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  1. Yeah, I believe it's searching the tokens extracted from the string, not the original string. Which I understand is pretty confusing considering that notebook names are treated by the main search as a keyword (that is, not tokenized). But this behavior is local to the Windows client as far as I know, so I don't know exactly what it's doing. I would consider this use of "prefix" to be search-specific jargon with some loose relation to the normal word's meaning.
  2. rezecib

    Constant Hanging

    @ReBo @qofmiwok They rolled back server-side changes, I'm not aware of any clients getting rolled back.
  3. I think the source of confusion here is really that the default behavior, infix search, is a superset of prefix search. That is, searching "term" searches "*term*", while the prefix option removes the initial wildcard, "term*". But I can sympathize with whoever wrote the description for that option, because it's not really that easy to explain without an example.
  4. As far as I know Evernote Business does not include a Productivity Planner (I certainly don't get one on my own EB account), so this must be getting populated by some integration that's gotten linked to your account somehow. I do see an IFTTT applet that is set up to produce a Productivity Planner note daily. IFTTT has to be granted access to your account (if someone had your login/session somehow they could've done it for you?), but you can revoke it from the Applications section of the settings in the web interface. Here's what it looks like for me:
  5. rezecib

    Deeper level notebooks and notes

    You can drag and drop to create notebook stacks, but that's the only level of hierarchy available for them, For notes, you can tag them, and create tag hierarchies (drag and drop on the tag page).
  6. OCR = Optical Character Recognition. An image of text needs to be OCRd to be searchable, so Evernote automatically extracts text from these and indexes them so you can search them. As for when/why notes would be accessed, the only case I know of where an employee would actually look directly at a note is during the tech support process, if there's some problem with a note and you give them permission to look at the problem note(s). It was stressed a lot during my orientation that we want to protect your data. Access to it should only be done by machines, like those that are doing OCR, or indexing for search, etc. But as s2sailor recommended, the best way to secure them is to attach an encrypted file. That way it is basically impossible for us to be able to access it (note that this also excludes its content from search, because our machines can't make any sense of it either).
  7. rezecib

    Highlight Text on Mac?

    @oshun55 @evfishr There was an update to Chrome that broke one of the things that supported that. I'm not sure on the details (not on the team that works on that), but you can get highlighting back with the new web client that's currently in public beta.
  8. rezecib

    Multi-level nested lists in Evernote

    @Kitezh47 Like this? You can already do this, tab will increase the nested level of the list and delete/enter decreases it on an empty list line. The post you linked is about list sorting, though, which doesn't seem related to multilevel lists.
  9. rezecib

    Can't create table of contents

    Hmm, I seem to be able to use select all (via cmd+A) in all views. Perhaps there's another condition necessary to make it break?
  10. rezecib

    Where do I drag my Evernote to on a MacBook Air?

    Yup, that's how you can install most Mac applications (some have installers, but many you just drag into Applications). Alternatively you could install it from the App Store.
  11. rezecib

    Evernote Web Login

    @DNH You could bookmark https://www.evernote.com/Login.action to go straight to the login page.
  12. rezecib

    How do I add code blocks

    You can opt into the beta for it now from the account page.
  13. rezecib

    Passcode for Mac app

    @njgould On Mac this sort of login would not be very meaningful from a security perspective, because it has an index locally on the disk that could be used to reconstruct the contents of notes. This is necessary to allow for local search (when you have no internet connection). If you prefer the other behavior, I'd recommend trying out the new web client, which has most of the features of the Mac client aside from that local storage/search, and would require you to authenticate regularly.
  14. rezecib

    Text is being deleted from Note

    Although we really want to have one, Evernote does not currently have a real-time editor. That is, you are editing a local version of the document that is periodically synced with the backend service. A workaround you can use for now is to attach or link to a Google Doc and use that for real-time concurrent editing.
  15. rezecib

    Alternative to Evernote?

    @billmozer@gmail.com Here's the version TK0047 was recommending: