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  1. @Nissen Thanks for the screenshot. I'll send this over to our team working on templates and see if they might know what's going on.
  2. @Sayre Ambrosio Sure. I'll try to keep the thread updated on status.
  3. @Sayre Ambrosio It's too early for us to determine a cause. It's actively being looked into, but I'm guessing it's not related to iOS 12. I think it goes beyond just a client-specific issue.
  4. Thanks for your report. This issue is currently being investigated.
  5. Thanks for your report. This issue is currently being investigated.
  6. Thanks for your report. This issue is currently being investigated.
  7. @kelliann.beavers@unlv.edu, can you please provide details on what operating system and browser version you are using? I am able to use keyboard shortcuts just fine in our web version on Mac/Chrome. So it might be some combination that has an issue.
  8. Although it would be nice to have the ability to import into Evernote, I think it's wrong to expect Evernote to be able to import from whatever other service people are using. We have a lot of other issues to address and features to add, so I wouldn't expect to see importing in the near future.
  9. Just tested with Photos 3.0 on High Sierra. I'm unable to drag and drop a photo into the editor. This likely has to do with the way the editor is implemented. Not sure there's an easy fix here. But, I am able to use the Share button in the top nav bar. If Evernote isn't listed, click on More. You should be able to enable it in the Extensions window that opens. This allows you to send the photo to Evernote, which creates a new note with the picture. Don't think there's any way to send it to an existing note, though.
  10. @GreyGray, please take a look at our documentation on how to enable 2FA. I personally use 2FA for more than 10 different Evernote accounts I need to switch between and they all work great. I'm personally using Duo Mobile for my authenticator, but any of the others should work fine. As @zotje noted, 2FA is enabled per account, not per device or client. You may want to go to your account settings and disable 2FA. Then, delete all the Evernote 2FA entries on your authenticator apps. Then, try to setup 2FA again.
  11. I looked into the current status of the PDF thumbnails. For reasons I can't discuss, we needed to turn off the existing system that created the PDF thumbnails. We are still actively working on restoring the functionality, but it requires investigating and evaluating different options. But we do plan on restoring this functionality soon. I apologize for the inconvenience it causes in the near term.
  12. @mstanwyck0, are you on the Mac version? If so, we have an open ticket for this. I don't have a timeline for a fix for this. One possible fix is to remove your local Evernote database and resync all the data down from the server. Please make sure all your data has been synced up to the server before you try this, as it clears out ALL local EN data. Make sure to sync your data Close the Mac app Open terminal Run: rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote Reopen the Mac app Login All your data will resync down.
  13. I just checked our bug backlog and this issue was reported by our internal testers. Unfortunately, It appears there was a change in Mojave that broke the functionality, so it was removed. I don't have information on whether another option will be implemented.
  14. @Craiger If I understand correctly, you wanted to change the email you send notes to, but you accidentally changed the actual account email. Have you tried the Forgot password link for the old or new email? This should allow you to reset your password. If that doesn't work for you, you're going to have to reach out to customer support to help you out. In the future, the email that you send notes to is listed in your account settings page, under the heading "Email Notes to". It's an auto-generated email address. You can reset that address, but I don't believe you can set it manually.
  15. @Nissen, I tried reproducing this on my Mac and Windows systems and could not. Could you try a few things? Can you try logging out and clearing your cookies (or at least the Evernote cookies)? If you still see the issue, can you please send me a screenshot of your Javascript console to see if there are any errors? (See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66420/how-do-you-launch-the-javascript-debugger-in-google-chrome). We're looking for a red line in the console output. If you can also try opening the Network panel and seeing if there is a request failing. It too would be re
  16. @service@lisaeddy.com: I'm sorry that your experience with business was frustrating. We realize it isn't a smooth process and have a team working on trying to make it much better. I'm a bit confused by your comments about requiring a personal account for your "New" Evernote Business account. As I noted above, newly created business accounts shouldn't have any connection to an existing personal account. Are you sure this isn't an old business account that you're being invited to? Nonetheless, you should really reach out to our customer support. They are more equipped at handling these issu
  17. Also, please make sure you've downloaded the latest version of Evernote Mac: https://evernote.com/download
  18. Hi @tisamystery. In the Mac client, if you want to create a new template, open or create a note that you want to use as a template. When you are done, click the "..." menu in the upper-right corner of the editor and select "Save as template" and give it a title. To use a template, create a new note. In the blank note, there will be a "Template" button. Clicking that will open a view that displays all your saved templates. Select the saved template to create a new note from that template. There is also a link from that view to 'Browse sample templates". You can view templates we've created and
  19. Hi @psychgirl1968@yahoo.com. Unfortunately, the "Publish Notebook" option is currently not available in the new version of the web client. My understanding is that it was an under-utilized feature, so it was not prioritized as high as other features. We wanted to get out a new web client that greatly improved usability vs. the old web client. I've passed on the feedback to the web client team that we should implement the existing Publish Notebook feature. We're also actively working on a major improvement to all of our sharing features. So publishing of notebooks is one thing that is
  20. @Nissen Are you logged into your account in the browser first? If not, try logging in first, then going to the templates gallery (https://evernote.com/templates). If you are still having problems, can you please let me know what operating system and browser you are using? If you're familiar with it, you can open the Javascript console and check for errors. If not, let me know your browser and I can give you steps to check it.
  21. @LOSOSPISOS I checked and we have an open ticket for this issue and it's actively being worked on.
  22. @avhome77 We are actively working on improving the functionality of the note search field in our new web client to offer more information beyond just searching notes. Separately, though, I have passed on feedback to the team that we should have a search field in the Notebook list view (when you click on "Notebooks" in the left navigation). They'll file a ticket for the functionality and put it in their queue. I can't guarantee any particular timeline for implementation, though.
  23. @mkaito Sorry to hear that you want to leave. I hope that maybe you come back to check in on Evernote every once-in-a-while. We might have a solution in the near future to meet your needs.
  24. @gazumped Your comments about business accounts aren't entirely accurate. Businesses created before Sep. 11, 2017 required there be an existing Evernote account. That account was then "joined" to the Evernote Business and given Premium. You then had access to a "Personal" side and a "Business" side of the account. Removing the user from the business severed the connection to the business entity, but the account reverted to being a free personal account. Any connections to business content would be removed. Should that user get added to the business again, they would have to re-join all busines
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