support, but that's as much as I can confirm.
  3. @pmcirullo, thanks for the additional info. I saw that in your toolbar and wondered if it was related. I'll pass this on to the team. Hopefully all this additional information should help them find a fix soon.
  4. Thanks @cshaw87! I'm able to reproduce it using the cVim plugin. I imagine there is some other set of plugins that are causing the problem as well. I'm leaning towards AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin or something, as we have Google Analytics on that dialog. But, I wasn't able to get it to happen. I'll send this information over to the team. Maybe it will at least help them see if they can make a fix that might help out this, as well as other extensions.
  5. For those having the problem, it would be great if you could provide us some details, as we're unable to reproduce it at the moment. What operating system and browser are you running? Are you running any ad blockers or pop-up blocker plugins? Are you running any other plugins that might modify the page? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone. Thanks for the follow-up. I'm going to raise the priority on this with the team. I will follow-up with the forum when I get an answer.
  7. @James Tennant, I'm able to verify you have multiple accounts. I've reached out to @Shane D. regarding this issue. He should be able to you out with getting this taken care of. In the meantime, if you want to try to solve this on your own without the assistance of our support staff, you should try logging into Evernote with other email addresses you may own. I apologize if I come across as vague, but these are issues that are better handled via Evernote Support. I would encourage anybody else having this issue to reach out to our talented customer support who are well suited to handle this kind of thing. See this post for more information:
  8. @oofffdflg Please take a look at this discussion and see if it is the same problem you are describing. If so, I posted in the other discussion that we've got a developer actively looking at this issue and should have a fix soon.
  9. Thanks @pmcirullo. I have reported this to our team.
  10. @JodyHeath.Com I'm able to reproduce your issue. I've created a ticket for it and assigned to our developer. He should hopefully be able to turn around a fix pretty quickly. Thanks!
  11. @daveincleveland Thanks for bringing this to my attention and giving a specific example. I'm able to reproduce the specific case you highlighted. It appears this is an issue for private note links (not public). It works fine for our new web client, but doesn't appear to work for the older web client. I wasn't aware that we had made any changes related to private links. Nonetheless, I've alerted our dev team of this. They're taking a look. Hopefully I can get you an update soon.
  12. @daveincleveland Public URLs will initially open in our "Single Note View". Clicking on the button in the upper-right should prompt you to log in if you aren't already. After that, it will save a copy of that note into your account, then open our web client with that note displayed. If you had previously selected a specific web client (old or new), it should open the correct client. Also, you mentioned that it just opens the last active/open note, vs. the one you just saved. If you can give me the exact scenario that this happens in, I can investigate to see if we missed a specific case. We're still actively making some changes to improve the whole flow. We are working on the ability to send the "open note" request to our desktop or mobile client, if they are installed. We previously had a change for that in, but was causing a bug, so we temporarily reverted that change. We have another fix we're working on, but we want to make sure it behaves well and doesn't cause any other side effects. I'd expect it to be ready very soon. If you have specific feedback on the behavior, please let me know and I'll pass this on to our team. We're really trying to get the whole sharing/viewing experience right, especially for these public/shared note URLs. We still have a lot more work ahead, but value any input you have.
  13. @Schnoz Unfortunately, no. I'm not too familiar with what is out there. Hopefully somebody on the board can help out.
  14. @daniela80 We will never delete any account data unless requested by the user, such as for the new GDPR laws. If you think you have a case of data loss, please reach out to our customer service team and they can try to help you out.
  15. @PetraLundin: I was able to confirm the account you are using on the board is the one created on Sep. 12th. I was able to locate your other account. It is not using the same email address. I have let our support know and they will follow-up with you.
  16. @jefito The system requires the username to be unique. We used to not require the username to be an email, but that changed several years back. The requirement is that the email be unique in regards to a direct character match. So TheGreatPretender@gmail.com and The.Great.Pretender@gmail.com would be two separately valid usernames in our Evernote database. Our customer support will actually recommend that people who need a secondary account, such as for trying out Evernote Business, should use GMails "+" feature to make a unique address. So, they could have MyAddress@gmail.com, but sign up for a second EN account with MyAddress+biz@gmail.com. All the email goes to the same place on GMail's side, but it's different to us. I personally use this on our internal test systems to create test accounts while getting all the emails to the same place.
  17. @BKellogg Yeah, our team definitely tested the overall changes, but we missed the issue, which was only just introduced in the last week. Our bad, but as a software professional, you know it can happen. We were focused on trying to address the issue of Evernote-specific links and they missed the case of the non-Evernote links. I will provide this information to our test team and make sure there's cases specifically for testing out different types of embedded links.
  18. @fchandler Yes, we were previously running experiments with a subset of users, but we have now enabled the updated public note view for all users. The update is mainly to allow public notes to be rendered in the same way as they are in all other clients. The public note view had been neglected for a long time, but should now do a much better job of displaying content like tables. I hope you like it.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I will provide this to our team to evaluate before we make any further changes. We're looking to vastly improve the entire sharing process in the near future, and feedback like this is very helpful. By the way, the fix should already be live. I tried your test note on my iOS device and it looks to be working, but please double-check and let me know if you continue to have problems.
  20. Hi PGs, Thanks for the bug report. I have alerted our developers to the issue. They are working on a fix for it. This was a side-effect of an update we released to improve the look of publicly shared notes. Thanks, Scott
  21. Hi, Thanks for reporting this issue and providing a sample note to illustrate the problem. I've reported this to our development team and they are actively working on a fix. The bug was introduced because we were trying to fix the bad experience mobile users would get when trying to access an Evernote note link. They would end up in desktop client on a mobile browser. Our web clients are not optimized for a mobile experience and we want to encourage users to use the Evernote app when viewing notes. Unfortunately, the code was catching ALL links from within a note and serving up the error page you see in your screenshot. We will be removing the offending code until we can come up with a better solution that addresses the issue without impacting non-Evernote links. I'm new to the forum, but I want to say that I appreciate your help in pointing out the issue. Please continue to provide us feedback. Thanks, Scott
  22. Hi Petra, Evernote is designed to not allow accounts with identical email addresses to be created. Please double-check that you did not use a different email address or perhaps had a typo when accidentally creating the new account. We see this occasionally with other users who contact customer support. You might look into your email for any correspondence from Evernote regarding your new account(s) to see if there are differences. Thanks, Scott
  23. Hi Schnoz, Looking at the history of Saferoom, it hasn't been updated since 2016. We've made significant changes to the Evernote Business product since then, particularly for accounts that were created after Sep. 11, 2017. It's likely that the Saferoom app needs to be updated to support these changes. Since the app is developed by a third party service, and not Evernote itself, we can't really help you with this specific issue. I would suggest looking into other encryption options. Take care, Scott
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