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  1. Also, please make sure you've downloaded the latest version of Evernote Mac: https://evernote.com/download
  2. Hi @tisamystery. In the Mac client, if you want to create a new template, open or create a note that you want to use as a template. When you are done, click the "..." menu in the upper-right corner of the editor and select "Save as template" and give it a title. To use a template, create a new note. In the blank note, there will be a "Template" button. Clicking that will open a view that displays all your saved templates. Select the saved template to create a new note from that template. There is also a link from that view to 'Browse sample templates". You can view templates we've created and save them to your account.
  3. Hi @psychgirl1968@yahoo.com. Unfortunately, the "Publish Notebook" option is currently not available in the new version of the web client. My understanding is that it was an under-utilized feature, so it was not prioritized as high as other features. We wanted to get out a new web client that greatly improved usability vs. the old web client. I've passed on the feedback to the web client team that we should implement the existing Publish Notebook feature. We're also actively working on a major improvement to all of our sharing features. So publishing of notebooks is one thing that is being considered as part of the redesign.
  4. @Nissen Are you logged into your account in the browser first? If not, try logging in first, then going to the templates gallery (https://evernote.com/templates). If you are still having problems, can you please let me know what operating system and browser you are using? If you're familiar with it, you can open the Javascript console and check for errors. If not, let me know your browser and I can give you steps to check it.
  5. @LOSOSPISOS I checked and we have an open ticket for this issue and it's actively being worked on.
  6. @avhome77 We are actively working on improving the functionality of the note search field in our new web client to offer more information beyond just searching notes. Separately, though, I have passed on feedback to the team that we should have a search field in the Notebook list view (when you click on "Notebooks" in the left navigation). They'll file a ticket for the functionality and put it in their queue. I can't guarantee any particular timeline for implementation, though.
  7. @mkaito Sorry to hear that you want to leave. I hope that maybe you come back to check in on Evernote every once-in-a-while. We might have a solution in the near future to meet your needs.
  8. @gazumped Your comments about business accounts aren't entirely accurate. Businesses created before Sep. 11, 2017 required there be an existing Evernote account. That account was then "joined" to the Evernote Business and given Premium. You then had access to a "Personal" side and a "Business" side of the account. Removing the user from the business severed the connection to the business entity, but the account reverted to being a free personal account. Any connections to business content would be removed. Should that user get added to the business again, they would have to re-join all business content again. Businesses created after Sep. 11, 2017 have dedicated business-only users. That is, when you add a user to the business, a brand new account is created for that user and added to the business. There is no "Personal" side. Should that user be deactivated, the account is deactivated. It can later be reactivated, but that account will always belong only to that specific Evernote business. Upon reactivation, all connections to business content is restored. Today, if an existing personal user wants to create a new Evernote business, they are required to setup a new account for the business. We then have a tool that allows you to move or copy notebooks from a personal account into a business account. There is currently no way to convert a personal account into a business account. We are working on making the upgrade/downgrade process smoother, but do not have an option yet. This might sound a bit complicated, but it's purpose is to separate business-owned content from personal content. A business should be able to own all content that is created in it. A business admin should also be able to manage and audit all activity in the business. The old way of linking a personal account to a business blurs these lines too much and make it hard to properly offer these kinds of features which are expectations for an enterprise business solution. I hope this information is helpful.
  9. @emmgee I just wanted to let you know that I passed on your insightful post directly to Ian, and can verify that he personally read the complete post. If he wasn't super busy right now trying to come up-to-speed and meet with everybody, I think he'd like to personally respond to everybody on the forum and engage in a conversation. He may still if he finds some free time soon. But, I encourage everybody on here to continue to engage in these conversations. We might not always be able to respond, but we're listening.
  10. @tkarika I spoke with our web team. They will have our QA team run through regression testing on Opera to validate functionality. Due to lower usage, I don't think we ever prioritized validating it as we started to roll out the new web client. Assuming they don't find any major issues, we'll hopefully open the new client to Opera users in the near future. I can't give an exact date, but if I hear back, I'll update the post.
  11. @Amy Payne - Lasting Order I've let our customer support know to reach out to you. They should be able to help you out with your specific issue. I will also report the error you're getting to our website dev team. You shouldn't be seeing the "csrf_failure" issue.
  12. FYI, I spoke to one of our designers about this and they are actively working on ways to reduce confusion with the sign-in/sign-up flow. Should help with these issues.
  13. @Stefano B What client are you using? And what is the external link that you are clicking? I assume you are clicking on it from within your client?
  14. @ljCharlie If your above screenshot was taken from the Mac client (I'm not familiar with that specific screen), it would make sense that you can't revoke the device you are currently on. If you checked another device, did the button become clickable? If not, I can send this to the Mac team as a bug.
  15. @Duane Hutton Sorry to hear you had problems. Did you attempt to contact customer support? As noted in this thread, the most common reason for this issue is the customer accidentally created a new account when they signed in because they can't remember what account they had previously signed in as. Our installed clients will pretty much never ask you to re-login. This is nice from a usability perspective, but can be a problem if you don't remember what your login is. Also, some of our installed clients will try to determine from the login page whether you are an existing user vs. a new user. This is cleaner from the perspective of not forcing the user to click "sign in" vs. "sign up". But again, the downside is that the user may accidentally activate a new account when they really were trying to sign into their existing account. For any other users coming to this thread with a similar issue, please make sure that you did not accidentally create a new account. If you are unsure, contact Evernote customer support and we will gladly help you find out what happened.
  16. @AÓK I just checked on it and a Linux client is on our roadmap in the future. I can't provide any more details beyond that, but it's something we should get as part of other work we're doing. We've got some internal developers who are itching for a Linux client too.
  17. Update: Based on the feedback from the forum (thanks everyone), we're going to revert the change for private note links until we can have a better experience that doesn't break the use cases here. Assuming there aren't issues, the change should go out later this week.
  18. @pshanks and @gazumped, I have passed both of your feedback on to our team. I'll continue to post updates when I hear more (hopefully soon).
  19. Sharing notes for new free users (not paid) has delays on it due to spam prevention. We don't want people farming new Evernote accounts and sending note spam to people via sharing. We have different limits on sharing via email vs. sharing via WorkChat. I'm not sure I'm allowed to specify the exact limits. Furthermore, we require new users to validate they own the email address they registered with before they can share.
  20. Yes, we're looking into the right fix for this. For transparency: A change we made for private note links (vs. public shares) will send the user to our new web client to view the note, rather than opening the VERY old viewer we had. As part of the change, we no longer also generate "evernote://" links since that is not reliable and was a bit of a weird experience to both open the web client and pass it to the installed client as well. The problem is that we haven't fully rolled out the new web client to every Evernote user (but should be very soon). Also, users have the option to go back to the old web client. So, in both of these cases, we will redirect to the old web client. However, the parameters sent to the new client to have it open the specific note are not understood by the old web client. We were discussing whether to just open the new client irregardless, or to make changes to the old client. But we'd prefer not to do the latter. Fix is still under discussion. I apologize for the current inconvenience. I welcome any feedback on the subject and will gladly pass it on to the team.
  21. FYI, looks like we have a potential fix for this (at least in the reproduceable case for cVim). Should probably go out by end of next week, pending any issues preventing our next code release.
  22. @JodyHeath.Com I'm able to get the same bug to happen with our older note viewer code as well, so the issue isn't specific to our updated viewer. As you noted, refreshing fixes the problem. I tried attaching to my iPhone via the Safari development tools, but I don't get much of anything. I'm not entirely convinced this is an Evernote bug, as the actual link is just directly to the PDF. I found several references to other people having a similar problem with password protected PDFs in Safari. So I'm leaning towards this being an iOS bug. We'll see if we can work around it. I'm wondering if Safari doesn't like it being opened into a new window?
  23. @laird This is the best I could come up with: // ==UserScript== // @name Evernote Link Hover Controls Disabler // @namespace https://stage.evernote.com/ // @version 0.1 // @description Disable hover-over link controls // @author rezecib // @match http*://stage.evernote.com/* // @grant GM_addStyle // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; GM_addStyle(` #qa-NOTE_LINK_HOVER_DIV{ visibility: hidden !important; height: 0px; width: 0px; padding: 0px; } `); })(); The problem is that the hover uses a higher-level div style (#qa-ACTIONS_MODAL) for the box. If I set that one to be hidden, you'll impact other dropdown menus that also use that style. For example, the tags pop-up menu when you click on a tag at the bottom of the note window. You can test this out by swapping "#qa-NOTE_LINK_HOVER_DIV" with "#qa-ACTIONS_MODAL". CSS does not have a way to select the parent such that I could only apply the style to #qa-ACTIONS_MODAL divs that contain #qa-NOTE_LINK_HOVER_DIV. I also tried some jQuery, but I couldn't get it to work. I think this has to do with the fact that the code doesn't exist until the point at which you hover. Maybe you can play with it more and get it to work?
  24. I wanted to give everybody here some information, rather than leave you all in the dark. The new web client does not support Firefox due to the note editor code utilizing WebKit, the rendering code used in most major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera,...). Firefox continues to use Gecko. The result is that a lot of the functionality built into our updated editor, which is used by the new web client and all our other clients, does not work well on Firefox. We're testing internally on Firefox, but the user experience is not up-to-par and we would not feel comfortable releasing it to our customers. I can't provide any specific timeline on when we might have a version that would be compatible with Firefox. Our team that works on the shared editor is evaluating and prioritizing Firefox support, but that's as much as I can confirm.
  25. @pmcirullo, thanks for the additional info. I saw that in your toolbar and wondered if it was related. I'll pass this on to the team. Hopefully all this additional information should help them find a fix soon.
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