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  1. mac OS Catalina Version: 10.15.6 Eevernote: Version 7.14 (458244 Direct) Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e) I have not tried to add pdf using browser. There is no problem with the PDF file itself, I can open in normally
  2. PDF attachments keep failing to sync. The file size is actually quite small, But it keeps failing to sync. I make sure there is no problem with my network evernote log is below: log does not see the reason for the failure Does everyone have the same problem? What is the maximum evernote PDF attachement?
  3. Synchronization failures occurred very frequently during this period. As shown below I make sure that my network is no problem. And, I ran into this problem at different times and under different networks I even suspect that evernote is getting worse. What the new ceo said in the blog and behind-the-scenes videos, I haven’t seen it at all. It’s been a long time, and it feels like bragging. Because there is no actual thing coming out, it’s hard to believe and persist.
  4. My situation is: Of course, because I edited my notes during this period, I deleted a lot. However, I have no worries about exceeding the upper limit. I believe evernote will increase the upper limit in the future, because many products now do not limit the number of notes.
  5. Won't keep. After editing EN, it needs to be revised again
  6. @DTLow I haven't quit in about a week. @PinkElephant It was almost the same when I first opened it, but it will keep rising for a while, for example, it will rise to the figure after a week.
  7. My evernote memory usage is as follows: macOS Catalina Version: 10.15.4 (19E287) Evernote Version: 7.14 (458244 Direct) Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e) How is everyone's situation?
  8. Here is a temporary solution,on a page shared publicly: change: to: Or another larger value, depending on your needs
  9. This is the reason for personal preference, I don’t like the style of the attachment. I like text format. This is just to be able to use webclip, because this works better, for some of my code snippets. Of coursse, can be copied directly into evernote without nginx.
  10. 1. Evernote editing function is very weak. 2. Typora is now the best markdown editor. Generate demand: use Typora to write things, then use Evernote to save and search. problem: 1. Copy directly from Typora to Evernote, the format is completely messed up, this method will not work. 2. Export PDF and add attachments to Evernote, it is not a direct text note, this method is not good. 3. Export html, and then copy to Evernote, the format is a little better than directly from Typora, but there is a gap between the effect and the web page itself, and it is not perfect. ---------------- Based on the above problem, you can use the following solutions, a little trouble, but to ensure that the format is perfect. solution: 1. Export html, assuming the name is export.html; 2. Start an nginx locally, a simple command under mac: brew service start nginx 3. Visit in the browser: http://localhost:8080/export.html 4. Use the browser's cut plugin to cut and save the current webpage to Evernote. 5. End, perfect format. ---------------------- Although it's a little troublesome, the whole process, I used it myself, got it done in less than 1 minute. It seems troublesome, but it's actually very efficient and a good way.
  11. No.1 But I don’t have so much data at all。 Safari:Version 13.1 (15609. No.2 But when I edited, the CPU usage was very high Chrome: Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit) macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4 (19E287) Do you have a similar situation?
  12. But the current editor is very good, this problem is only the new version of the editor。 Current editor version: Version 7.14 (458244 Direct) Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e) mac OS.
  13. From copying to notes on the webpage, the format will be simplified automatically. At the same time, you can use ctrl + z to cancel the simplified format to ensure that the original webpage is the same. This introduces two problems: 1. After the format is automatically simplified, the font color is gone, and some sentences are highlighted, and are gone; 2. If it is the same as the original web page, you can't edit it now, you can only watch it, and you can only simplify the format to edit it; I want to keep the style of the original webpage, and I also want to edit the content (modify the content of the original webpage). What should I do?
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